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  1. 4th Anniversary Festival: Patch Notes and Overview

    And hey don't forget about the useless event, hunter refuge thing! I mean it's for those 200-300 whales who are probably spending money on the game like mad! cater to them because they won't let anyone else even come close to the bosses inside! i mean such a well thought out event to help the players! make the rich whales even richer! and let the poor players be poor! it's not like the lower players need anything at all? they don't need the mats or the stones or gold or anything useful to get to better content! I think BnS is a good life simulator! Rich get richer poor get the measly random stuff which are not even useful in the long run like the triangular gem that are not even hongmoon! Kill the game with your own hands! :D At least the earlier events had things for lower as well as higher players! Now it seems like no one even cares anymore!
  2. @Nihilu yeah i know of those TOI, tried that and failed hard cause 300 ping and the enemies there seem to have unlimited cc and resist after the 6th rank. Also i have a clan and a discord but people are busy with work and i don't want to trouble them at every single step ofc. Also most people give the info that is obvious in some ways and can be found with most guides on youtube and stuff. So i agree people help but many times even they don't know beyond certain boundaries. Being helpful and actually helping someone are 2 different things. Also you wait 6 months to get 20-30 moonstones while stuff that is crafted needs tons. So say in 10 years i would have enough to craft a really good quality item?
  3. @LaraKelly thank you. Finally someone who understands how it should be. Thank god you said that cause i was thinking maybe i am going insane since no one seems to get my simple logic and everyone keeps telling me to google and research. (which i did btw and found nothing)
  4. @Astarae yup totally agree the place is filled with bots or whales farming 24x7 for soulstones who one ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ easily. I tried farming there for 2 days and collected 300pp in like 3 hours. I don't have amazing DPS but decent and still did not get enough time to get proper hits on the bosses or even the mobs around. I know things are broken and it's tough for game developers to fix but its sad how players also exploit stuff like mad. I mean even the game developers can only fix this much. And then they blame them for creating a system they could break so easily. Same thing happened in apex legends when it came out a popular youtuber was making videos which showed glitches and abuses for speed and stuff. And he said i want to get this info to the game developers so they fix it. I mean come on if you want to get info to the devs you can record or even type the glitch in 2 sentences and send it in their bug reports and suggestions or open a ticket. Why freaking lie. You want more views on youtube and twitch that's it. It's a never ending process i feel. People will keep doing this until they face it themselves.
  5. @Astarae do agree with a lot of stuff you said. As you can see in the chats above people keep telling ask on faction chat google and stuff. I googled how and where to farm moonstones not moonstone crystals but just moonstones multiple times went through 9 pages of google search and got nothing on them, since the people who know do not want to share the ifo since they farm and sell it themselves or maybe there is no way. Soulstone plains is broken too in many ways. Really awesome concept but broken cause the mega veterans farm there 24x7 with mega gear and 1 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ stuff and you get PP based on damage. But still i love the game it's really good and just want to see it grow and improve. With the right mindset by the publishers and devlopers, i think that could happen. @Kitsune Takahashi maybe i misunderstood about the comeback apologies for that. But point still remains that you think i would not have googled it or tried to ask in faction chat? i did and got no good responses cause the veterans don't have time to respond or don't care and the people farming like me don't have the info. Also i googles multiple times where to farm moonstones not crystals but just moonstones since i see people selling 400-900 together and idk how they get it or where since they don't share that info. Everything i found through google and other research was talking just about moonstone crystal and Mushin tower to farm it. Also it's not like i am asking info for free stuff i want to work hard and farm it. But my point is that inspite of constant search getting the correct info that you need is nearly impossible. Also faction chat half of the time starts with some info and then turns into a cuircus idk why. Only met a few people who actually message you privately and help you. And another thing i don't like getting help from people a lot, i like doing things on my own that is another reason is said information is key. A game is made for multiple demographics from all ages and all types of people who love talking to people who hate talking and solo playing and stuff and i know an MMO is supposed to be about multiplayer and teamwork but there are always smartly designed ways in games to cater to all those demographics, or at least in most MMOs and other games i have seen.
  6. @Deadly Intent totally agreed brother. I do agree this is a good way for some but when designing a game you are catering to all age groups and demographics from people who love to talk and play with others to people who like to play quietly or solo players, from 12 year olds to 30 year olds everyone needs to be thought of while making the game. Good game design gives the player a good chance to learn with the right information and does teach the player skill overtime but this is another style of game design i guess that NC, EA and other publishers have started following. I just feel sad that great games and ideas are being used like this while there are amazing exmaples where the players feedback is considered and respected and the game grows overtime. Warframe is one of the best exmaples, so many people i play me included earned so much without spending a dime in the game but it so well made in so many areas that i actually spent money to support the game and so did my friends. Give the players enough fun and respect them and they will respect you back for sure. Most of them at least,
  7. @MassiveEgo agreed i blundered but just curious as to whether anyone even gets the point i am trying to make. Why is that defense there in the pouch in the first place in a game where people are obsessed with ap to the point that they won't take anyone to raids and parties without certain ap. Also ofc it does not take even a minute but the question is i did not even think i needed to ask anyone cause i assumed and calculated it's result based on the information in the game. Just did not think that information is not updated as mentioned by @Nihilu who explained how the system was which makes perfect sense now why it is like this. @Kitsune Takahashi i said that to give you a better explanation of my point i was trying to make and ofc i do research but there is also something called as common sense stuff that you see. Do you ask everyone everything when you see something in real life. But i guess no point speaking to you since you wanted to put up a petty comeback rather than focus on the main issue like others. P.S Also if you are talking about guides then blade and soul might not be a good example cause it does not guide you through any process which is not a bad at all and you get to learn in your own ways which is an amazing experience.
  8. @LaraKelly it gives 1940 defense and if you don't equip it, it can be traded.
  9. I do agree @LilyFU but the square diamond is the max you can go with a diamond. No square honeymoon diamond is used to upgrade to any higher gem. I just feel sad that a game I respect and like treats players like this that's all. I agree also that we as a community need to help grow the game but when I opened a ticket they said it's intentional. Also how do you expect a game to grow when new players are treated with such traps. Also i did know the upgrade thing before crafting and crafted full well knowing that i am just putting my time and effort and gold into something that i do not intend to even upgrade further.
  10. @Grimoirsure then give me your id i will add you and ask you tons of quesitons? are you ready to help people to grow the game. FYI i did google it nothing came up. Google shows at max kerropi the youtuber or another 2 people explaining stuff and some random forums about people arguing. Btw beware add me and i will ask a question for everything that comes on screen. Cause with the logic of you guys that's how a game should work. Watch guides and do stuff right? Also i am not asking the percentage what i am asking is the information about the diamonds with 2 different stats. Every other place i see in the game you see the diamond with the AP. If the diamond with the defense is so important why is it not there in the transmute section i wonder xD So if only they put it in brackets or gave even a small hint. Idk maybe i live in the wrong world where i think correct information is supposed to be presented unless of course your purpose has been always to misdirect someone. Also just to clear to everyone i don't hate the game in fact i really like it else i would not waste time on it. This is not even a rant just a wondering that are the game developers/ncsoft also like politicians lying and trying to fool us while they try to take our money? I mean i will still like the game no matter what it has great things and different stuff but just wondering why are the gamers treated like idiots?
  11. @SayhaSeer so you are saying that it is my fault for spending time and not talking to people and not taking another hour of my time from the already 10 hours i give to this game chatting on faction chat for info? it's not about the AP btw also hongmoon gem ofc is the best one but the diamond hongmoon cannot be used it any upgrade after that so makes no difference. Also i have to ask now about every small emote int he game and anything that is there doubtful? when i ask people laugh and shrug me off. Usually whales So it's not about the gem altogether but about the information in the game and how I feel that pouch is there to just fool people. Yes ofc i should have done my research but there are things that are fairly obvious is it not? i mean when you see a cross sign on the top right or bottom right of a screen do you ask everyone if it's a button to exit before using it? @Kitsune Takahashi you did not understand the point. It's about giving the right information in the game to the player. if your bank did not tell you the right percentage of interest would you not be mad at them?
  12. I did hover the mouse of the pouch it does not specify that the 2 diamonds are different. This is the link to the image I took. https://imgur.com/qXRvTpP Tell me how by seeing this is a new player supposed to know that there is even a diamond with defense since it is nowhere to be seen in the game. Even the transmute one has AP on it. How is that clear information. I don't even mind the ridiculous farm needed to craft them but when you do work hard you get a useless thing for which people in the faction chat are laughing and telling I can never even sell this. I mean I have played hardcore tough games and stuff but the worst is when you are being made a fool out of and you are spending money on the game cause you like the combat and classes and stuff. I really want to support the game but this is not just about this case but constantly about many things in the game.
  13. Hey So i am playing Blade and soul and am a relatively new player. I spent money on a premium account and coins too for some event stuff. I really love and appreciate the game. But I spent a lot of time and gold into making a Glided Square Diamond Pouch from the radiant ring and got a defense one. It is outrageous and I am feeling betrayed and sad not because it turned out to be a defense but the cause of the time and gold I spent on it. I don't mind grinding and spending time but this feels like i am being made a fool of since that information is provided nowhere in the game that i could get one of those. I figured it would give a simple AP one like you see in the transmute section. I ofc understand that it has been made that way so people can't abuse it and farm tons of gold and stuff but what i have an issue with is that information is nowhere there. Hardcore gaming is something where you make mistakes and learn but this is just irritating now. I feel disrespected and feel like i wasted my time and money.