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  1. Update to the admiral outfit box

    It would be great if Wilting Flower and the Secretkeeper set would come back as well
  2. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    @NorbertTheOpinionated You want that people read your text, but you didn't read mine aha. To sum up: - 90% of the actual (one shot) mechs already got removed and nerfed to the ground - Just don't stay in dark, dangerous looking areas helps in like 9/10 cases - DST is indeed crappy in a low gear f8 group - Learn from your mistakes, use your rezz charms, watch guides Oh and I did all these dungeons/bosses with low gear back then and we were able to clear it and besides low dps we had to do the actual, now removed, mechs :o Not gonna waste more time with this, have a good day sir o/
  3. From bad to worse

    I don't want to be rude, but you think "grinding" for bt gear nowadays is hard? The raid takes 10-20 minutes and the accs are mostly free for all since no one needs them. Also you got awakened 1 accs and a gc weapon for free from the event. And heavens mandate and cold storage are dungeons for a group of 6 players, so just go with a group until you can easy solo it.
  4. For soulbadges I agree, it's stupid that there are no infos about the effects on the boxes. But just ask someone which of the old ones is the best for your class. The other parts well...just learn to read tbh. In the patchnotes you can read where the entrance for ebon realm is or just ask in faction chat. And if an item says "remnant" of course you will need it for the "remnant event". So don't blame others, if you don't read things.
  5. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    Oh this is what you call mechanics? :D Most of your examples are "don't stay in that dark or glowing, dangerous looking area mechs" lol. - Tbh if someone isn't able to jump 1x in BC or jump 1-2x and get the right symbol in hall of the templar the death is justified xD - If you try to be op and fight the VT stone adds alone with low DPS and don't wait for your group, it's your own fault. But no big deal at all anyways, just press 4 and get back to the group - Acrimors do only damage nowadays. Back then they were hard and had one shot mechs, but they were nerfed to the ground - If you do Hivequeen, most raid leaders even tell the group to stun - If people in Throne of Oblivion can't stop their DPS for 10 seconds they deserve to wipe - The Outlaw Island flares should be skippable even with storygear+raven 3 - Mao is basically running all the time around her and the only real mech is to destroy her shield, so you have to remember 2 colours for the cc You know that almost everything you mentioned had at their release REAL mechanics? BC boss 1 for example? It was often really hard in F8 groups and nowadays it's just pewpew and DON'T block the orbs, so the boss go "enrage" and do like 10k dmg. They already nerfed everything to the ground and many oneshot mechs from back then now only do dmg. Basically the only mech left is "dont stay in/go away from areas" xD And they already removed many of them, for example BC boss 2 after the driving phase. And now the remaining 5% of mechs should also be removed? If they would only do dmg, you can pretty much ignore them. Maybe you die one or two times in these areas, if you are new, but I think the next time you will be able to remember this and won't stay there again. Also you can always ask or watch a guide on youtube. (Sure most of them are outdated, because they contain the actual mechs, which are gone from Easymode.) The only real problem is DST with a low DPS group, because people nowadays are just too bad to do the mechs, that we had to do a year ago always in every group. So nc should really nerf this, so they can just dps it without a carry. But everything else no. If you stay in these areas it's your own fault. Wait until the area is gone, use your reviving charm and learn from your mistake, whats the big deal? Btw apparently you are really good in remembering all of NCsoft's mechs, if you can give that many examples, so you should be able to avoid them, or not? :D
  6. You can buy them in F5 for 230g. I don't know if this is really worth xD
  7. I can't remember that I had a merchant between december and last patch and now I get one like every day (I do 2 cs and hm runs every day). So I noticed this issue too^^
  8. EL dungeon boss stats got buffed

    I think I noticed the same. I did the dungeon 2 weeks ago on a raven 700k alt just for fun and yesterday with a TT gear 1.3 Mio alt and it felt like the fights lasted the same time. I'm not 100% sure tho, because I didn't checked the fight time, so I might be wrong^^ But you can "cheese" the first boss, if you use instant a rezz charm after the 2nd bomb in the 2nd phase and attack her again. She won't reset, if you are fast enough and you can continue the fight.
  9. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    You don't have to do any mechs in easy mode, how is this too hard? In most dungeons you actually force the boss to do his "wipe" mech, which doesn't wipe, so you can braidead DPS the boss down faster. Only the tank has to do a bit more in some dungeons, but these are easy things as well.
  10. And this minimum can be reached with like story gear + maybe raven 3. So a TT Gear party should kill the boss in 4-6 minutes. Even if you make mistakes there is still enough time to clear the boss. If you are often dead, use revitalizers. You can also use them in combat, so put them in your shortcut bar and if you get a weapon reset their cooldown gets resetted too. Also you could skill some points in HP + HP regeneration. And try to learn the boss pattern, so you can avoid or iframe attacks. You don't have to do any mechs anymore, your only job is to survive and do more DPS than a story gear char. I think you can do this.
  11. Well you saw my calculation? Everyone needs to do ~338k DPS in a group with 6 persons to beat the enrage timer. With 1.7k you should do 1-2 Mio DPS depending on your class and if you maxed your accs or sitting on stage 3. Even with highping you should do more than 338k.
  12. You said your problem is, that you don't get into parties. Nobody knows your ping, so that makes no sense xD Also why is it important what gear the other persons had to find a party? You can look them up on BNSTree btw. The FM had ET gear and the Destro TT gear + Wingsong 3, the other ones had event gear and the fight only lasted about 3 minutes. The enrage timer is 10 minutes so HP / 600 sec = 2.030.000 Group DPS -> ~338k per Person to clear this. Should be doable ;D And almost nobody plays with perfect conditions in BNS Just an advice: If you want to boost your AP a bit, because that's sadly the most important stat in F8, you can farm triangular gems (and gem hammers) in Moon Refuge. You can't upgrade them, but they are totally enough for the current content.
  13. Remnants useless without box?

    Where you can exchange DOA/raid token for more than 1:1? :o I only see the option to exchange them for 1 Call to Arms Token. Or 20/80/120 Call to Arms Token for DOA/raid token, but not vice versa.
  14. Skills in Auto-Combat

    Hm maybe you can disable the skill in K? So the char can't use it anymore, if you're auto-farming
  15. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    Hi, could you please add the 1vs1 pvp token for Call to Arms Tokens too? Or atleast we don't have to win the match to get the tokens? :'D