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  1. watching the videos that are already on what is bns with ue4, my doubt is if it is going to have to start from scratch once this list this update, because if so, moving forward does not have a logical sense. I would like a timely response, that is: YES, we must start from scratch. NO, do not start from scratch. From already thank you very much
  2. Are they playing or what?

    It only happened to me in these last 3 days and at that same time for almost 40 minutes, I usually play without problems, my doubt is due to the fact that it is 3 days already and at the same time
  3. I am quite annoying, it is the third day that at 6:35 pm EST, the server is with a basic ping of 340ms being still, in a dungeon it reaches 500 or so and it is not just me, talking with others I they said the same. If they are fixing something or watching adult videos, at least announce, but the players are going to be bald so we throw the hairs of hate to the lag. Please respond and not in a tone from sensitive princess.
  4. Sunfire Outfit Selection Chest

    you with your "ideas" constantly irritate us and nothing happens to you Why do you put as a selection costumes that can be obtained in the event npc that is about to end the fishing? Thinking is good and free, I recommend you do it, do not go foolish or pretend to take players for fools, that box of selection of suit is a silly and a tease, a little serious. if they have no ideas, it is better not to do anything before doing silly things and irritate people, I say ... if they care what players think ... are they worried?
  5. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    With claps on the shoulder and saying "I understand you" we didn't solve anything. as I said before this is something old
  6. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    no offense, not directly, but it would be good if they change jobs ... each supposed update brings new problems, it is not understood if they grab, put things and whatever comes out or are really clumsy to the point of hanging who have a stump for hand, people and forgive the language give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about 2 days of premium. Why don't people look for people who can do what you do wrong with each attempt? I am sure that this game is going to get ahead safely if it is carried by people who like the game and not by a couple of monkeys who only go to work to fulfill hours. I hope they don't get offended, not too much, but they deserve every reproach they make and in the tone that they do. work well or do not work and look for other people, they are not qualified
  7. I don't understand why they waste time complaining, they never worried about optimizing the game, they are only spoiled in p2w chest, trove events. where the players complain a lot, already calm, we will give them 5 days VIP and an ugly suit that would not sell it even for free. I think you just have to show the ncsoft that we are in this game for very specific things, which are not new, it is something that another game, from another company sees us the same or similar but with a good optimization. Remember and always keep in mind, for them we are a simple number, we give them money or not, only that interests them, why, it is something that has them without care. all these problems are not new
  8. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    This game is the product of a company, as if it were a taxi company, you do not like its price or the car, you are free to look for another one. I think that is the attitude they are taking, all the problems mentioned and others are old, they are not new. there are people who love this game, I am one of those, I play this game for years now, not only this server and something I notice in this game, it is given in all the servers, they do not fix anything definitively, the game today today someone could play it with a grapple by hand, the maps, that to say of the maps ... space occupied of unnecessary way since those that are acargo of the game decided to dedicate this to only 3/6 maps (a total penalty) they lose time putting suits that are recycled garbage, do not respect the tastes according to the region (the lyn of crap in almost tooda new class, the lyn warden ... a lyn that stole the sword to a bm) returning to the costumes, the players spend some very long hours in shaping their character, but the people in charge of the game think they are urologists and create costumes that deform the characters, the trove, each one that goes away more disappointing than the previous one, stop making trove , put the items in the f10 at a high price and already, let d and frustrate the players
  9. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    This will end up being like the story of the boy who looked after the sheep and to have fun he shouted: wolf. they all ran ... when the wolf came nobody believed him and ate it haha. If they continue like this, sooner or later, this will happen, those who keep the game will not believe them anymore, they will tire of their little imagination to diversify the game and they will leave. Do not think it's impossible, look how many games have already died because they did not know how to handle their own problems. No game survives only because of the longing of those who follow it, keep in mind that
  10. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    First of all I apologize if it is not understood very well since English is not my native language, I depend on an online translator. I find myself somewhat disappointed when reading the producer's letter. I love this game, I give it 35% of my total time, so I expect a lot from it. but for my misfortune I see little interest in the part of what is your group or company or whatever you want to call it, it is still using bases of existing suits to make "new", there is very little done to prevent the game from dying in the F8 (except now with the subject of the fish) but the worst thing is that when reading the producer's letter, I find that it is no longer sure that this year the oldest problem that the game has is resolved. lost many players, which is the graphic engine change. I do not know if you are not interested or very interested in them, but I think that should be the first thing on your agenda and not a class that is more or less like throwing balloons while the house burns, I always say Thinking is free. I would like to ask those who really handle the future of the game. How long do you think you will live this game if you still have the same problem that players can not solve (combination of different PC components and third-party programs) and with the same scheme that only the total routine points to? I would love to read a coherent answer and I repeat, I am using an online translator, be excused if there is something that is not well understood. Thank you for reading.
  11. Blade & Soul: Scarlet Tears Arrives May 15

    stop putting content and optimize the game
  12. Russian Patch comparison

    for when the implementation of the new graphic engine?
  13. this game will not survive only with the whales, if there are no average players and only the whales are left, 2 months or 3 and they leave, with that we say goodbye to the server, thinking is good, healthy and free. What I see is that this company wants to extract more juice from an orange that has already been squeezed. Do you want to raise? put each and every one of the costumes of the game in the f10 and put a high price (3000 coins) and I assure you that they will raise more than they are doing now. Do you want to continue with the roulette theme? perfect, but give reasons for people to invest and do not poach so for the floor the chanse to get something good, they would have to give thanks that for the moment there was not a program to see the% of the coffers etc because otherwise they would have broken. think and if you do not give them to think, ask for help
  14. Server Consolidation — May 1

    do not waste time, they do not care if we like it or not, they never did anything seriously thinking about making up most of the players
  15. I do not want to offend anyone but I notice that there is something very particular lately in the trove and in the boxes with random prizes. the accessories are increasingly ugly and the rates to get more or less decent are increasingly low .... my imagination or very bad sales strategy? because I think the strategy is to sell a good product at a good price to attract more buyers of that product .... I do not know, but I hope this improves because the truth is getting worse.