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  1. REDDIT has fixed your problem. PUSH IT OUT TO STABLE RIGHT NOW.
  2. Can you guys reverse engineer this fix and patch it officially please? I am not risking throwing third party files into my game to play it.
  3. It's not like this game was in beta or has been out on MANY stable branches for several years or anything. respect your consumer please
  4. I cannot bind abilities or ingame functions to mouse4, mouse5 and some other keys. Whats the deal? I have a razer deathadder 2013, firmware/drivers up to date. Have no issues in any other game/program. Any help would be appreciated
  5. remember, this is happening to a game in which you can't keybind half of your buttons. WTF game, mouse4 and mouse5 are imperative.
  6. Can we get a dev reply please? It's definitely been long enough for them to at least tell us what is going on.