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  1. Because the shards are sellable I would also agree the orbs should be account bound at least. I have no real reason to play devils advocate with this one as other items that are similar are account bound.
  2. While I do like this comment, there is another side of it. The F2P players who aren’t willing to spend money to be able to even mail, or people who aren’t willing to buy premium if they enjoy the game, stating how P2W this game is. Recently they have been giving premium members more quality of life benefits that helps close the gap between the P2W aspects of the game. For the last 2 months premium members basically got 3 oils a month and F2P got one. This month F2P players basically get a pet pack and premium members get an oil and a pet pack, while also putting pet packs in the
  3. I in no means meant that was a good farming spot I was just trying to think of any source that could be a source for moonstones. As it is mostly PvP, I wanted to try and give a few other areas that they could be obtained. Trying to be of help can can be difficult at times. Without actually knowing the full extent of players knowledge on the game the most basic info get stated first, kind of like troubleshooting computer issues. Each player also have a different gaming style, I horde all my own mats m, and buy only a few things off the market. But some players will look at what d
  4. Moonstones are probably the hardest resource to “farm” as its prime source comes from 6v6. You otherwise only can really get them from dailies/weeklies challenges. Imo ToI took the place of SSP as it is an ok (not amazing) source for Soul Stones, Sacred Orb, and you can get some Elysian Orb. Once you get more geared (or figure out how to fight the npc) once every like 6 months you can get some moonstones (and evolve stones and Elysian Orbs) from the trial arena next to the ToI entrance. The forums could be an ok place to ask questions too, but depending on how questions are ph
  5. That is some really sad situation :( normally I don’t see many people carrying who joins as long as it isn’t a group for 1-6. I guess all I can say is keep trying, or could try forming a group too. I mainly play earth summoner so can’t speak for wind, if you are able to start saving to buy a sealed VT badge it would help out a lot, as I think that will be one of the first things people look at.
  6. That pouch should say something more along the line of “gives gem with a random stat” to help clarify. At the beginning of the game crafting was the only way to get diamonds so players just naturally knew it could produce different stats. It actually had like 5 different stats it could have (I remember evasion, defense, AP and additional damage). I haven’t actually tried to craft one sense so hopefully it only has the 2 stats. There are aspects of the game I feel haven’t been updated quite to match the new systems, one being also the price of hongmoon keys in the F10 another pla
  7. I always try to look at the event pouches not for their “rare drops” but for their mid tier drops. If the drop rate for Jewels/elements is good enough it will save me a lot of gold by the end of the event amongst all of my characters. It would be nice to have another cannon ball or fishing event where the “second currency” gave you better chances at nice items. But in the same turn I did like some of the last events double currencies like the blossom stages which got me a ton of dgs and oils, and the heart event which i just used the rng drops to upgrade alts soul for basically
  8. But it is asking for the value to be increased o the solar energy. The current “rate” that players are saying they will feel it is acceptable in the threads I have read is like 5-10. The thing is for a mat that you sell on the market that doesn’t correlate with their other prices. I already showed upgrade cost wise why obsidian isn’t as “solar energy” great as people seem to claim. So the other items come down to vintage pet (selling for like 80-90 gold per not super rare pet, but have chance at a penguine worth 0 gold) 60 solar energy, badges, old tier being one and done tho.
  9. I was trying to break down how much value a solar energy has for everything else. Solar energy “value” is low, for everything including obsidian as upgrades at higher tier are a lot more consuming of mats, that are currently used in a lot of different upgrades (and needing 25 to make a dyad). I was trying to take market value out of the equation and look at it from a development perspective, by having an actual gold value they will need to be put at a higher ratio then bound items (as can be seen in the value Of bids in dungeons for bound mats vs sealed). After a certain point solar energy
  10. The concept is to show what value each item has for the solar exchange. I can almost guarantee that the developers would have a set value for the solar energy. Obsidian requires increasing tiers of resources so for the average players the lower tier won’t have “value” but from development perspective all of these different items have value. There seems to be a multiplier between tiers of about three (looking at daily boxes and solar exchange for different tier rewards). This means that an obsidian going from octagonal to triangular would be from a tier system “value” system it would be 1,44
  11. Ok so they did change hexas to solar energy, but you can look at the next stage which takes 8 black stones to get an idea on upgrades too. 8 silver scales for next stage and 8 blue scales for next. Gem powders still are the only resources needed to upgrade gems. So I apologize for relating old info but later stages would still follow this concept.
  12. I was showing the difference of upgrading using only solar energy. The thing about gems vs obsidian gems is the upgrade cost. Regular gems to upgrade takes gem powder and only gem powders (and gold), where obsidian takes black stone (4 of them) and some SSC. So from a pure upgrade stand point the regular gems for that tier costed less (that was with reducing the solar energy for fragments down to 1). While black stones are easy to get, it is mainly to show the difference in upgrading. As you get farther up the obsidian ladder you can’t even upgrade with just using solar energy
  13. I will put this here to as it was part of another conversation regarding the gem powders price. ”If I had to take a guess on what players value most for their solar energy it would be badges (which is hard to put a true value on as it is a one and done situation) and obsidian gems. So I will use obsidian gems as my example. Pentas will be 10 solar energy after the update, so most people count it as 30 for a hexagon, but the difference between that and normal gems are the other material needed to upgrade it. Pentas take 4 black stones to go to hexa, the solar energy exchange woul
  14. I didn’t think to look up vt neck, but how it ended up working out for bt accesories. Is you basically buy a bound pts and you get the bound mats for free and a slightly reduce gold cost. As pts are slightly cheaper then sacred oil the cost of the dragon token would make sense. if you value sacred oils more the pts/bound mats then this special accessory event probably won’t be that appealing :(. The jewels are the major part of the event imo.
  15. It isn’t that we missed the point of the thread but more we don’t fully agree with it. In my case I don’t agree with it because the likely hood of them lowering it that far is astronomically unlikely based on the other value of products in the solar exchange. If I had to take a guess on what players value most for their solar energy it would be badges (which is hard to put a true value on as it is a one and done situation) and obsidian gems. So I will use obsidian gems as my example. Pentas will be 10 solar energy after the update, so most people count it as 30 for a hexagon, bu
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