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  1. In certain occasions Dungeons drop absolutely Nothing, Nada, Zero i want to believe this is not intended and its an error due the new loot table for Easy mode.
  2. hold on i am no cheater and running clean install of bns nor have i installed any 3rd party tools f5 works fine here neverthaless F5 doesnt run on the same server as the game and it can be modified by staff maybe is a region issue because ive had no issue since maintenace.
  3. i was expecting dead like a private servers for whales and playground for cheaters. 🙂
  4. i mean cause of the changes from NA and KR when in KR if you end the story quest ( same chapter as ours ) you get TB6 weapon if im not wrong i dont remember but in NA we have GC+6 in the story due dungeon nerfs in our region.
  5. our Story (NA) ends on GC+6 weapon and the event is Thronbreaker Weapon Breakthrough Chest - Stage 7 Snowball 100 1 per Account Silversteel Weapon Breakthrough Chest - Stage 1 Snowball 100 1 per Account Silversteel Weapon Material Chest - Stage 1 Snowball 140 1 per Account Silversteel Weapon Material Chest - Stage 3 Snowball 140 1 per Account ?????????????? or were patch notes just translated cause this doesnt make any sense.
  6. Do not go to ebon realm and get the weapon. That weapon canot be evolved is stuck at stage 5 and it comes with limited gem slots ( you cant unlock more ). So what i recomend it is to Redo that character or wait for a calm to arms to gear it up casue boy they are stuck there unless you take wait for the c2a or remake the character or spend unnecessary amounts of gold and resources to upgrade. As you can see no Evolve tab and 4 gem slots what a joke.
  7. they outrage cause "WHY PEOPLE MUST PROGRESS WHILE I WHALE" mostly the mentality of these people.
  8. why do you defend them so much the game is not doing great and you live in a lie that you call balanced is not balanced 1 upgrade cost you more than 1 day of grinding and dont get me started with accesories. why this game should become a second job. Clearly you have a NA mentality "making it easier to catch up? No communism in my game"
  9. who cares about if they gave hp nerf to na and eu is old content and + you save in localization people already stuck on gc cause no one does Scarlet consevatory + is 500 gold to get the badge or be lucky on rng from CoS so your meme does not apply balanced since when this game has been balanced? it clearly goes all the way into the whale side.
  10. old content that is not updated with upgrade cost reduction moving from storm or exalted is 285g and 90 somethingif you go the over pve path + premium stones + empy stones op is right you are stuck with storm dragon cause stupid localization issues and the fact that nc just forgets about old content At least let me salvage my storm dragon or exalted weapon to gc3
  11. we were supposed to get TB weapon and more powerfull gear from story. Why are you crippling the NA playerbase like this?
  12. wow really crying over pve stuff?
  13. i played during that time and the dungeon was not that hard and + UE4 messed up some visuals making mechs more harder to do.
  14. its an event if it's not fun why bother. and it is not fun takes too long and ue4 mess some visual/mech like the third boss you cant see anything he cast waste of time better just open the lamps ez silversteel box and you can farm the BSC outfits from the 24man and 6 man dungeons.
  15. nope i though that too at first but that wasnt the issue i was using "load from cloud settings" and that corrupted the file i mentioned above
  16. solved it: had to go to drive e c f or where ever windows is installed went to users your profile then to local then BNSR saved config then delete Gameuserconfig and is back now.
  17. this is what happens. Also happens on my Dual blade account this didnt happen until today's update.
  18. Bug you can see the achievements in overview but when you go to skills section theres nothing and i think more are bugged out cause i cant see anything in the crafting section either * i repaired client * i have no mods * deleted client config
  19. just hand everyone 7days premium and wait for next main to fix things This is for the event box being locked for non premium users
  20. i knew it at least ill save em for an alt almost finished the event :V anyways
  21. @Hime i have the 2 celestial accs boxes sitting in my inventory meaning i already opened those 2 specific CTA boxes will these be replaced too? ( the accs boxes )
  22. * Shadow quality is affecting game performance by a ton the game doesnt need soft shadows just hard cast em and do not add any aliasing to soft em due distance. Also what is going on why the cpu suage and gpu sage is so low yet low performance.
  23. how do you enter the pin without the text let me know by message pls
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