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  1. More SSP channels please

    I rather hope they increase boss hp, so that everyone can at least get drops.
  2. Starcaller RNG Box B06 Cost 150 gold to unlock, another 20 for outfit chest
  3. Thanks

    The reward is sorta trash if you look at it from a whale perspective, so this event is a waste of space imo.
  4. Thanks

    This is so depressing...Thank you, ggwp ncsoft.
  5. Gem Ticket

    Does anyone know where can we get pentagonal gem ticket from?
  6. NC launcher error E01005

    Any solutions?. (tried all solutions around the webs, nothing seems to work...)
  7. NC launcher error E01005

    I Manage to log in using mobile wifi hotspot (yayy lol) It's ip issue, limited connection on my end due to suspicious malware activity...
  8. NC launcher error E01005

    Actually, this issue will probably resole itself eventually, so your's might not be because you restart it, perhaps it just work right after you restart it lol But as how it resolve itself remains a mistery to me, I've done all sort of guide, but none seems to work ;/
  9. NC launcher error E01005

    Restarted router, same thing didn't work for me...
  10. NC launcher error E01005

    I've tried but still not working, sent support a message 5 hours ago, but still no reply...i guess no bns today ;/ Anyone else having this issue? Also my neighbor pc also having the same issue with bns, (same wifi, could it be router related?)
  11. Circle of _Suffering_ ?

    I also had the same issue when i start the game, i was kfm at the time, struggled real hard with the constant mechanic the boss throw at me, specially when fighting against two bosses at the same time, it's hard to keep track when you're not used to it, plus there's also ping... I remember when we first got mushin tower, that was hell, the struggle was real. You should try range class, better control and much more fun imo.
  12. You know i think, they're just clearing up space, maybe less space , less cost? more profit?
  13. How to walk on the wall ?

    You wont get those corresponding purple quest if you haven't done the 1st purple quest. You will need to complete the 1st, then, the 2nd will pop up and then the third and so on. The quest will pop up one after another at the specific chapters, but will only appear after you complete the previous ones, or else it wont appear. (i think...) It should be on one of your read the letter quest tab if you haven't done it.
  14. One missed orb doesn't wipe party, it only happen when half the party or the whole party is brainstorming. Just line up with a class that can easily block the orb, (i.e gunslinger/wl) If only they make fm block like gunslinger or wl block would make ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ a lot easier, but no. fm got to deal with 50%50 either success or die trying lol
  15. If you fm it, don't block, not recommended, leave it to others (well unless you have good eyesight, reflects and ping). If you block i'm pretty sure 90% of times you get burnt instead.
  16. The rng is really shitty on this part. I've been running over 50 runs and no accessories ever drop from these hellion core dungoens (so far). Also please reduce hellion core cost for those accessories to 100 or something, or make hellion core a part of a quest (like the previous quest with draken core) You need 200 run to get 200 Hellion core, it's madness, (all boxes i open so far contain 1 hellion core, the rate for a 10 bundle is like 00000.1, real good rate) and f8 ain't no ap/hm friendly, lots op toxic. Please add more ways to get hellion core, or increase drop rate for those hellion accessories!
  17. Visa takes a day, paypal only a few moments. Go paypal next time.
  18. EU server Down?

    It's a problem with my ping booster i think, reset everything and it was ok again...
  19. EU server Down?

    Got disconnected suddenly, cant log back in, something about failed login and server under maintenance?
  20. Server crash / Mass DC again

    Server up yet??
  21. Hei is it possible to revert back an item bought from f10? I Bought the wrong rng boxes, opened 1, then i realise it was the wrong box. Is it possible to switch the box around? I have sent a ticket to support team, any idea how long it take before i get reply?