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  1. @Hime or anyone else Are you aware everyone in top ranks in pve and pvp are using xml cheats? Is this how you want your game to be and die? WHY are there people still able to play this game while they are abusing 3rd party softwares for YEARS. Make an example, ban these people FINALLY.
  2. Don't stop there, all the cosmetics should be available from the achievement vendor or clothing vendor. The droprates are extremely low still while it is dead content.
  3. Try the 32 bit client, it is usually much faster than the 64 bit, only downside to the 32 bit is a lot of people can not play the game without crashing in more crowded places.
  4. Your post made me laugh and cry at the same time, I love what Blade and Soul was and could be, not what it is today thanks to greedy devs and publishers with no passion for the game only for our money.
  5. This game has such great combat system, amazing dungeons/pve and possible skill based pvp, great story, many things to hoard it just has 1 problem its Publisher doesn't care enough about it and only seems interested in milking us. Like thousands of others I'm not motivated to login anymore, there is no point the game won't change it's repeative milking course. :(
  6. Nice list :) There is a bug since launch (yes lol) that sometimes puts your camera 180 degrees wrong way from your target after using assassins swiftstep (daze cc)
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