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  1. Outfits in f10

    I don't know if it was ever released yet but. Please bring back or release Blood oath set.
  2. Pristine Astral Oil Event Suggestion

    Honestly i don't really mind if i don't get my soul. but it would be nice to get something out of the stage 6 soul that we can actually use instead of a sacred vial that we can use to upgrade our hongmoon soul to stage 7. Tho knowing nothing will probably happen it still worth the try to ask or suggest.
  3. Pristine Astral Oil Event Suggestion

    Hey that is a very nice suggestion.
  4. Currently me and many other new players are in quite the predicament. With the event ending tomorrow many new players will be stuck unable to complete their soul. Most of the new players are stuck on stage 6. Since it takes a lot of time to gear up and get gold for new players, it would be demotivating for players to loose all of their soul status that they worked hard on. A lot of new players will be left with nothing but a gold loss. So here are some suggestions about the soul event. * Let the soul attack power stay, this would be a nice way to help players increase their attack power and give them more chance to run more difficult dungeons. * Give players a chance to mail their pristine astral oil to one character giving them enough oil to complete their soul at 100%. * Increase the time that you can claim free oils by a other month so players get 2 more chances to get their soul from their last bits to a guaranteed evolution. I hope you would take any of these suggestions in consideration. Not just for me personally but for all my fellow players in blade and soul .