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  1. A suggestion, at least make the boxes you buy with tokens a selection box.. it just sucks to have to do about 120+ runs to find out you lost to a 50/50 on 7-8 soul shield for example. It would be nice to have the drops also be selection chest but yeah the above would be 100% a nice change.
  2. I can still not log in B, could not log into the game right after maintenance on my main EU
  3. unable to login at all after the maintenance.
  4. Something to help with the low gold income might be introducing a pity system on the demons bane accessories. Were you add like a certain % to a bar until it hits 100% and you get a certain upgrade next time you try.
  5. Try looking for daily trains outside of the cross server dungeon.. people mostly stopped usin gthe LFP function and make their own parties outside the dungeon lobbies first.
  6. Yep even without the soul boost event the new dungeons have floor levels everyone should be able to do up till floor 11 on demonsbane dungeons (floor 2-3 on new dungeon) as for active player base its not the most active but its still playable at most moments of the day and I play around 6PM till 8 AM 🙂 it might just take a bit to find what you want. While the game encourages you to level multiple characters I would take this with a grain of salt and maybe level 1-2 more alts at max cause you will get a burn out pretty fast if you try to do as much as possible. End game for most player
  7. Indeed story + soulboost give you really good gear and even after that you can grind most of your end game gear. Only pet soul and talisman will take some time. You can kind of forget about your heart since ehh sterling scales 🙂
  8. In short - Game still P2W ( but most items can be upgraded over a longer time if you do not whale) - More end game items getting easier to get - Game is making questionable changers both good and bad - Recently the new CM has been trying to get as much feed back ( not sure what will happen with most of it) - New soul boost event is very nice for both new and older players ( very good way to catch up) ( should focus on that after your main quest) Is it worth coming back to? Yes if you don't mind grinding for a lot of stuff Yes if you have money to blow 🙂 No if you don't e
  9. Greenstorm has been communicating on the forums a lot. So try searching the forum first to see if they replied on other post before.
  10. After reading the new patch notes I have 2 pieces of feedback... I guess? 1 The gold change on demonsbane weekly rankings seems nice. 2 The end of the season rewards got nerfed a bit hard didn't it ? Maybe something like this at the lower rankings 101-500 ( 1 venture token instead of 0 ) 31-100 ( 2 venture tokens + Brilliant Venture Token or 3 - 4 venture tokens instead of 2) I get the point of reducing the HMC since players were getting a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ton on alts but I think it was a bit to much?
  11. Agreed the rewards were nice. But the system change really did impact a lot of players making it close to impossible to upgrade your heart currently without putting in a lot of time grinding demonsbane dungeons around F41+ I hope they will either keep these sterling scale rewards up or give us a alternative for upgrading or getting scales without a P2W aspect
  12. Holy I just wanted to say thank you for the great daily free rewards in F10 Really helped a bunch with some upgrades ^^ Keep up the good work.
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