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  1. where was that posted i look at general on maintenance notes nothing in there says what you posted my bad i guess.
  2. Contact support for your missing stuff. no notification if people who completed the SB will get their missing stuff back so i guess is every man/woman for him/her-self at this point contact support or let it be gone.
  3. if you do not have a maxed out character do ot buy a class change just do the current soul boost event poharan SS is stronger than than SS SS
  4. teh twitch thing not the the one on f10 is fine but the one from twitch like the mats make no sense even new players wont use them cause they can use solar tokens to enhance GC and TB weapon and plus we have soul boost event right now was just asking.
  5. just to check up cause um...um.... i dont wanna sound ungratefull but Nobody uses those materials tho.🤨
  6. Dont get me wrong or greedy but theres still issues with the SB event like: Wrong items provided to upgrade from TB to SS: wrong number of empy stones, premium Transformation stones, for some reason we are getting the craftable ones and 1 empy stone. We are getting blue Ascension boxes at later levels something that doesnt make any sense unless yellow or orange ones were supposed to be there. overall some incorrect items for our region.
  7. you can claim all the 14 and when you need em on X char use x amount if its missing some.
  8. you know what if feels like it feels like if someone saw the mess left and let the new people deal with the mess and new people have no idea what to do
  9. wings now have broken physics
  10. Are we getting the items supposed to be in the soul boost in the mail, f10 or do i have to contact support?
  11. Can we have this T pose as a pose in the character creation because is a pain in the butt to customize female gon and yun
  12. tbh i hoped for the dev teams to use Bns 2 assets game looks better than bns 1 hands down but yes KR management on NA is bad its like they want it to fail and move on hope that happens.
  13. yep already at lvl 65 of the sb and there are missing stones and i dont want to spend 3k x2 for the next tier.
  14. we will get everything kr has atm but its gonna take so dam long until we get the village lets say gunner third spec will come around june then the rest we will prolly get it at fall at that time the game in na will be gone
  15. so 3 weeks into the event and wasnt a known issue yap im done with this bs and sorry you have to deal with all of this man
  16. still stuck with incomplete soul and missing items to enhance silversteel accs cmon i know na has to ask for fixes like these to KR but geeez if fixes are slow
  17. @Green StormDo you have any news regarding soul boost changes or fixes i guess you guys already have a list of whats wrong and missing 😀
  18. @HimeThanks for these 9 years best wishes in your future.
  19. In certain occasions Dungeons drop absolutely Nothing, Nada, Zero i want to believe this is not intended and its an error due the new loot table for Easy mode.
  20. hold on i am no cheater and running clean install of bns nor have i installed any 3rd party tools f5 works fine here neverthaless F5 doesnt run on the same server as the game and it can be modified by staff maybe is a region issue because ive had no issue since maintenace.
  21. i was expecting dead like a private servers for whales and playground for cheaters. 🙂
  22. i mean cause of the changes from NA and KR when in KR if you end the story quest ( same chapter as ours ) you get TB6 weapon if im not wrong i dont remember but in NA we have GC+6 in the story due dungeon nerfs in our region.
  23. our Story (NA) ends on GC+6 weapon and the event is Thronbreaker Weapon Breakthrough Chest - Stage 7 Snowball 100 1 per Account Silversteel Weapon Breakthrough Chest - Stage 1 Snowball 100 1 per Account Silversteel Weapon Material Chest - Stage 1 Snowball 140 1 per Account Silversteel Weapon Material Chest - Stage 3 Snowball 140 1 per Account ?????????????? or were patch notes just translated cause this doesnt make any sense.
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