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  1. I agree and disagree in this topic. 😁 First of all Eng voice are not "horrible/terrible" they just dont fit well in the "context" meaning that CVs aren't putting theirselves in the character perspective. If the game isn't a 3A, CV will just read a script (lines from random NPC/Characters)for a couple hours and thats about it(thats why there is no lip-sync with voice/npc). there is a clearly example for this in the 4th anniversary stream/VOD😇 In the other hand talented people that give it all, they have to put themselves into the character. Example like KR/JP/CN CV. yada yada yada...
  2. Thanks for confirming this, i'm glad that we at least get an answer, better late than never
  3. If thats how is supposed to work, so be it, all i asked was for some communication about it, since the past even wasn't like this. However, if we get all the materials at the end, that it's great, tho we needed that information to begging with. The lack of communication is drawing down even more....
  4. If they offer you cookies in a box and you open it and there is no cookies, wouldnt you come to the person asking for them? If ur answer is "u wont go" then, this is not the place for you to be in.
  5. Still nothing... https://clips.twitch.tv/AdorableImportantNikudonFrankerZ-wp9gKODuwsyqhujz
  6. Armory Chest stage 7 doesnt give crystals aswell... i will keep opening till last to see if i can upgrade, i'm stuck at Grand Celestial 6 at the moment....
  7. As far i remember, that wasn't how this "event" worked in the past, tho so far from stage GC 1 to GC 6 all the boxes contained the needed materials. IF they change the way they did this in the past, they havent inform us of the saying change. thats why i'm asking for a confirmation if this is supposed to be like that.
  8. I recently opened the "Armory chest - Stage 6" and gave me the box with materials to upgrade to Grand Celestial stage 7 however, the box didn't contain the requirement materials to be able to go to the next Stage. Can you guys confirm if this is a bug or its supposed to be like this? (tho we always get the req materials for be able to progress) Also can you guys check if the next stages of the box will have this issue? @Hime
  9. I just hope that my pc can handle this... Also this is probably one of the biggest move in 9 years, hope current player + old player can keep enjoying this game with better performance than it is right now. We can quit many times, but there is no better MMO with an amazing combat system like BnS, so we will come back at some point if the company listen the community. Now let's wait and hope is not another bait... i wanna play my Warlock with animations 😞
  10. Just like the tittle says. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48X3lsl7zA4
  11. @Hime Can we please get an update to this post regarding to the "Summer love outfit variant for Lyn"? i would like to get it before it's gonne from the shop. Also if we already bought the outfit, we will be getting the variant for "free" if it gets confirmed?
  12. @Hime Clarify me one thing , when u said "Custom Costumes will be restored with their original properties" this mean all the Chromatic Thread / gold used will be restored too? cuz i probably invested over 600+ Chromatic Threads around my account over 100+ outfits, if its not the case... this a huge impact too for people that pay/got them from trove/cash shop? Also what about the legit obtained Designer threads? those will be restored too? iirc i had a couple (cant remember the number correctly but was less than 100 for sure)
  13. @HimeJust restore all the outfits to all the characaters, but dont make them "Salvage-able" so not everynone can take adventage of the designer thread. We are talking about alot of Real Money/Time/Materials/Ingame gold /thousand of Outfit Delivery Stamps and Chromatic Thread wasted over 3 years.... The bad management of the game have to end, the future is not looking good with all this mistakes.... We all know that 2020 is a "wasted year" cuz of covid-19 but this isn't a solution to *** your players like this.
  14. @Hime Can we just refere to ticket number? #23597294
  15. imagine collecting outfits for 3 years stack up in f3 and now they are all gonne, didnt really matter if i didnt log on the game for that week fiesta, legit players still get F by this terrible company. ($$ spend Give away outfits all gonne) If i dont get my outfits back i'm done with this game for good.
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