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  1. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    Ok, I wanted to make it short, but it's gonna be longer than wanted. Let's get to it: I can get some people don't grasp animation cancel right away and it's 'dumb' or 'hard' for them. But I don't know why you're calling it stupid because it's not requiring a lot of skill to do (on most ani cancel combos). I'd want to clarify something first: You're using Fighting Games as an analogy, I'm fine with that, but Fighting games are using ANIMATION CANCELLING a lot, even since the very first "fighting game / VS Fighting game" to popularize the genre , aka, Street Fighter 2. Crouching Medium Kick into Hadoken (aka xx hadoken (qcf+P)) is an animation cancel (generally called "special cancel"), you're clearly cutting part of your crouching kick animation (mostly recovery, if you know how animation in Fighting Games works) into a hadoken, and that's been into fighting games since Street Fighter 2. Btw, that's only ONE example/type of animation canceling. The example you gave with the meter (tension in Guilty Gear) is another type of cancel (generally called "super cancel"). Secondly: I could talk about how similar and different MOBA / MMO PvP / FG are (some aspects are really close, some are really not similar), but your complaint is about animation cancelling being too easy, thus it's stupid and not skilled, thus PvP is not about skill. Ready to hear my arguments ? I'm pretty sure AniCancel was put in BnS to allow for a fast paced combat system, leading to cool combos possibilities. Imagine if AniCancel wasn't in the game, how dull the game would be. The combos rely on not so many skills and some skills are only usable in specific situation (stances, ennemy state [Stun, KD, etc]). The game would feel really slow and boring. Moreover, you're talking about Guilty Gear and I'm going to tell you this: Chaining "normals" (Gatling combos in GG games) [if it rings a bell] like doing P > K > S > HS [if it rings a bell] is also animation cancelling in Guilty Gear, and it's easy to do. It's not max damage combo, but it's a combo. Doing combos in the end isn't the epitomy of skills in PvP/Fighting Games. Sure, sometimes it's a difficulty you have to work hard to overcome (grasping how the combo system works, what is a chain, what is a link, what is a cancel, motions etc etc) but it's not what will make you good at fighting games/pvp, it's only the top of the iceberg. Concepts like : Spacing (also known as Zoning or Footsies) Mind Games (which you gain thanks to experience + knowing your options and opponent's options at given times/situations), Focus/Chi Management Understanding how offense & defense work and many more These concepts will help you more than being able to mash buttons or being able to time them properly. These concepts are what make you skilled or not. (side note: in Street Fighter V combos are fairly easy to land once you're accustomed to links/cancels. It doesn't make the game less interesting or skilled. In fact, you can focus more on learning how to play fighting games than how to play against your lack of dexterity) Hard combos feel satisfying to land, I know for sure, I love high execution ceiling even if I'm not able to pull off hard combos, but combos aren't about fighting game skill. To me, being able to pull off incredibly hard combos is more about personnal dexterity/ability. It helps maximizing your damage output (sometimes the hardest combos aren't even the most optimized ones), it helps you win, but it won't make you win 101% of the time. On one hand, you can do every combo in the world but if you can't open your opponent's defense to be able to land them and/or managed your focus/chi really badly to the point you're out of focus right at the beginning of your big offense moment, the ability to do the combos becomes useless. On the other hand, you can do mid damaging combos only but you're incredibly good at reading your opponent, you can find holes in defense, your timings are spot on, you'll win. You will have more momemtum than your opponent even if he can land the amazing combo doing 80% of damage. He can't open you (make you waste your iframes / anti cc while saving his focus/chi and some CC), he can't hit you. That's what Fighting Games are to me, and as I mentionned, these concepts are applyable to Blade & Soul. If you don't think so, watch Jaesung's stream, sometimes you'll hear him call for some SS or other iframes before they come out, he's reading (or at least trying to) and conditionning (or at least trying to) his opponent. That is skill. Combo is icing on the cake and with some personnal training you'll get them down eventually and they'll become nothing more than just dumb execution auto pilot (to a degree, in some FG/MMO PvP there are breakers (anti cc/bursts/whatever it is called) and they add a layer of mind game (stopping your combo mid way to waste the breaker. Doing a poor-mid damaging combo to keep your CC while the opponent waste the anti CC. Etc)). I'm going to stop there otherwise it's going to turn into a book instead of a forum reply x). EDIT: I'm not tackling ping/latency and framerate as these are issues you can't deal with sometimes. Not everyone has the money to get a NASA PC (or even a mid spec computer, some people can't afford a new computer as easily as others). Developpers on the other hand try to make the game running on a maximum of computer, but they can't make it run on 1990 computer hardware either. They have to make the game gorgeous to appeal to a maximum of people (yes, graphics sells, since forever) while making it runnable to a lot of specs (and sometimes they can't go below a line). Not everyone has access to a good internet connection. Sometimes, the servers f.cks up. These are issues that have nothing to do with how the battle system is designed for the game.
  2. Soulstones...WTF?!

    The number of dumbasses and assholes is too damn high. Faction sucks in this game, it's not rewarding and not interesting. Heck, if the "faction" quests (which are PVE quests with PVP Tag on your back) wouldn't give soulstones or in 50 content the moonwater powder or whatever it is, faction would be U.S.E.L.E.S.S. If Bloodlust needs to put required materials to advance in the game for freaking PVE (because PvP is mainly arena equalized gear based) it means faction is badly designed. If you can't understand that and just say "Understand it's pvp game" , you don't even know what type of pvp is the main form in this game then. Arena is the big thing, faction isn't even a real thing, literally no real reward to keep you interested in the faction "war". BW/Terror ? Wow, great 5fps wars, wait, factions aren't even competing for these as the channels are always full anyway + it's always Red takes channel X and Blue takes channel Y. If factions would really try to compete for BW/Terrors the game would crash on most computers (understand it's not because you have a computer able to handle it that everyone has it too). OP complain is legit, stop trying to make you feel like you're some sort of elite or he's some sort of scrub. If the game was PvP(-arena) game I wonder why it's not a fighting game and it has freaking PVE content added regularly. EDIT: @those saying "farm X to sell and buy soulstones" or "make gold in dungeons to buy blahblah", not everyone has the time to put in to be efficient with this technique, thus they are forced to tag in pvp and risk being zerged (even if you're in a party of 6, you can get zerged by 2 parties of 6 :]) making them lose time, weapon's durability and any form of enjoyment in the game, leading them to leave the game, and some of them may be the whales keeping the game up.
  3. Another bad design/mechanic, and it needs to change. I got killed by the fire while I was literally about to drop down to Trasher in Bloodshade (thanks god hitboxes/ledges are so badly implemented, when I got res'd I was flying, my feet weren't on the plateform). I didn't know it would pop on the freaking platform at the entrance, like INSIDE THE ARENA. It's so unforgiving and if you don't know where it spawns, you're dead. Also people saying "never heard or seen people killing others with the fire on purpose" you're lucky, it happened in a party I was in. Someone joined, wasn't geared (Dokumo weapon and crappy gems) and as we couldn't kick him (this needs to change to, because of bots and many other reasons) one of the guy in my party killed him by aggroing the boss as he was in the fire's spawn area. This made another one in the party angry and didn't participate in killing the boss, so I left the party. Great experience ! Make it spawn, but not instantly, give time for people to catch up, is it hard to lock down the area a few seconds after the start of the battle ?
  4. Please change 24p dungeon main boss spawn.

    This game has to be studied for being a case of massive bad designs choices. Really, analyze the mechanics/quests and you'll realize the quests designs / some mechanics are bad while the game (combat system) is pretty good. 24-man dungeons need a retweak, I shouldn't have to wander 1.5h in nightshade and actually kill 9 bosses and actually lose a lot of durability on my weapon for the last boss to spawn... all that for 5 daily quests. 6/4-man dungeons of Fleet/Bloodshade need a retweak too, changing the dailies from "kill every boss in order" to "kill every boss (in whatever order)" or "kill last boss" (which is the ultimate goal) would be better, there would be less "recruit/quit" because the party has killed the first boss. It's not about making the dungeons easier, but making the dungeons actually doable in a reasonnable amount of time, yes. This game is already a grind fest and wasting time with bad design choices isn't gonna make it more enjoyable.
  5. The people putting value in digital items they don't own and they'll lose sooner or later are the reason RNG boxes for skins exist and work. As I said in another thread, RNG boxes are here to let you boast about having the beautiful skin for which you spent $392 to get but not everyone can spend that amount. You're pretty much proving this by stating: Congratz, you have a piece of nothingness in your game :D. (I'm not saying that's bad, you spend your money on whatever you want). I'm more for fair price (people raged at Capcom's Street Fighter IV skin packs back then, but one pack is like 5€ for 4 characters with 10 color variations..., there are a lot of packs but for 5€ you get no dobok (costume) in BnS and there are a lot of doboks :D) and letting everyone actually have the skins they want to have. Collectors will anyway spend huge amount of money to get them but if you want to make profit out of the whales you need RNG boxes~ :[. On another note, I can't wait for you to justify most powerful gems or weapons or BoPae (Soul Shields) in RNG boxes only too : ]. After all, what's the fun in having everyone getting max gear ! edit: inb4 "but p2w and skins aren't the same thing", the goal is the same: making you spend money to let you boast about having something and/or being able to complete something else. Skins won't affect gameplay much, I agree, that's the main difference. But my point is to maybe make some people realize they should take a step back about putting Value in Digital Items, it can get off limits quickly.
  6. Name reservation suggestion

    This. You already have an advantage over F2P players or basic founder pack buyers, you have name reservation AND Headstart. Now either use it on a dummy and wait a bit before going for your real character or gamble it all. It's a name. I know Sasuke and Naruto will sell well, but paying $140 for name market... :D. EDIT: dang the mean trick with create/delete/create over. I thought the character would get deleted (you get the confirmation) by going in game. Well, ok. I'm gonna use it for sure now ^^.
  7. Removing the pantyhose from the NA costume. How could you?

    It's because there was one winner in NA and one in EU for the costume contest. It makes sense they release each one in their respective region first and then on the other region later on.
  8. German and French communities have their own sub forums already. If OP is already complaining on the forums, it's gonna be great on release :D.
  9. January 15! Mushin Server It is! BladeandSoul

    This is highly likely to happen, it is highly likely to happen to Windrest in EU too. Maybe some people like the Queue game more than the actual game itself :D.
  10. Removing the pantyhose from the NA costume. How could you?

    Hum... This is clearly a reference to Tekken's Mokujin and to its metal version Tetsujin which was inspired by the movie Shaolin Wooden Men. Edit: to be on topic, I don't care about which costume EU gets, we get the kirito one, it will go to my Lyn, when we'll get the US one it will go to whatever I feel it will look good on :D.
  11. Two things about the last stream

    None. 0. Nada. Niet. Nichts. Que dalle. Now they want you to either spend $$$ or gold through their currency exchange (thank those who will spend $$$ for you). Wait for a year or two before stating it's not p2w. If you don't want to start badly you don't make your game p2w from the start. Also, if only one side of the spectrum ends being p2w (read, either PvP or PvE is p2w) there is still the p2w element in the game (look at CN BnS). They can state "we won't turn the game into p2w ever" but they also stated "community will be involved in naming the server" and we know what really happened. You can't trust PR talk, FACTS > SPEECH : ]. We'll see how it will turn.
  12. 30 Pages, omygawd. I haven't read it all but I'm gonna share my opinion: I wouldn't mind the price if the costumes were Account Bound at least. I know I'm not the one making the game running, whales will, everything is thought for them to spend a maximum amount (lots of cash shop costumes for high prices, RNG boxes with exclusive costumes etc) but I wanted to share my thoughts : ]. @people worrying the game would turn p2w if the prices were lower: think again, making a costume $20 doesn't mean in the end you'll get more income than making it half the price. What will give them money are the whales, prepare for RNG boxes & Treasure Vault/Trove :D. Also, even with the costume's high price they can turn the PvE into a p2w hell, as long as they make enough/more profit, just saying :].
  13. Potential Gunner/Archer Class Incoming

    The way the gunslinger moves clearly tells ME it was being treated as a playable character. They clearly had ideas for some Gunslinger mechanics.
  14. Then WHY THE HECK are people complaining ? Jeez you can setup safety, just get away and start again. /thread closed.
  15. I know this topic is about Grey Killers, but I'm gonna touch about spawn/npc gank too, as this will likely happen while Grey Killing at the same time. I have nothing against Grey Killing, I've done it, I've been GK'd, I've been ganked in 1v3+ etc etc, it's part of OWPvP and I deal with it. Though, what I would like to avoid, is easy gank (spawn (grey) kills/ganking) because when you can't react to it and just get killed over and over, this is not ideal and there is a problem at this very moment. I know switching channel is one way of dealing with it, but do you have time to switch when you respawn before getting OS ? That's why, maybe, when you die, the game will ask you one simple question: Do you want to remove your conflict dobok (costume) ? Yes (because I don't want to get ganked / greykilled again and/or I want to be able to properly setup my incoming re-entry in the battle).No (because I don't care, there's no gank, it's cool and I want to get back into the action right now §§§§) It could even be another shortcut/option for respawning. [4] would be respawning as usual, and another button would be respawning without the conflict dobok. There are ways to "prevent" ganking, I've seen people asking for safezones on spawning spots and around NPCs (to be able to take/complete quests). I don't think safezones are the way to go because people will clearly abuse them. Though, you can work around them. Spawn points can be moved somewhere outside the battle zone, inaccessible to the opposing faction BUT you can't attack from this spawn or get back to it once you leave it. No advantage for anyone. (I know this sounds like a safezone but it is only a spawning zone, useless to wait in front of it) Now, implementing this in every region would be difficult (how to make this happen around the Stalker WB zone? e.g.) but it could be the start of a somewhat solution. About NPCs, leave them where they are, it adds to the salt without you not being able to do anything, I mean, check your surroundings and/or ask people to protect you for a bit :D. Here are my 2cts. NB: before reminding me I'm a scrub, I know nothing about the game, keep in mind I haven't tested every possible option like: changing channel when dead (possible ?) and if it carries over when respawning. Simply because GK wasn't an issue for me in Alpha/CBT and I haven't really done OWPvP as I had something else to test first :D. EDIT: if you are too stubborn to remove your dobok after being GK'd over and over, I can't help you, I'm giving you a chance to setup safety away from GKs in another channel :D.