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  1. stop putting content and optimize the game
  2. Russian Patch comparison

    for when the implementation of the new graphic engine?
  3. this game will not survive only with the whales, if there are no average players and only the whales are left, 2 months or 3 and they leave, with that we say goodbye to the server, thinking is good, healthy and free. What I see is that this company wants to extract more juice from an orange that has already been squeezed. Do you want to raise? put each and every one of the costumes of the game in the f10 and put a high price (3000 coins) and I assure you that they will raise more than they are doing now. Do you want to continue with the roulette theme? perfect, but give reasons for people to invest and do not poach so for the floor the chanse to get something good, they would have to give thanks that for the moment there was not a program to see the% of the coffers etc because otherwise they would have broken. think and if you do not give them to think, ask for help
  4. Server Consolidation — May 1

    do not waste time, they do not care if we like it or not, they never did anything seriously thinking about making up most of the players
  5. I do not want to offend anyone but I notice that there is something very particular lately in the trove and in the boxes with random prizes. the accessories are increasingly ugly and the rates to get more or less decent are increasingly low .... my imagination or very bad sales strategy? because I think the strategy is to sell a good product at a good price to attract more buyers of that product .... I do not know, but I hope this improves because the truth is getting worse.
  6. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    this game was always like that, it's not new, what they would have to bother is the little gain that is put at the time of doing events, rewards and others. These games are not designed for players with few resources (in the game) or casual, this game was always thought for people who spend a huge amount of time and people who contribute money, but again, what they would have to bother is that each Once they do something, it is poor, vase and with dead content. Expect more of this company is to continue believing in Santa Claus, realize the little real maintenance that the game has: 3.5 hours once a week and never real improvement, every day is worse. Let's be honest, we're just in this game because we're nostalgic and since everything nostalgic you can not ask for more than what you already give, do not be fooled
  7. I have in my account more than 150 costumes in total and it has been more than 1 year that I have been seeing the same costumes being added, changing only the color or textures, I think and I think it would be better to bring old costumes than to put a same suit model with 2315641 colors or some changed textures, that way those in charge of designing those suits, have time to design something new and not continue doing what was done with the: resolution, prime time, revolution and some how many more. for all this, I think it's better to rotate more often and bring old suits since we played long ago, we are realizing what they are doing with the costumes
  8. to me there are only 2 suits that I would like, one is old, it is called "Transcendence" and the other is one that did not arrive at these places "Black Temptation" https://i2.wp.com/bns.mmo-fashion.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/2015/09/bladeandsoul-transcendence-gon-female.jpg http://static.inven.co.kr/image_2011/site_image/bns/dataninfo/dress/90022f_22.jpg
  9. I am one of the people who like this game not because of the game itself, but because of the graphic, I love putting together suits to such an extent that my progress in terms of team is backward and very active in the game but this happens through my biggest taste in the game that are the suits, but this at times is disappointing because I see that having outfits available so good, do not put them in trove or events and are recycling the base of old outfits. all this is accompanied by a doubt. because instead of recycling used things, we do not put old outfits and use the recycling time to do different things? the suit called Black Temptation is a good example of old suits that could be used instead of changing the color and some details to suits already recycled at other times. I leave you an image of this suit and I hope you have more in mind these things. Thanks so much for reading http://static.inven.co.kr/image_2011/site_image/bns/dataninfo/dress/90022f_22.jpg
  10. It's normal that things like this happen ... I play on this server since it opened, from the first day and what I can say about what's happening until today, is that every time, the events are focused more on exploiting the playing time of people with a minimum of real reward. boys we are not naive, for us this is a game, for them it is not, we do not complain, we all know how we use our time, this is a vice and almost no vice is free. Do events bother you? not partisans of them, which does not mean that this is a hoax for the most naive or credulous who think they are going to give something humble
  11. You can not trust anyone

    I deeply appreciate that the problem arises, I act in very good faith and what happened happened. agradesco of heart the resolution. I love the game and what happened I am very frustrated and that they can solve it is a great joy. thanks game staff
  12. You can not trust anyone

    Could someone explain why the name of a scammer is not allowed? it is as if the scam in itself is allowed given that you can not prevent other people from the evil action before someone who acts in good faith, it is my humble to understand that this is indirectly an invitation to the devilish acts with only the condition of not be seen or not be reported effectively. Which brings me to another question. given the lack or almost nonexistence of administrators present in the game. Is it wrong for players to defend ourselves by publishing the names of crooks, thieves, etc? I would like a coherent answer given that this is not handled by garden children, this is handled by adult people. I hope a quick response, I apologize if I offended someone, if I offended it I think that because I said what it is, thank you very much for reading and I hope I can solve this and that it serves to prevent others, after all, the purpose of a game it's having fun and not dealing with frustration because of other people's evils.
  13. in advance I apologize if you do not understand well, English is not my native language. Last night I saw a person who bought badges by faction, I was given to ask him if he sold trove keys, he answered that yes, after agreeing the price I give him the gold and I hope he sends me the keys, not only he did not do it but He insulted and said he did it. I believe that if you can not trust people to act in good faith and be allowed to act in a malicious way, there will come a time when you will not be able to do anything outside of the clans and with a lot of time already put inside it because we're going to think that everyone is going to steal from us and the truth, then we can not complain if they steal from us, that is, if we allow it because it is not the one who is stolen, when first hand, we do not complain ... by the way this happened on the server Zulia [content moderated]
  14. New Outfit Dye System

    I think that they are not using the business they have in their hands as they could, after all that is a business, if all the attire could be modified, I think it would cost more in coins than in the absurd way in which it is proposed by the At the moment, I think and it is my humble opinion that they should not have put the possibility of changing the colors and others without first thinking about it. that's the view of a businessman, now that of a player. I am to collect suits, I like more than equip and others and the truth, several of these premium suits are unpleasant and I am not the only one so the idea of which would have to be those that can be modified or do not think they would have that the players give it by means of voting and not in this way ... as I wrote a few lines back ... this is my humble point of view