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  1. Game dying

    Blade and Soul only has good combat and customization rest is meh, and lets not even go into optimization issues. Just because theres a handful of people with somekind of miracle computers that gives them decent fps doesnt mean this game isnt broken most of us had 10 fps in raids even with gaming computers and laptops that work fine with other games. BNS is also the most toxic mmo ive ever played and ive played alot of them. So no i rather play FF14 which has lovely people in it because when you actually have to pay some money to play a game and not just throw it to RNG boxed and trove it takes some of the trash out instantly and whats best its not P2W. Blade and Soul dungeons are boring and repeatable. Bosses are just made over and over again. I was high geared almost maxed when i quit bns so i didnt get the you are trash insults much but oh boy i saw it daily, and in event dungeons there was always 1 or multiple afkers just leeching and waiting for everyone else to do their job for them and if you meantioned something all you got was yelling and cursing or massive insults because they are entitled to afk and not do anything. So no smart players will never ever return to this toxic P2W game that has devs that dont give a crap about the community. Smart players will just hang around the forums and watch from sidelines how the game that had so much potential comes down slowly but surely, and put their money and time to something else.
  2. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    Welcome to the quitters club! I'm sure you'll be happy here i know i am. Its actually quite enjoyable to watch this game go downhill from behind the curtains. I just wish i could get my money back i spent i could buy so much more useful stuff with it, but oh well lesson learned never playing NCsoft games again, i should have learned after Aion went to the trash.
  3. Id say people here say a lot at least the players. NCsoft EU ( is there even EU ...feels like everything happens in NA) and NA just dont listen. You cant blame people for not trying when our companies themselfs refuse to help the playerbase and do something about it. I think West has just given up. Maybe they know the game wont survive. Dont think BNS will shut down but maybe in the future it will be sold we all have seen numbers steadily go down. So people do try but nothing ever happens. Some bugs are there for months and months but when something goes wrong in F10 its insta emergency maintanence. They care about money not about the people here. Fact is they closed german and french servers because simply they cant afford to keep them open. Giving lame excuse it will help the raiding makes no sense since how can you raid with french people we dont speak the same language. Most germans and french people will stick to their own and raiding will stay the same. I guess admitting we cant afford would look worse than lying.
  4. Well i have a GAMING laptop which is playing other better looking games with high settings just fine but BNS coughs blood. Ok now you can say oh boohoo laptop but i know people with really good gaming computers that are having issues with this game so this get new computers doesnt work anymore. My main class warlock became a lagfest after the awakening which made the game even worse. I've never played any other mmorg where i have to install another program to get extra fps because the game cannot be played properly without it. I would have preferred korean language anyways in the game...english dub is just horrid. I can understand the english subs being made but why didnt they give us the option to have original language at least... Anyways the game is crappily optimized even NASA computer would cough blood with this game.
  5. I quit this game mostly due to performance issues, after playing it for 3 years started when the servers opened until 1 month ago. I got tired of having 10 fps in raids when other games run perfect even with better graphics. Don't see myself coming back even if they ever release the new engine... i personally dont think it will happen why spend money on ancient game thats already dying. NCsoft has never been a company that spends money much on anything and are quick to sell games that dont give them enough or close them completely. I'll just wait until something better comes along until that im happy with my single players or FF14 no stress about grinding and no lag issues. Lurking on the forums and reddit is still enjoyable to see how this game is going forward and will it end up being sold like Aion was.
  6. It's also little bit about what class you play. Some classes are way more laggier than others warlock and i guess now the new BM spec are super laggy and manage to kill your fps nicely. Of course all that goes to the performance issues BNS already has but i never had any issues on my alts like i had on my main (warlock) my FPS tanked on my main way more as to compared to lets say to a gunner.
  7. Jumping off ship, my final words.

    I came to same conclusion a month back. I played this game from the beginning and had max geared warlock but i just got enough. Warlock became a lag fest after this awakened and i honestly dont enjoy it anymore. It was lagfest before but now its just worse. What made me quit this game was the boredom. I started feeling like it was work. Raids multiple days per week for multiple hours, dailies everyday to get your gold and rinse and repeat. I wasnt fully F2P person but i wasnt a whale eather i spend some money here and there. I just think this game is becoming more spend to keep up or play hours and hours per day to keep up which is fine if that is what people enjoy. My biggest annoyance with this game is the population. I think this was the most toxic playing environment i've personally ever seen. Given i dont play shooting games and such which probably are worse. Being max geared i didnt have problems getting into anything in F8 but i can see how annoying it can be for a low geared person. Now someone can say but lower geared people have no reason in being in there...but honestly NM dungeons are so easy nowdays you dont need 1.6k AP to finish them people are just lazy and want stuff done fast rather than carry 1-2 lower geared people who would probably get more out of the dungeon that the max gear will and need the gold more than the max gear will. HM dungeons in F8...its not good and getting clan with members who are willing to teach you and take you to places is ever harder. People in this game are selfish not all but most of them clans are places to hang out and get clan buffs. People who do Hm dungeons in clans mostly run with same people hardly ever taking anyone else with them that's what i noticed. I'm not saying this game is bad it has many good points but if you ever want to try it and keep up with gear prepare to spend many hours or open that wallet. After hitting certain gear gap the game becomes very boring. You do same thing over and over and over again. Class balance is ...bad with this brilliant plan of ncsofts to release 3rd spec one class at the time makes it horrible + some classes will probably have to wait for year (s) with this speed they are going , and lets be fair some classes are just stupidly made...looking at you wardens. Game is pretty even if its old, just wish it was better optimized i might have continued little longer if that was the case but the fps drops and warlock being so laggy now just completely killed it for me. I love the battle system im going to miss it.
  8. Server Consolidation — May 1

    If this merge is for raiding purpose it will serve no purpose for EU, NA might get something out of this but we wont. It will be french people in one corner germans in one and the rest of us in the last corner. We cant raid with frenchies because we dont speak the same language so they bring us nothing. Some germans might be able to mingle with the english speakers but many of them tend to stick with their own too. So no this wont help us find raids any better. This is just an excuse, the real reason is you cant afford to keep the servers running or the playerbase on each server is too low.
  9. Let's put an item into the game that costs tonloads of gold to upgrade and lets nerf the daily income? Are you guys serious? It's not like people can make thousands of golds per day from daily dungeons. I'm really starting to think its time to leave this sinking ship.
  10. Am i the only one thinking that i cant even take Pet Pods from events eather since there will be a new tier of soul and heart and still need to max out badges... I rather take oils.. So with this cycle talisman will never be done or even upgraded from the stage 1 that im able to get it. Goodjob Ncsoft once again you think with your wallets and most likely end up losing customers.
  11. So everyone who needs this badge fused is F*cked. As a warlock main im not even surprised you guys would screw us over it seems to be a thing nowdays. Old shadow badge limitless will be 50% useless since we dont have our old number 2 skill anymore but we cant really go and just use this new badge eather since we need primal too.
  12. Solo area difficulty

    As a warlock main Den of Ancients is really punishing. I dont talk just about the last boss eather all of the 3 are quite hard for warlock. Firstly lets see why this place is so punishing for warlock. All of them does nasty CC attacks. Yes we have sanctum which doesnt protect against knockback or knockup which these bosses practise and second it has long cooldown and wont last through out the fight its small protection we get but after that we are on our own. We have block but have you ever though about what is annoying about the warlock block? It has small cooldown and another little thing we have to stop attacking for our block to work. So sometimes i block and still get hit because simply my dragoncall was still casting and my block didnt cast and here comes the punishment. Second all of these 3 bosses are easier if you have Q and E which warlock doesnt have. We have SS which ends up getting us killed if used wrong and we have bastion which usually we have to save to a certain attack they do so we are relying on our block mostly to survive and 25 movement speed points. Now lets talk about the last boss. She has this nice room wide aoe which is simple enough to dodge if you have Q and E but think about it from our perspective we have to SS which still might get us hit since its multilayered skill so im usually using SS + 1F or our bastion which means worse case scenario we dont have bastion for the phases where its the most useful. Her CC phase where you have to eather stun first and KD first and then stun or kd is for us also quite annoying you can guess why? Because our Stun cc is on our thrall. Ive died multiple times to one reason only My thrall doesnt jump fast enough and the cc fails. For summoner this is probably challenging fight but summoners have 2 things going that we dont. You have cat that can tank small period of time and the cat doesnt at least shouldnt die that easily, and summoners can pin her down giving them more time to dps freely. Thrall on the otherhand isnt a tank and wont stay up forever. Most solo dungeons are made for classes with Q and E iframes or warlocks that can just burst down the bosses with their 1 mil dps check so they dont have to worry about mechanics. I'm not even going to talk about warden since this class should be removed from the game or at least given a heavy nerf. I know im gonna get comments like learn to play but ive killed these bosses multiple times and im 100% sure i would have easier time playing for example Fm here.
  13. Warlock vs Warden

    Looks are personal preference. I prefer warlocks SB outfit, wardens look like you are wearing a diaper. Also white bats make no sense. Effect on both Sbs arent that useful most classes dont need healing and only warlock is focus starved so to us Warlocks SB is better. Just play what you enjoy and not what you read on these forums and on reddit. Classes change all the time one will be op and then the next. Warden will get nerfed when time comes since they always let the new class be OP for a bit so people spend that sweet money dont run after dps. If you follow korea, warlocks are getting more mobility and we are so far going to helix build so we become faster and more stronger it seems too. Our sanctums will change as well.
  14. It really happened

    As a warlock main im really tired of wardens. I'm tired of the warlock memes im tired of the warlock hate im just overally tired of this situation. I dont mind TDing if warden has a badge but most dont yet since its a new class, and yet in almost every run im having to tell them please dont SB since you dont have a badge and they still do because they have an advantage even if my thrall is out they can still SB faster in some cases since my thrall is slow and there is zero i can do about it that is up to NCsoft to fix. And what i get as a result is negative feedback from players saying warlock sucks go away , you too slow etc. I honestly cant blame the warlock for kicking you since this is most likely happening to other warlocks as well. You think we enjoy playing while this hating and meming is going around? Some of us chose the class because we enjoy it not because it has SB and learned to play it properly but now i feel like everyone even the good warlocks are labeled as SB carried trash which i could say for wardens as well since they sometimes dont even SB or they SB middle of the fight when they realise oh the warlock has TD. Believe or not warlocks really dont mind using TD if warden has a badge its actually good for us more leech time more dps and what is even best we dont have to worry about our slow ass thrall, but if we get this treatment in dungeons yeah some warlocks might start kicking you out.
  15. This TOI change is even for the higher geared people. i'm high geared player but i'm not able to get past floor 85. Which is due to the fact i hate TOI with all my heart and ive not put much efford on learning attack patterns of NPCs that are able to block /evade / counter every attack perfectly even before i start doing them. So yeah these tokens helped my main a lot every seasons end. I'm not gonna bother learning this place and i'll stop doing toi all together. I think this was the only reason i was paying for premium since the premium changes made it almost worthless, but for the tokens alone i renewed it. So guess this is 1 less premium for NCsoft from me.