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  1. Please, I have so many and some of them, some look way cooler on other classes and I can't put a ticket in to have them transferred as they've been unsealed too long ago. They just sit in my f3 going to waste.
  2. I am a big +1 to the bring the transmute back, all these haunted coins and literally nothing to do with them.
  3. Also confirm Ctrl+G no longer hides Unity Visual effect for others or self, the Advanced Options say nothing of Unity Effects. How could have this been overlooked?
  4. I believe the 50 Polished Scales is too many for what it's worth, the Sacred Vial is 60 scales and as much as I want to upgrade my accessories, I see more value in the Sacred Vial with the price being so close, even more so with the Darkstorm Necklace costing 2 Dragon Tokens for a single upgrade. I expected this accessory focused event to be promising but it has soured on me, I would've jumped at it had the price been half at 25 but I don't expect a change in price to occur. I apologize if this seems silly but I just had to vent and get this out.
  5. You expect 20 dollars for this censor? As it is it's no different from the other pink sweater costume with stockings, Strange Allure, even that is pink but atleast it had the cleavage window, cmon ncsoft
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