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  1. Seriously though the game isnt going to last like this and honestly it's both dissapointing and laughable because all the ground work is there to make it reasonably succesful. The truth is the seem to lack an actual competent leader who can turn around to management and basically say strait to their faces if they actually want a sustainable buisness they either need to make the game far more approachable and to stop with the whale wars and escessive nickel and diming and actually balance the game to be more welcoming. New players and returning players tend to be more willing to pa
  2. Noticed the lamp has a long CD with my CTA box as well, dunno why the share timers like this.
  3. Alot of dungeons as well don't even have drops except a useless Jyansei box, they even removed the costumes from them. Anyone able to reverse these so we can farm em at least?
  4. Yeah but lets be honest I got like 4000 gold atm and honestly very little to buy right now, alot of my roadblocks are down to being unable to aquire the likes of onyx scales and other untradables and besides those costs can easily be absorbed in other ways, but moving gear between your own characters isnt one of them.
  5. Honestly just eliminate all cross character mailing fees or set em at 1 copper, it makes no sense to charge players gold for moving their own non tradable items between characters.
  6. The honest problem seems to be that upper management in these games are stuck in a mindset from 10 years ago or thinking that the mobile gacha element of thinking is sustainable. It's not. People have changed, playstyles have changed. Yet here we are with the same problem's still in the basic presentation of the design that repels people. I can list multiple things that could rectify the current problems. ATM I'm running into the same issues as from several years back finding I cant use my alt's because the AP I have is far too short of the AP the playerbase requires, I get burned out and even
  7. In all honesty I subscribed for a month to see if BnS was any fun with the UE4 update but I really feel like I'm hitting excessively artificial walls to my progress and am being severely limited in what I can do. Probably going to go back to playing FFXIV at this rate unless NC has some useful changes planned to fix the situation a bit.
  8. The problem is that there's a serious power gap between what completing the Main Quests give and players should be. Sadly the game right now is extremely hostile design wise to new players, if you want to enjoy the main story yeah its great but most of the side content wants you to have at least 600 AP more than you actually have, the players wont help unless you have a nice clan and the items required to upgrade are hard to come by. Really is rather depressing to think about.
  9. I'm being honest the sheer amount of older dungeons just sitting there unused and gathering dust could easily be updated with updated drops and loot tables and converted into solo dungeons. Most of these should be adjusted to lvl57 or 58 with more recent ones set at lvl60 and made that anyone who has finished the epic quest chain can comfortably solo them and be able to farm up non tradable items to be used in weapon upgrades. At the same time they should adjust the upgrade paths so that people can reach at the very least the first final tier of the latest weapon and accessory with
  10. Honestly I'm of the opinion that there should be at least an equalised version of 6v6 OR a serious reevaluation as to how people are matched up in the battlegrounds. Your given quests/dailys/weeklys that push people towards this but lock them out by basically matching them up against DRASTICALLY more powerful opponents. There should be a capped tier of BG for undergeared/new players/alts and another uncapped tier with enhanced rewards for Whales and Leviathans. Otherwise it's a waste of time for many people. You can't even get on the ladder or play to gear up because of the absolu
  11. In all honestly the problem here is that there's not a separate whale or uncapped battleground for those who have the gear or the rating at least if they wish to compete. It's basically an epeen match with absolutely nothing to give for those who havent got the gear. Just tried the battleground and 3 matches I got no rewards from either win or loss purely because i "lack gear". I'm literally 1 or 2 shotted with no way to compete or fight at all and basically I'm being given quests and dailys to participate in a battleground, given absolutely no gear whatsoever, thrown into a match
  12. Most of the bugs I've seen so far relate to the localisation or some of the cutscenes in the game that look to have broken when the client was ported over to UE4 Some of the examples I've seen are objects that should be moving in cutscenes not moving at all just frozen like the Iron Shadow takeoff scenes, Master Hong stuck in a T pose when your doing the purple quest to unlock talents, the VA in Act 4 like the grain mill broken (an example being that the bomb guy at the grainary is using what seems to be a "stock" VA when originally it had an actual proper VA, you also see some bug
  13. All I'll say is that when it comes to anti cheats they're wortheless if they're something like Gameguard or Xigncode simply because anything that is tied to the client WILL be neutered by those who are cheating to begin with. That's what makes this an issue. In the end this software also tends to cause problems on end users, as an example people who are using windows 11 can't play PSO2 atm because gameguard crashes the client the moment it's booted up. The only useful anti cheats that could possible work are those that are based on the server end, it just doesn't work otherwise an
  14. This isn't the playerbase's fault to be honest this is purely down to the like's of NCsoft and other publishers/developers (LOOKING AT YOU EA) pissing off enough people that legislators and other regulators are going to begin moving against these companies for predatory tactics. One of the problem's NC's management has expecially regarding the hongmoon store setup sometimes and EXPECIALLY the trove is that it's literally designed to push people to spend ridiculous amount's of money. This kind of predatory tactic is what's landing NCsoft in trouble to begin with people are really fed up, we lov
  15. Problem with the Battleground is there's no scaling or fair matchmaking. NC refuses to introduce equalisation to the damn thing which would make it competetive it's purely a pay to win setup whoever has the best gear wins and normal players simply cannot compete at all.
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