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  1. I am shocked as well. No hate towards the team but color me surprised they actually listened. I hope this is not a 1 time thing. Happy they listened.
  2. Agreed. But it would be a nice way of saying we still care after all the fiasco's that are going on right now with every patch/emergency maint. Expecting nothing but its still worth the suggestion I guess just in the small case it works
  3. As we probably wont get a emergency maintenance again to fix the issue of not being able to buy Polishing Cloth with angler pearls, I would suggest to leave a daily bundle of 2 Polishing Cloth for free in the Hongmoon store so players can at least open 2 Wishing Lamps a day.
  4. Jinsoyun- EU Name of char: Chibiki Z
  5. Any clue what this item is, or were you can obtain it. I noticed it today in the dragon express
  6. I only made the mistake once while upgrading from gc9 to TB 6 . The upgrade to TB3 was before the PVE path was out so when the PVE path came I reverted a bit later. Hence the 1 use of a revert token on the weapon.
  7. Thanks for the advice, But ill probably quit. I don't feel like grinding a other 7 months for blood roses because they wont revert a silly mistake.
  8. Ah well, I guess that sucks for this instance. Sucks that this limit is a thing cause this small mistake sets me back so much in upgrading. Shame.
  9. Okay so small Tldr, I reverted from TB3 to GC9 to go PVE path like 2 months ago. Yesterday I made a mistake when I was not paying attention to the upgrade path. I send a ticket if they could reverse the mistake but the rules state that you can't reverse a weapon twice within a 6 month period. I understand the limit of tokens but i don't understand the limit on what you can revert with the tokens.
  10. Hello, Could someone explain to me why we can only reverse 1 item type per 6 months. https://imgur.com/knRMuxB If you have enough tokens on your account shouldn't you be able to just use them on anything, or am I missing a bigger point here.?
  11. Thank you for the hard work. Hope to see some positive results with the player cap soon.
  12. Edit, Please lower the player requirement to open a new channel, to many players are needed for at least 1 more channel.
  13. So today i saw that there was a second channel. Its still a bit crowded but i could find more mobs i think 3 - 5 channels would be perfect for everyone as the re spawn rate of mobs is pretty fast everyone could have a decent spot.
  14. I need more channels to hide from whales that turn on pvp plz i can't fight a 3rd spec FM with 2600 ap and 800k HP
  15. Please add more channels to Nyraka Hunting Zone. Ty
  16. I don't know if it was ever released yet but. Please bring back or release Blood oath set.
  17. Honestly i don't really mind if i don't get my soul. but it would be nice to get something out of the stage 6 soul that we can actually use instead of a sacred vial that we can use to upgrade our hongmoon soul to stage 7. Tho knowing nothing will probably happen it still worth the try to ask or suggest.
  18. Currently me and many other new players are in quite the predicament. With the event ending tomorrow many new players will be stuck unable to complete their soul. Most of the new players are stuck on stage 6. Since it takes a lot of time to gear up and get gold for new players, it would be demotivating for players to loose all of their soul status that they worked hard on. A lot of new players will be left with nothing but a gold loss. So here are some suggestions about the soul event. * Let the soul attack power stay, this would be a nice way to help players increase their
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