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  1. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    Yeah i actually took a break and came back on the last patch, i also got that mail and this is what i got from it Hope something exciting is going on
  2. yeah but this doesnt tell me much,its good if u wanna gear alts or new comers but im at TB stage so i would like to know if there is a adjustements on this stage.
  3. @Hime How about old raid weapon material cost? any reductions for them? there is always adjustements once a new tier of raid weapon comes. Haven't seen it in the Items / System preview.
  4. this clip speaks by itself. 1.Max gear or not, its irrelevant... we aren't talking about how long ur D is. 2.Once Kr gets a new Raid they get guide from the Devs. Don't tell me they learn from 0 cuz is not true. 3.Limit yourselves of sharing wrong information too. so please stick to the topic thank you very much.
  5. pretty sure is not only the HP , also the base status from each adds are wrong too (Def/damage etc etc...)would be cool if they can confirm this issue and update a balance change for the upcoming weeks.
  6. New launcher

    Why the F im forced to have different language when i only use English?? can we delete the unnessesary language from our files?? wasted of space for no reason!
  7. Lvl 60 Voucher

    @Cyan Existent lv50 Vouchers will be turn into Lv 60 instead? or whats gonna happen to them?
  8. Nice support btw...

    I recently report this visual bug in arena. And here is what the "support told me" really... NCSoft need to hire dedicate people to at least give you a "logic answer" , not just copy pasta all around , cuz sometimes doesnt make anysense. Jump around and have a laugh about this answer....
  9. Hai i know , this side quest its so emotinal and tears dropping. when i did this in Kr i cry and now in our west servers once again. :( :( Here is the song that its played in the background. Artist :Seulgi tittle: You, Just Like That selfprom : , for some fun and some BnS grind contents.
  10. archievement 8 soulshilds bugged

    Tittle says it all... just got my 8 from Black tower and seems like the archievement its bugged.
  11. did anyone noticed??

    i recently go the halloween outfit and i just noticed the diference.... hope we get this update , i like those lil accesories :P
  12. WL 4(Dragoncall) slow speed bug (back to old patch)

    No , please is not hard to read, i never talk about cast , i talk about time travel, if u actually play WL from long ago u would notice it.
  13. I guess no one noticed this but Dragoncall(4) speed travel its slow like way back in the days. only a couple people that actually main WL(me)noticed it.... and i dont see any NCwest bugreport about this.... So please NCwest fix this.... ASAP tyyy in advance @Babbletr0n @Liinxy
  14. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    i'm more worried about ,when we gonna get a dedicate servers that doesnt spikes 24/7 with or without ping booster, jumping from 80ms solid to random 300-1000k MS in game, when u have static ping 300mgs upload and download and ur ping its 28
  15. About that MxM outfit

    Same here, i guess we gotta still wait .