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  1. This isn't the playerbase's fault to be honest this is purely down to the like's of NCsoft and other publishers/developers (LOOKING AT YOU EA) pissing off enough people that legislators and other regulators are going to begin moving against these companies for predatory tactics. One of the problem's NC's management has expecially regarding the hongmoon store setup sometimes and EXPECIALLY the trove is that it's literally designed to push people to spend ridiculous amount's of money. This kind of predatory tactic is what's landing NCsoft in trouble to begin with people are really fed up, we lov
  2. Problem with the Battleground is there's no scaling or fair matchmaking. NC refuses to introduce equalisation to the damn thing which would make it competetive it's purely a pay to win setup whoever has the best gear wins and normal players simply cannot compete at all.
  3. The Current Trove is a waste. Remember playing it a few months back and getting plenty of costumes. This time I got one costume out of 200 odd keys. Utter waste of money and time IMO not playing this again.
  4. Heard it a while back but I believe Force Master was meant to be the Yuns Race Only class but apparently people gave out about it being Female only and thus was added to Gon etc.
  5. Wrong game mate, thats Aion most likely advertising the 2nd class for Muse as a 10th aniversary thing.
  6. I'll be honest what should have been done is rather than remove the blue quests, rewards should have been added to them that people could use later on like upgrade materials or a few extra Dragon Trade Pouches to open up the inventory a bit more. Would have made them more worthwhile. It's nice of the Main Questline to to be so efficient but it's was hardly worth deleting so many side quests they do add to the story of the game and these things are never a good thing. Look at the mess that Aion is right now after they decided it was a good idea to start burning large sections of the game out of
  7. Know its a bit of a side topic but has there been any word on the UE4 update progress that they announced a while back. I'd say a good few issues relating to lag and such are down to the poor performance of the UE3 engine (Bless a prime example of why its so terribad as well) and from what I've heard so far UE4 is far more stable and suitable in a MMO enviroment.
  8. Honestly at this point they should just remove the race locks for classes it make's little sense not to I mean we got a Yun Asssasin NPC ingame AND a Gon Gunner NPC so why not. Makes little sense to be just adding lyn as an afterthought because its the "cute" race and not looking at the other race/class combinations. As for the whole "lyn" = "child" thing. Yeah it's a bit ridiculous of course but at the same time I do find several of the costume's for lyn really awkward looking as many of the female variant's were designed with the inclusion of breast and the lack of them on the ba
  9. I didnt recieve one either. :C
  10. This isn't intended to be a rant or anything but can anyone from NC tell us what's happening exactly with this server's reliability? For month's now the same server has always crashed or failed consistently every other week (from various post's on reddit and here in the past) and even right now after maintenance it's struggling to stay online, it's really disappointing to come back to the game after so long only to be met by the Broken Mob called "Lag of a thousand disconnects". :/ Is the server overloaded or something cos it would be nice to see it split into 2 servers for reliabili
  11. To be fair them porting the game to UE4 isn't a "grapical update" like they did with Aion by tweaking a few things and enabling a few others, this is basically a core engine overhaul of the game itself. That's extremely significant since UE4 can actually perform far better over UE3 in terms of actual FPS and performance not just graphics and it's not an easy job either since your replacing the actual heart of the game engine to do this.
  12. Look I'm going to be honest here but RNG boxes are the salt of the bloody earth here. Seriously I like buying costumes but I'm NOT gonna spend any of my hard earned money or HM coins on a RandomBSGenerator mechanic that is unrewarding and downright insulting. Seriously NC we're happy to pay for things at a reasonable price but its obvious that this approach is to milk the maximum amount of cash from whales... and even the whales are not that interested here. If your looking for Leviathans.... well there aint enough of them around who care either so go back to the player friendly ap
  13. I would recommend dropping the 10k exp charms though. They're nearly immaterial at this point. Maybe replace them with 100k ones and a 1m exp charm at the end? Reason I say this is that apart from the biggest whales in the game VERY few people are even near HM20 yet alone HM25. Most average players arent even past HM16 even. More worthwhile exp charms wont hurt.
  14. Here we go again..... Server "under maintinence" just after a crash. Really this is happening far to often guys.... -.-
  15. They should have just honestly cut chi recovery to 15 sec across the board and be done with it. 20 Seconds is FAR too long as it is.
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