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  1. Can't update the launcher

    It happen before the download even start
  2. Can't update the launcher

    When I tried to update the game today, the launcher started showing this error. Failed to downalod the file. Check your network environment (ISP authentication, NAC, firewall, antivirus and other settings) and try again. DR_http://live.patcher.blandeandsoul.com/BnS/143/Patch/FileInfoMap_BnS_143.dat.zip (5385) How can I fix it?
  3. Revert Trial Arena AI

    Better loots more difficult, stop crying please.
  4. Frost FM

    I really wanted to know when you will rebalance this Frost Tornado skill from the Force Master Frost build. Why make such a stupid skill like this.
  5. Outlaw Island Error

    Thanks, but I already solved. I just asked a friend to send me the upk in question and replace mine that didn't fix with the launcher file check.
  6. Outlaw Island Error

    I've tried to repair using scan file several times, it actually downloads a "fix" so I log in again and the error persists. I can't do any Outlaw Island race today. The error is "Package files are corrupted. Use Check Files to restore them. (C:\Program Files(x86)\NCSOFT\BNS\bin64\..\contents\Local\ncwest\english\CookedPC\00028826.upk)
  7. Select Region on Log in

    Damn i got jebaited for a sec thinking i can play it with less than 200ms :/
  8. Server Location

    Would not you have a chance to open a server in Miami, like the Black Desert did? This would greatly help those who play in the regions of South America
  9. Den of the ancients

    I just got my second one for max my Skyreach gloves in the 191th run, its not ok..
  10. Den of the ancients

    Why M'ao gloves is so rare!? Its just a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing token, why!!? I have just rush 60 runs in 2 day thinking that I would see one for upgrade my skyreach glove, but none drop atm. FIX THAT SHT! Its just a life steal.