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  1. New players

    Tbh this makes no sense especially when the OP asked for helpful tips. A veteran suggesting to skip blue quests could be seen as a helpful tip to them and possibly a new player.
  2. Wardens need to be reblanced in 6 vs 6 PVP

    I feel that will not be a good solution to remove their 2nd hp bar fully as that would only then cause another problem for wardens themselves since it would affect the class
  3. How to change fullscreen resolution in BnS

    Yea this has been known for a while now that changing resolution in game doesn't actually change it. Just like the fact fullscreen mode isn't really fullscreen, its just borderless
  4. update on housing and mount please

    Yea it seems like based on things they’re implementing with ue4 that they plan to make the game more open world
  5. no reason players kick my FM

    1.1k ap is actually very easy to get now, you shouldn't solely look at how much ap you have to determine if you can do a dungeon, some people (not all) actually care about your gear as well if not more than the ap you have since that shows more that you're making an effort to gear up
  6. New Player

    Blade and soul 2 is just a mobile game and it isn't a new story to it so it doesn't matter if you play blade and soul pc or mobile version
  7. I never said it couldn't be done, I told them why NCsoft will not do it because those are 2 different regions. They also gave an answer on this before and Jonathan said it will never happen when it was asked.
  8. It won’t happen because even though both NA and EU are run by the same company they’re still 2 different regions. So in the end it would be like making a character on KR server and asking to switch to NA/EU
  9. Yun Only Class

    I'm pretty sure if yun had a class only for themselves from the start no one would actually care that it's a female only race especially if it fit their lore. There are classes I don't play like destroyer for example simply because I don't like gon female and don't like playing as a male so to me someone refusing to play a class because it happens to be for a race that only has a female is no different from my situation. In my opinion if locking a class to yun is a problem then so should locking classes to only one race which is the same thing.
  10. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    What do you mean there is 0 info about it being true? It was confirmed by NC to be in development earlier this year. I have a feeling it will come around the time the game is updated to ue4 Also it won’t be a waste at all for them to bring it to consoles, consoles is a much bigger market than pc, no matter how bad it’s doing right now on pc it has potential to be successful if they can get it right on consoles
  11. Holiday Trove extension?

    This is like walking into a store and seeing an item you want on sale but you don’t have the money to get it so you ask the store to extend the sale on the item. I doubt they will really do this for one person because they don’t have the money
  12. Taking steps back.

    No that would be another bad move to do on their pair to make it like KR, which isn’t much better anyway. The reason why the game is failing now is for that exact reason, NCwest trying to follow the same model as other regions which just simply doesn’t work for our playerbase. KR and NA market are so different from each other, we do not like the same things so the best thing for them to do would be to cater to our playerbase and make changes based on what NA players like and not what other players like in other regions. However, if you meant as far as being on the same patch as KR then that will never happen, we will always be behind in patches due to them having to translate the patch and make sure it’s stable before releasing to other regions.

    This topic is from may, I’m pretty sure they figured out whether or not they can run it by now...