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    Wow, I haven't played this game since May, it's been a long time but saw this and got so happy. I've been missing BnS but with all these issues I knew it was time to move on but I'll definitely come back if performance improves with UE4.
  2. Blade & Soul Player Base

    I haven't played this game in a while but I agree, one thing I really think they should do is bring the game to steam but only when and if ue4 comes (hopefully optimization is better). I have friends that simply won't touch the game because it isn't on steam so I know many other people are the same way.
  3. Console release date

    Not true, it’s already been confirmed numerous times by kr and na that the game is coming to console. NA talked about it briefly on stream late last year ( I believe in December) that console launch was planned to come 2019. I assume it will happen sometime after ue4 release so it could’ve been pushed back to early 2020.
  4. She’s tall in heavens mandate too. It could be that they make her taller when she’s a boss though that probably isn’t it since poharan doesn’t change sizes. She probably just has near or fully maxed out height including leg length sliders and such.
  5. Fps in game

    The game is far more cpu intensive than gpu so that should be the main focus first and then decide on a gpu, though you still should get a decent gpu as well.
  6. mature game?

    The news only care about ratings lol so of course everything will be negative since that’s what gets them the most views.
  7. Name release

    It would be nice if NC could release an official statement on this because all before they were stating that founder pack reserved names wouldn’t be available unless they’re now changing up their rules
  8. Name release

    I’m aware that you can get them but I was talking about the releasing of names by NC without someone having to request the name first. No one should ever be allowed to get founder pack names, they showed their support for the game by spending money before it even launched without knowing how things would go. NC also stated they would not release founder pack names. If you want a name that a founder pack user has then just add a symbol or something.
  9. Name release

    Definitely not, people bought founders pack to reserve their name for a reason, I don’t care how long that person is inactive for they should not lose their name because they paid to have it. As long as it’s non founder pack users and NC sends an email to warn the person to log in or otherwise their name will become available then I’ll support releasing names on inactive accounts.
  10. Yes we’re getting the update. No one knows when we will get the update so all we can do is make guesses. Speculation is that it may come to our region in september and kr in june.
  11. New class Archer. LOOKS GOOD! :O

    I think it’s about time for a new race as well. Would be great to get a new race with the archer class. The lycandi would’ve been a great race to add because they use bows but of course with a whole different look since they’re just jins with ears and tails. Maybe they could also just add the option to have ears and tails too for the other races.
  12. Tbh there would be no way to stop someone from kicking you so you can’t get loot. If they really don’t want you to have any loot they can bypass it by just kicking you before the final boss fight or after the boss is killed before picking up the loot. I don’t know I’m kind of neutral on this but open to trying it. Btw even though I have played games that had a vote kick option, none of those games had a community as toxic as bns so things could go much more different here.
  13. Did you try going to the location of the file, deleting it and then repairing the game?
  14. Is Having the Old Producer a Good Thing?

    According to some others that were around since closed beta, jonathan was better and more active overall with the community. I'd have to agree with that for now since I wasn't around for the previous producer. The old producer doesn't have social media so it might be tough to ask questions and get clarification on things now. I also read some positive things about him too though so I guess I'll have to wait and see. I doubt that much will change.
  15. Upgrade the cpu and aim for 16 gb ram. If you can then also push for a gtx 1060 but the main priority is to upgrade the cpu. As far as loading times, get an ssd.
  16. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    I literally quoted you, go back and read your own words. You're telling me I'm twisting your words when you just twisted mine, I didn't say YOU were calling people out for not spending money, I said "whales." The rest I won't even quote because it's completely irrelevant to what I directed towards you. Also way to use insults ("Grow up") because I disagree with what you said instead of having a civil discussion.
  17. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    I saw this and couldn't help but think of why you're turning this into a victim situation? At least I get that vibe from reading this section in particular. "Whales" call themselves whales and even brag about being one. Not to mention "whales" also berate those who are f2p or don't spend as much money. There isn't a clear victim on either side.
  18. Unreal Engine 4

    The mobile version is also using ue4. But as stated above it could be good or bad depending on how the devs do. I’ve played about 2 games that updated from ue3 to 4 and the difference in graphics was noticeable. The character models looked more high quality, stuff like rain looked more realistic and actually gleamed on the character, shadows and lightning looked better overall, things looked more sharper and a few other stuff improved. As far as performance like fps, spikes, ping, I didn’t notice much of a difference, it did feel a bit smoother to play than before but both games also already had good optimization before the update. BnS could be different.
  19. Whoever told you that was trolling. Sums aren’t even a difficult match up. People only joke about not liking lyns. Either way regardless of what someone says I wouldn’t let them stop me from playing any class that I enjoy.
  20. New players

    Tbh this makes no sense especially when the OP asked for helpful tips. A veteran suggesting to skip blue quests could be seen as a helpful tip to them and possibly a new player.
  21. Wardens need to be reblanced in 6 vs 6 PVP

    I feel that will not be a good solution to remove their 2nd hp bar fully as that would only then cause another problem for wardens themselves since it would affect the class
  22. How to change fullscreen resolution in BnS

    Yea this has been known for a while now that changing resolution in game doesn't actually change it. Just like the fact fullscreen mode isn't really fullscreen, its just borderless
  23. update on housing and mount please

    Yea it seems like based on things they’re implementing with ue4 that they plan to make the game more open world
  24. no reason players kick my FM

    1.1k ap is actually very easy to get now, you shouldn't solely look at how much ap you have to determine if you can do a dungeon, some people (not all) actually care about your gear as well if not more than the ap you have since that shows more that you're making an effort to gear up