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  1. warrior or destroyer?

    what class should create my gon? kinda worrying about hp cost of warrior but can block as blademaster on destoryer enjoying grap and aerial combos but feel squishy
  2. i already created lyn summoner and named my cat Frysk anyway choosed those white dragon horns (or what it was) i watched some human asriel fanarts so decided kinda between andult and kid form can check ... idk if im close or not my lyn https://s22.postimg.cc/4ifauktj5/Appearance_Lyn_Male_180710_003.jpg human form asriel dreemurr
  3. lyn summoner? or bladedancer? idk how should customize my lyn and even if there is horns and fallen white ears there is fanart screenshot who dont know https://pm1.narvii.com/6312/2a1019e953c0bc3dd86445d21cd7cda19522650d_hq.jpg edit: idk why link dont prewiev a picture
  4. royal zen bean

    how to get royal zen bean without do pvp becouse i hate a pvp and im noob in it tried ran some matches but all i lost if it is only way so someone help me unlock hongmoon secret technique like you let me kill you in 1v1 i want this fire pentagram draw stance becouse im pure fire bm
  5. is this legal?

    play video at 1:31 [removed video] can i use jinsoyun mod pls?
  6. Server Freeze and DC

  7. Server Freeze and DC

  8. BnS Characters

    one word why i play as female ... BOOBS
  9. Server Freeze and DC

    guys heard or know a word PATIENCE?
  10. Server Freeze and DC

    DDOS? anyway lol:
  11. EU mass crash?

    DDOS attack?
  12. Server Freeze and DC

    account authentication failure so im banned with no reason? ok i go play elsword then... LOL JUST KIDDING XD but rly i cant login
  13. playable jinsoyun please?

    someone give me download link of jinsoyun appearance preset please? !!!!!NO MOD!!!!!
  14. someone give me link for download character apperentice what look like npc someone like master hong jinsoyun or hajoon pls?