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  1. Fuse it, delete it, I don't care, but I want NC to take note and revert it asap. Why is it all of a sudden Call to Arms & Soul Arena tokens & rewards are removed when they were tagged as redeemable for way longer (btw, still written redeemable until 11/9 in the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ tooltip) ? We got Soul Arena weekly and seasonal rewards AFTER THE MAINTENANCE, like you're supposed to get it and have some time to grab your rewards. But nah, it makes too much sense for NCSoft so they decided to just remove them early, despite redemption periods being there for years (excepted few speci
  2. So if they ban win traders there's even less people in queues making it even harder to get matches making it even harder to rank up and get into the ladder. It's not because they start banning win trading that all of a sudden the whole 5k players of the game will flock to PvP at once. They won't. PvP can't recover because the people who were interested in trying it out just got their ass handed to them so hard in bronze (because only exp'd players play arena, because BG is a p2w and exploit mess) they just said "Screw it, not worth my time". Once a player came to that conclusion, they don't lo
  3. If anything, they should just remove the HMC from the all the pvp ladder rewards. Issue fixed. They killed ToI ladder rewards... twice iirc, so why not pvp, it's a dead game mode anyway, only exploiters... well... exploit it. Inb4 : "it's not dead" => it's not because 20 people do pvp that it's not a dead mode. When the ladders have, what, ~30 people ranked, knowing a lot are just alts : )... Of all MMOs, even that fantasy that is said to be final has more people in their pvp ladder ! That says something.
  4. @Hime you also need to revamp weapon progression, everything below TB. You need to cover the fact people may have done Act IX part1. Anyway, the cost just sucks right now. It's unfathomable that you need like 40 Transformation Stone Crystal, at 3 a day that's 14 days, for one upgrade of very outdated gear power (Stormdragon to Shadowforged tier, e.g). It's ridiculous. Add then all the stages in that tier. Holy cow. Yes, you can cheese F8 with entering the dungeon and then recruiting at any weapon stage below GC3, but probably very few people actually know that, so they're stuck wit
  5. Maybe do a file repair. Idk, as you see people using azerty keyboards report it working. If you use a 3rd party launcher you probably skipped the update.
  6. The keys work though. And I'm on azerty layout too. You don't see as the shown keybinds in the option (instead you'll see 1 2 3 4 5...) but everything works. I actually prefer seeing 1 2 3 than & é " . Also, as someone already said, it worked like that in UE3 too. Nothing wrong, everything works.
  7. Holy crap OP's message is insane. Publicly defending cheating, literally cheating (no, the few QoLs like faster opening/transmuting etc doesn't give gameplay advantage, but modifying the way the classes works (timings and watnot) is) because "everyone does so, especially whales". 1. I'm sure they won't ban the whales but 2. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ the whales, you cheat you get booted out, as you should be since the beginning. **** IF **** they act upon whales they'll probably give a warning first. Whales are addicted so they'll just stop cheating. We've seen multiple "I quit" m
  8. Let's be honest, the anti-cheat will only make the barrier of entry higher. It'll also possibly make it an "exclusive club" (you may not want your anti-anti-cheat to become public so that it doesn't get busted so soon). But the worst, is that we all know NC won't act on whales, they've been cheating for years (account sharing, godsword, automated "gameplay" in areas you're not allowed to, botting,...) and they never got anything done to their account despite the proofs. They'll only ban the people at the bottom and let cheating be rampant and be a whale exclusive. Even
  9. Hopefully they'll notice : ). I'd like to add that I don't think GC3 of baseline gear is going to be enough to start F8 to begin with, lol (dps too low)
  10. @Hime, please tell to the team to not nerf them too hard. I think if people manage to get 10 DoT stacks from range check and what not they should deserve to be in danger and eventually dying. They just ignored the boss rotation completely (or have a tank who can outlive all of this and doesn't care about rotation and killing teammates, but that's another issue). Do not turn EM into UE3-NM, it's not gonna solve anything once people start attacking NM. As Minimihi said, if EM becomes braindead it's not going to be the place to learn anything about the fights and the game, and you'll
  11. So I can confirm. Exalted3 from ActIX (which is where our story ends for now ?). You really need to revamp the progression.
  12. Hey there, So, basically, I was curious to test out UE4 as everyone else, F12 was smooth and I wanted to test out dungeoning. But... you need Grand Celestial (GC) 3+ to even start being able to use F8. The thing is, the majority of my characters have extremely outdated gear (as low as Riftwalk/Dawnforged 3), and I don't want to lose the 6 gem slots unlocked on all of them. That is why I am suggesting for a revamp on the early returnee/new player experience (especially when there is no C2A (and even there, some people don't know how to start it) event going on)
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