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  1. asura... freeze and after fix boss death but me too great thrall... freeze and after fix boss death but noticed i had like 2% hp so barely survived the keeper... like 5 fps the templar... boss died before my loading screen finished 64 bit bns client with ctrl f and low end pc 30 fps in open world 10 fps in dungeon freeze in raid what cheap cpu and gpu you recommende me? realized im useless even on raven king so i uinstalled bns and hope for ue4 or finally let me my parents buy new pc
  2. should delete and recreate her or save 1k golds for apprentice change voucher? this character is around 5 years old (around when act 4 was final story) please who have really accurate preset of jinsoyun then share to me i just want roleplay https://imgur.com/a/fL7Uhcs how long take save 1k?
  3. i wanted create sin until i watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEdia1zC1Pk so i pass play him
  4. hate sometimes crimson community im allways kicked out from chat from WTT LFP spammers NA community is alot better on my opinion but my 100 ms jumpted to 300 ms
  5. what is a different? new skill tree?
  6. new class new patch new contents... its logically that jinsoyun server will be unstable few days / weeks what you waited? wanted warden / warrior early? there you go... bugs and lags so be patient please
  7. @Stacey Banks https://s22.postimg.cc/5bihs0go1/400.jpg why it cost me 400? i never bought a free char slot
  8. i checked hongmoon store and my character slot vouncher cost 400 https://s22.postimg.cc/5bihs0go1/400.jpg
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