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  1. Check who is CEO of NCSoft and who is CEO of NCWest and what is their relation, and things will be clear. Its all public available information. If i tell you here they will delete my post 😉 Other regions publishers like for RU for example probably have strict contractual relations and NCSoft is "serving" them much more efficiently.
  2. Well support staff was always nice and helpful in here to the extent its in their power. I'm just wondering why they have title "GM" when they are never actually seen in the game.
  3. Everything you said is correct, just, for this exact issue I can't see his role being relevant for fixing it in any way, or possible excuse for any delays in that process. Everyone here behaves like hes only employee in NCWest. It happens that I work in software development industry, and be sure that every company can easy bridge absence of any individual, from support (in our case here, staff that communicates directly with community which includes CM himself) over decision making chain to developers and testers. And this is why I'm skeptical, event tho lets say at this very moment I don't
  4. @Knaxxxi Didn't read discord, but does not matter 👍 @Backstabpuss Well BnS profit is going significantly down last 4 quarters but they made huge profit on Lineage M so they don't care. They wont do anything about it that's for sure, don't even bother complaining. Hope tags don't bother you guys, if they do tell me ill stop 🙃
  5. Here is "template" for all the crickets that want to send it: Hello, Last patch introduced following fix for the missing stones: "The number of Everwill Soul Evolution Stones has been increased from 1 to 2 for Soulboost Levels 30 and 34." Considering all characters that I'm playing have already claimed rewards for levels 30 and 34, would you be so kind to restore 2 x Everwill Soul Evolution Stones for the following characters: <list_your_character_names_here> Thanks in advance, The Cricket
  6. Its funny to observe community having to "cry" and "go rampart" on the forum for a month to get just part of fix done. Now maybe a month more for heart stones, a month more... Well your fault you was claiming rewards, no one was forcing you to press buttons... and please don't tag Mr. Dont Tagme @Green Storm ... ops...sorry.
  7. The number of Everwill Soul Evolution Stones has been increased from 1 to 2 for Soulboost Levels 30 and 34. So lets hope there is some automatic compensation for characters that already claimed levels 30 and 34. If not, guess tomorrow is the day when there will be a lot of support tickets written 🙂 Same issue is with heart upgrade stones, we are getting 7 only, why is that not fixed too?
  8. 👏 Missed this part first time reading, ok now this sounds like serious effort 😉
  9. About faction chat, its close to very bottom of my priorities to read it, but then considering im doing stuff on multiple characters i still spend quite some time looking at it every week. I have saw quite some people complaining about event because rewards and upgrades are bugged, but haven't saw anything in line of what you are saying. About forum, im pretty sure i have red at least briefly every single topic since Soul Boost is out, and there is't anything here what you are saying. Can't comment on your clan discord though 😉 From my point of view bottom line is, blaming things on players
  10. Well it's past 2AM Europe time, there is no announced maintenance, so it seems there will be none 🤡
  11. Lol, he sure will go silent when he will have nothing to tell to us. Problems we are facing and that people are complain about right now have nothing to do with community manager and can't be solved with communication on forums. Its a month now since people cant enter Den of Ancients, which is part of ongoing event. Its been a month now that people don't know what to do with upgrades from Soul Boost event considering amounts are bugged and no-one knows how they going to fix it, if they even will. All this are technical problems that would not get patched into game to start with by
  12. I have lived through couple generations of "old" players since 2016 and I have never saw any of them complaining about this kind of events that helps gearing up. Would you care to elaborate where you got to hear (read) this what you are claiming here?
  13. First I don't think this game is someones "world", I guess people are just bit angry that good game is getting ruined by bad management and getting form bad to worse for years now. And that is the case exclusively with NCWest, all other regions even if not perfect are doing at least some better. Compare us with RU, they was always more or less on same stage as us. Personally I did get info (that came form RU region interestingly ;)) in time and upgraded my heart in time, I'm just having fun pointing out how incompetent NCWest is. And to be honest, stopped caring long ago, just that little hope
  14. You keep telling us how it was better in our region and now its just getting same as everywhere else, which is not really correct. While we was struggling to get very rare sacred oils years ago, in KR it was literally raining, they was getting it as daily challenge completion reward. You just can't compare it the way you are doing it. Not to mention quality of service, performances of game, general effort and investment they are putting in KR region and ours region. If they want to treat us same, then they should treat us same in every aspect and invest in managing this region.
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