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  1. Now you feel superior because you are doing more than 500k and don't allow people come and talk(cry by what u said). I can see how these eliests ruined this game.
  2. Wardens cannot recover resilience by eating food. Also, not sure if the amount of recovery resilience by certain attacking skills is correct atm. Hopefully developers can double check it. Ty
  3. I see some people mentioning if I tried to join MSP 1-6. Mhm, I don't want MSP 1-6 at all. I only want to get the event rewards, I wouldn't make it even harder to look for a 1-6 group for just finishing daily. I actually ended up with not finishing MSP daily at the day. It really went too bad or I wouldn't come to here and posted a thread :(
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a summoner with Raven 3, purple badges and 1284AP and HM 15. I was just looking for a group for doing daily MSP and getting so frustrated. Nobody wants to group with me when onone saying any requirements when they formed the group. And some people kicked me right after they invited. I feel like this game is so hard to play and thinking of quit atm. I can't imagine how those returning players and new players deal with this. :(
  5. Can't fix ? Good joke. You think their developers are all noobs, do you?
  6. Do you want to say it's Windows 10 causing the problem? Even if it is, BnS still need to work on it. Just because it's a game on Windows . Anyway after the update, many players have been talking about this issue. The problem is there for sure. Though, some people may not realize it. That is to say, The problem doesn't necessarily happens on each fight.
  7. I just want to say that I am running the game on a 9900k+2080 PC and I still got my screen freezed for up to 5 seconds when I just soloed the last boss in Desolated Tomb. My PC was running perfect before the update . It's definitely not the problem of our PCs.
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