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  1. i give up anyway .... our voice not reach to support 🙂
  2. there is some ppl got reported with video while using speed hack and auto combat they not ban them 🙂 enjoy play the game with cheating
  3. ok for new player ... when the new player can really start doing raids/ HM dungeons ? no one in the game will get someone with low gear/DPS cuz they don't want to waste there time , also the gear from the start it will take huge time to reach 20% of the max gear to start playing the game with other players untiy , gems , pet gems are P2W can't get if you spam playing 3 years this game you wont max it the only thing that we can had it the PVE stuff to start playing the game ... it's so idiot made that necklace require 6 months to max it .. like new player who made the new class
  4. M'ao was had no limt to farming it and many ppl get the necklace in 2-4 days by spamming it , the spectral shrine can't be Multirun farming cuz the drop rate it's almost nothing like 10-20 run it's might not give you 1 coin at least ... so there is no reason why i stay farming this dungeon if they lock the dynamic
  5. lol ? what the reason make this necklace hard when soon we will get new one ? also i don't need to be like you get it hard when it's just came out , they are looking for new players and we need to get stuff more faster , i don't ask for increase the scales cuz it's so hard to get it right now , i'm asking for stuff that's been there long time ago and will be useless soon when we got the new one , so there is no reason to stop me farming the coin when they remove the Limit from it
  6. hi there , as everyone know the necklace from spectral shrine require a lot of days/months to get it at least to stage 3 as new player we are trying to gear up and this neck soon will be old content with next upcoming dungeon if we got new necklace so why we need to do that solo dungeon only 3 time per day for coin and not make it no limit farming the coin cuz it's require 360 spectral emblem to buy "unrefined spiritwaker necklace" like we got from 9 to 13 emblem each day let's say it's 10 everyday so it's require 36 days to get this necklace at stage 3 only ! and it's require a lot
  7. after adding anti-cheat ... the ppl who want anti cheat they will get pilot for get top ranks cuz even they are BAD can't reach high rank or they have high ms so they will get pilot ... with or without anti cheat this wont be stop so you guys asking to stop fixing our class skills to do better combo and let other pilot you for ranking this topic it's waste of time .
  8. the game had huge lag like i need 1-2 min to pick 1 quest and 1 min from F8 to go any dungeon .. there is problem with server
  9. so far i see only 10-15 players asking for anti-cheat or maybe less but with multi account login and type the rest of player in this game they don't have any issue 🙂 anti-cheat will just make the game not smooth and fps will drop down also we are make the game more better and we enjoy into it , i hope this topic going to be closed and if there is anyone want that anti-cheat the game can make vote or just lock into the game we have great support you can record video and report them ! end of story
  10. hi , recently there is ppl want to anti cheat for the game and we don't want it our game it's work fine so please don't broke it we enjoy atm with it if you are agree just replay with "We don't need an anti-cheat"
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