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    did you by any chance buy them with credit card instead of paypal? because that can take up to 24hrs per charge, thats just how it works.
  2. Crafting in B&S

    If you saev up the materials instead of buying them from f5 you can potentially make some gold, e.g. crafting hongmoon keys since now people will upgrade their weapons again and will need those keys
  3. Bugged Warden Awakened Skills

    On Twitter they said yesterday that they do not know if the fix will be ready today, so i doubt it since we got no update on that
  4. Dungeon gold reward reduction again /shy

    Because they 1) want to milk players 2) don't want to ruin the economy like KR did
  5. Heavens Mandate

    You can get more shards with more alt characters since they are not character bound /s
  6. Warlock simplified combat Quell abilities

    Don't use simple mode and instead set up a macro for your core gameplay. Google it, it's really fcking easy to do
  7. Baleful to Raven

    always go bale/seraph 12 -> R3, if you have materials lying around you could also go rift 9 -> A3.
  8. Drop rate of Hongmoon Duster? (Heaven's Mandate)

    I have yet to see 1 drop while playing since the dungeon was released. but my luck in games is usually garbo so yea.