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  1. I am shocked as well. No hate towards the team but color me surprised they actually listened. I hope this is not a 1 time thing. Happy they listened.
  2. Agreed. But it would be a nice way of saying we still care after all the fiasco's that are going on right now with every patch/emergency maint. Expecting nothing but its still worth the suggestion I guess just in the small case it works
  3. As we probably wont get a emergency maintenance again to fix the issue of not being able to buy Polishing Cloth with angler pearls, I would suggest to leave a daily bundle of 2 Polishing Cloth for free in the Hongmoon store so players can at least open 2 Wishing Lamps a day.
  4. Jinsoyun- EU Name of char: Chibiki Z
  5. Any clue what this item is, or were you can obtain it. I noticed it today in the dragon express
  6. I only made the mistake once while upgrading from gc9 to TB 6 . The upgrade to TB3 was before the PVE path was out so when the PVE path came I reverted a bit later. Hence the 1 use of a revert token on the weapon.
  7. Thanks for the advice, But ill probably quit. I don't feel like grinding a other 7 months for blood roses because they wont revert a silly mistake.
  8. Ah well, I guess that sucks for this instance. Sucks that this limit is a thing cause this small mistake sets me back so much in upgrading. Shame.
  9. Okay so small Tldr, I reverted from TB3 to GC9 to go PVE path like 2 months ago. Yesterday I made a mistake when I was not paying attention to the upgrade path. I send a ticket if they could reverse the mistake but the rules state that you can't reverse a weapon twice within a 6 month period. I understand the limit of tokens but i don't understand the limit on what you can revert with the tokens.
  10. Hello, Could someone explain to me why we can only reverse 1 item type per 6 months. https://imgur.com/knRMuxB If you have enough tokens on your account shouldn't you be able to just use them on anything, or am I missing a bigger point here.?
  11. Thank you for the hard work. Hope to see some positive results with the player cap soon.
  12. Edit, Please lower the player requirement to open a new channel, to many players are needed for at least 1 more channel.
  13. So today i saw that there was a second channel. Its still a bit crowded but i could find more mobs i think 3 - 5 channels would be perfect for everyone as the re spawn rate of mobs is pretty fast everyone could have a decent spot.
  14. I need more channels to hide from whales that turn on pvp plz i can't fight a 3rd spec FM with 2600 ap and 800k HP
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