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  1. Because the shards are sellable I would also agree the orbs should be account bound at least. I have no real reason to play devils advocate with this one as other items that are similar are account bound.
  2. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    While I do like this comment, there is another side of it. The F2P players who aren’t willing to spend money to be able to even mail, or people who aren’t willing to buy premium if they enjoy the game, stating how P2W this game is. Recently they have been giving premium members more quality of life benefits that helps close the gap between the P2W aspects of the game. For the last 2 months premium members basically got 3 oils a month and F2P got one. This month F2P players basically get a pet pack and premium members get an oil and a pet pack, while also putting pet packs in the daily dash (with the premium benefits I think a player could expect 4-6 pet packs). With the other bonuses that Premium gets it has been becoming increasingly easier to catch up. There are areas that still need to be improved on and I am in no means saying there aren’t P2W aspects in this game (specially in regards to 6v6), but how much difference should a Premium member get over a F2P player? And how much should be offered to those who want to put a bit more money into the game to make up for the players playing for free? There has definitely been a shift in gamers expectations. I largely blame the easy accessibility of free Mobil games, because if you can play games for free why would you pay to play games? Combined that with corporate greed/needing to please share holders I would say has made it harder for game developers to make the games how we would like them.
  3. I in no means meant that was a good farming spot I was just trying to think of any source that could be a source for moonstones. As it is mostly PvP, I wanted to try and give a few other areas that they could be obtained. Trying to be of help can can be difficult at times. Without actually knowing the full extent of players knowledge on the game the most basic info get stated first, kind of like troubleshooting computer issues. Each player also have a different gaming style, I horde all my own mats m, and buy only a few things off the market. But some players will look at what drops Elysian orbs, say they are about the same as moonstones so I can sell these and buy moonstones. Or look for best gold options as even if you can farm a mat, if you can farm the gold to buy the mat faster or more efficiently, then you are basically farming the mat.
  4. Moonstones are probably the hardest resource to “farm” as its prime source comes from 6v6. You otherwise only can really get them from dailies/weeklies challenges. Imo ToI took the place of SSP as it is an ok (not amazing) source for Soul Stones, Sacred Orb, and you can get some Elysian Orb. Once you get more geared (or figure out how to fight the npc) once every like 6 months you can get some moonstones (and evolve stones and Elysian Orbs) from the trial arena next to the ToI entrance. The forums could be an ok place to ask questions too, but depending on how questions are phrased or who sees it, you might not always get answers, but in general I have seen quite a few people trying to be helpful here. Finding a good clan/discord is also probably the best way to figure out info. Discord’s in general are just easier to relay information then chat in game.
  5. That is some really sad situation :( normally I don’t see many people carrying who joins as long as it isn’t a group for 1-6. I guess all I can say is keep trying, or could try forming a group too. I mainly play earth summoner so can’t speak for wind, if you are able to start saving to buy a sealed VT badge it would help out a lot, as I think that will be one of the first things people look at.
  6. That pouch should say something more along the line of “gives gem with a random stat” to help clarify. At the beginning of the game crafting was the only way to get diamonds so players just naturally knew it could produce different stats. It actually had like 5 different stats it could have (I remember evasion, defense, AP and additional damage). I haven’t actually tried to craft one sense so hopefully it only has the 2 stats. There are aspects of the game I feel haven’t been updated quite to match the new systems, one being also the price of hongmoon keys in the F10 another player mentioned in the past.
  7. I always try to look at the event pouches not for their “rare drops” but for their mid tier drops. If the drop rate for Jewels/elements is good enough it will save me a lot of gold by the end of the event amongst all of my characters. It would be nice to have another cannon ball or fishing event where the “second currency” gave you better chances at nice items. But in the same turn I did like some of the last events double currencies like the blossom stages which got me a ton of dgs and oils, and the heart event which i just used the rng drops to upgrade alts soul for basically nothing, or saved a few oils on my main (think I saved like 5 oils total).
  8. Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

    But it is asking for the value to be increased o the solar energy. The current “rate” that players are saying they will feel it is acceptable in the threads I have read is like 5-10. The thing is for a mat that you sell on the market that doesn’t correlate with their other prices. I already showed upgrade cost wise why obsidian isn’t as “solar energy” great as people seem to claim. So the other items come down to vintage pet (selling for like 80-90 gold per not super rare pet, but have chance at a penguine worth 0 gold) 60 solar energy, badges, old tier being one and done tho. Raid matts which looking at sealed hive queen hearts, which are going for 42 gold right now, a non sealed one imo is worth less then half of that in cost for “buying”, and those are priced at 30 solar energy. You have 1 mill XP charm at 50 tokens, values differ by player on xp but lookin at higher tiers of xp levels is like 400 mill (hm 20s if we are looking at gilded tris) that would be like 20k + solar energy per level up, and again not sellable or even character tradeable matt. And then keys, 20 for class specific weapon chest key, and like 5 for pvp chests. Hexagonal seems to be a higher preferred choice for you, but as the game have more ways to get heptas now even those can be ignored if you are willing to be patient (CS and hm if you can solo/outbid/get an honest moml group, daily dash, or event tokens), so if you are able to get these the gem powders would end up being the preferred choice over the hexagonal. The value just seems right for the gem powders right now with solar exchange based on the other mats and their value/benefit per upgrade. The only items you can get in a day-3 days of DCs are the super outdated materials, or the keys to chests you still need to earn, or XP which becomes a drop in the bucket really fast. There just needs to be more options to get said powders in game.
  9. Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

    I was trying to break down how much value a solar energy has for everything else. Solar energy “value” is low, for everything including obsidian as upgrades at higher tier are a lot more consuming of mats, that are currently used in a lot of different upgrades (and needing 25 to make a dyad). I was trying to take market value out of the equation and look at it from a development perspective, by having an actual gold value they will need to be put at a higher ratio then bound items (as can be seen in the value Of bids in dungeons for bound mats vs sealed). After a certain point solar energy becomes darn near pointless to players. You can’t get much for high end materials, so putting an item that is sellable into the solar exchange for high end players give some more use to them. That is why my arguments have always been focus on adding more sources that I think the developers might find reasonable. The orb bosses have a value already associated with their fight so the rewards should in theory be able to be higher for the difficulty. Mao while farmable, to obtain enough coins to buy said fragment/gem powders will be put at a point that would take a quite a bit of effort, it at the same time give people reason to keep doing her daily and adding more to the market. We both agree that they should be a supplement, but a lot of arguments have been to increase the value of solar energy then, for one item. I just don’t see them making the value for one item that high when comparing the materials in the solar exchange with what is needed for the upgrades.
  10. Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

    The concept is to show what value each item has for the solar exchange. I can almost guarantee that the developers would have a set value for the solar energy. Obsidian requires increasing tiers of resources so for the average players the lower tier won’t have “value” but from development perspective all of these different items have value. There seems to be a multiplier between tiers of about three (looking at daily boxes and solar exchange for different tier rewards). This means that an obsidian going from octagonal to triangular would be from a tier system “value” system it would be 1,449 blackstone fragments. Converted to solar energy I think it would end up being more then getting the gem powders to go from gilded triangle to square. the other reason I don’t think the development team won’t really decrease how many solar energy would be required is due to how you get solar energy. With it just being a part of the DC rewards the other value of mats need to be taken into account. While everyone value bound mats/materials differently the DC rewards are still one of the most valuable per time/effort in the game, even without factoring in solar energy. my suggestion in your thread was to try and get them placed in more areas. Kaari lord and HM as random drops as the rewards for using an orb should be greater then the first boss of CS. In Mao where there is currently nothing besides scales and the item for her currency. Where all other solo content has something to still cash in on once you pass that tiers need. DGS/XP charm/ obsidian gems.
  11. Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

    Ok so they did change hexas to solar energy, but you can look at the next stage which takes 8 black stones to get an idea on upgrades too. 8 silver scales for next stage and 8 blue scales for next. Gem powders still are the only resources needed to upgrade gems. So I apologize for relating old info but later stages would still follow this concept.
  12. Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

    I was showing the difference of upgrading using only solar energy. The thing about gems vs obsidian gems is the upgrade cost. Regular gems to upgrade takes gem powder and only gem powders (and gold), where obsidian takes black stone (4 of them) and some SSC. So from a pure upgrade stand point the regular gems for that tier costed less (that was with reducing the solar energy for fragments down to 1). While black stones are easy to get, it is mainly to show the difference in upgrading. As you get farther up the obsidian ladder you can’t even upgrade with just using solar energy as it takes to high grade of materials (blue scales). There should be more sources for gem powders, but looking at the rate they put items in for solar energy I don’t see them lowering it. Finding good places to add them else where I think would be the better course of action. i also haven’t looked at new upgrade cost and that was based on before update, I will double check upgrade cost quick XD
  13. Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

    I will put this here to as it was part of another conversation regarding the gem powders price. ”If I had to take a guess on what players value most for their solar energy it would be badges (which is hard to put a true value on as it is a one and done situation) and obsidian gems. So I will use obsidian gems as my example. Pentas will be 10 solar energy after the update, so most people count it as 30 for a hexagon, but the difference between that and normal gems are the other material needed to upgrade it. Pentas take 4 black stones to go to hexa, the solar energy exchange would value a fragment at 3 solar energy, which that I think is out dated so I will lower it down to 1. This means to get a hexagonal using only solar energy would then cost you 110 solar energy. If we compare that to hexa normal gem -> hepta using solar energy (buying hexa gems and gem powders). It would be 74 solar energies.”. There is more that was discussed in the topic about how they should add more alternatives. Solar energy is suppose to supplement. None of the prices are really great for solar energy when dissecting it.
  14. Dragon Token cost

    I didn’t think to look up vt neck, but how it ended up working out for bt accesories. Is you basically buy a bound pts and you get the bound mats for free and a slightly reduce gold cost. As pts are slightly cheaper then sacred oil the cost of the dragon token would make sense. if you value sacred oils more the pts/bound mats then this special accessory event probably won’t be that appealing :(. The jewels are the major part of the event imo.
  15. Price for Gem Powders Next Patch?

    It isn’t that we missed the point of the thread but more we don’t fully agree with it. In my case I don’t agree with it because the likely hood of them lowering it that far is astronomically unlikely based on the other value of products in the solar exchange. If I had to take a guess on what players value most for their solar energy it would be badges (which is hard to put a true value on as it is a one and done situation) and obsidian gems. So I will use obsidian gems as my example. Pentas will be 10 solar energy after the update, so most people count it as 30 for a hexagon, but the difference between that and normal gems are the other material needed to upgrade it. Pentas take 4 black stones to go to hexa, the solar energy exchange would value a fragment at 3 solar energy, which that I think is out dated so I will lower it down to 1. This means to get a hexagonal using only solar energy would then cost you 110 solar energy. If we compare that to hexa normal gem -> hepta using solar energy (buying hexa gems and gem powders). It would be 74 solar energies. Now you will and can argue no one in their right mind would buy the black stones, or maybe even hexas because there are to many better ways to obtain them, and you are right. But that is where I was getting too, the solar energy exchange is more of a supplement to other activities for upgrading gear. If we try and have them make it the main source, they won’t listen as they probably have a value figured out already for solar energy. So my suggestions is to try and give them different ideas on how to implement gem powders. Keeping into account that they are only used in gem upgrades and the only thing being used in gem upgrades aside from gold, this means that the supply should not equal that of items that are used in far higher quantities (and the game is F2P so need to keep time dink’s in the game).
  16. Obsidian gems (event+)

    With the next update you can buy them for 25 solar energy. Also Cyan mentioned that the merchant of wonder will be selling stacks of 5 for 25 gold... although didn’t mention if it was the Hard mode merchant, or the CS or HM merchant...
  17. Question about the new event

    The event is targeting hellion grade/BT accessories, but there are some benefits these can give to players who will be looking into going into TT/imperial accessories. As we get jewels for basically free we can upgrade these accessories to stage 10 a lot cheaper, and then break down the accessory to get the crux to make the first break through cheaper for the next tier accessory. It wasn’t always worth it before just due to how expensive jewels were if you weren’t planning on leveling it anyways. The BT accesories each take a pts per breakthrough (exact break through cost is the dragon scale mats + 20 raven feathers + 70/100g+ an accessory) and to go from stage 9->10 also takes a pristine oil (not sure if this will be reduced with the upgrade). I would of liked to to see it include higher tier accessories, but depending on the reduction to mats, this could be a prime time to get alts bracelets to stage 10.
  18. Summoner burr toss actually did similar when it first came out. Paused you in space for just a brief second when you used the skill. I would be all for that.
  19. Price for Gem Powders Next Patch?

    I think you missed the second paragraph of my comment. I didn’t say that having 1 source was good enough, I said for solar energy it is fine (meaning cost). The second paragraph was where I would like to see gem powders added more to the game. Put it in content that could use a bit more of a reward. Right now HM and Kaari lord don’t give enough for needing an orb vs just doing the daily for CS. These bosses I feel should have more added to them to give more benefit to needing an item to do part of a dungeon. The second area I think could use some additions to bring it in line with the other similar areas is Den of Ancient. Besides needing it for equipment, it has only blue scales as possible currency rewards. Adding them there at a slightly high cost (as it would be tradeable vs the other solo areas that only have bound materials) it would make it a non rng way to get it, but not be to easy / fast that people could max out gems to fast. I understand supply and demand, but the reason I said “chance” of lowering it is it will matter how many players deem the cost worth it in the end. Till players get their new dyad gar/obsidian they will probably be focusing on obsidians. After that there isn’t a large amount of things that imo are end game oriented (XP charm being the main one), so those end game players might decide to buy them to assist in their gem upgrades (lowering demand) or for gold (increasing supply), if that was to happen the prices won’t change over night due to the slow nature of it, but could in the end cause a change. Other factors like players hoarding for next obsidian upgrade and the possibility of more players upgrading there gems could alter this equation too.
  20. Obsidian gems (event+)

    With the next patch the cost for obsidian is going to be drastically decreased (as long as they don’t change transmutation costs). With being able to buy pentas at 10 solar energy, the ability to get high end obsidians becomes amazingly easier. This means when to get a gilded before equaled I believe 3kish solar energy, it is now I believe only going to be 800 some solar energy. I believe they also mentioned increase drops to dungeons that drop pentas? That could end up helping to depending on how much of an increase it is. An event to help with gems would be nice too, but I personally would like it to include garnets and maybe reduced upgrades for the regular gems too. It wouldn’t probably end up being huge reductions tho.
  21. Ring of reckoning is gone on Wednesday. So it is the MSP turtle. And they will most likely just add it to the daily quest associated with killing all three turtles. Probably just phrased it that way on the chart so people know which of the msp quests it would be attached too.
  22. Question about the new event

    ......ok need to say this, the cost for the scales, except for bracelet, is the exact same bound mats as if you were trying to break through normally. So depending on if it reduces all the bound mats to 0, the the cost to create these scales is actually 0 as you won’t be saving bound mats, or spending more to get the break through. It all depends on how much “greatly reduce” is. Say they just require the black stones / feathers along side these scales and the lucent accessory, and they reduce the gold cost to 0 then you would actually save 70/100 gold per break through transmuting these scales. Till we know what the cost with these scales are tho we can’t say how much better it is or isn’t then the normal route. One of the biggest parts of the events is really the Jewels, if they = our jewels then the cost for upgrading them if you get every jewel you can from daily dungeons would be 1,575 gold savings for players (figuring the 15 gold cost as everyone values bound mats differently). If you do have info on what the cost to do breakthrough using the scales that I didn’t notice I will retract my statement, but if we don’t have that info then we can’t even begin to call it absurd. Now there are some players who don’t do the break through for their equipment, and leave it at stage three (some being alts) now if players are planning to try and advance to say TT accesories, the break through without a blue crux is 4 pts, and quite a it of moonstone crystals and Elysian crystals and 350 gold.... so with not having to pay gold for jewels, and players able to use event currency to get basically a PTS, this could be a prime event for players to work on their raid accesories so they can continue into TT ones cheaper (depending on what the reduced cost of break through).
  23. Price for Gem Powders Next Patch?

    My 2 cents on this. For Solar energy I think it is fine, it is the main source then to transfer solar energy to gold. If we figure out everything just finishing DC gives us we actually already get quite a bit of “value” from it. Just having them in there has a chance of reducing the gold cost to get them, thus making them more avaliable for the average player to buy from the market. Solar energies have never been a fast source of gaining materials,. Instead of making solar energies cost cheaper where that would be the main choice for players, I think seeing powders being added else where would be a better use. Put in HM or Kaari Lord like Grimore suggested, or make it able to buy a a gem powder Fragment for like 20 Mao coins, currently Mao has nothing “special” after the equipment. 20th floor has XP charms, Outlaw Island has DGS, and CoS has Hepta Obsidians, each of them also have the respective scale for that tier. DoA only has the Necklace and scale.
  24. Garbage new event

    @Snowyamur I just wanted to point out a couple AP perspectives as you were saying 1000 - 1200 was mid gear. Just out of story characters should have 1100 + AP now depending on luck of slots they got in there weapon, mid gear players I would say would start at 1300 and VT badge now a days. I have a FM who I play probably less the an hour a day, haven’t given anything to from main, and she has 1300 AP, and a VT badge (bought with gold she got from Hm and CS). I got her to 60 during the blossom orb event, so at most 2 months of game play. During that time I have mainly done DCs and Hm/CS and moon refuge daily with her. She can easily clear stage three turtle. Events will always have different target audiences, the next event high gear players are “gated” out of some of the rewards because the jewels literally won’t work on the equipment we need to upgrade. I think that is fine, give players a chance to catch up, but if there are events like soul event/this event that literally higher gear players can’t take advantage of because the reductions stop before the tier of gear they could be working on, why shouldn’t the inverse be true where there might be a gate based on gear? As long as the “typical” event is for everyone I think variances to who can do the “special” event could be healthy, be more encouragement to work on gear other then always waiting for a reduction. There has been tons of threads talking about if the turtle was scaled correctly tho and both sides have their points. So I won’t push that argument again here.
  25. Shackle isl gives you 10 MSC per week if you are just doing one quick match a week (can take any where between one minute - 7 minutes if you are dying right away based on when you get in que). While not horrible, this doesn’t even cover the difference in one upgrade of accessory. Using the event currency for easy look up 35 EC are used, while 55 MSC are used, so if MSC was a players limiting factor before it would take 2 weeks to get the difference in EC and MSC if drop rate for those in PvE chests are equal. There are players who don’t have the computer/skill/mindset to farm in PvP fast. If you aren’t able to win your matches (which there is always one person who loses, so if you are not able to perform well in PvP for what ever reason this means you probably have a 50% win rate at best) it will be faster to farm gold/mats in dungeons. Just because you are able to doesn’t mean everyone will have the same luck, that would be similar to a PvE player saying farming Hong is easy, takes like 5-7 minutes per run. It is purely based on playing styles which way is best for each player. To be blunt, rng chests and trove aren’t bought for their bound mats, be cheaper to buy them off of the F10 when they come up. So rng chests should most likely not be affected by this hangar at all. Would you be able to give proof that in all game play styles EC is the least procured mat compared to the upgrade cost in equipment to make this claim? This means you would need to take into account the increased cost of MSC for upgrades, and also with a purely PvE perspective as well. I do agree with a base concept of you wanting to help pvp players, but to say this is negative for F2P players and most players in general I don’t see how it could be with current mats required for upgrades.