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  1. I see. That's sad and kinda lazy I guess.
  2. Last time I've run dungeons was when the astromancer was released and back then the dungeon list was as always, but today I went to F8 and I'm kinda confused. What happened to The Shadowmoore, Ransacked Treasury, Dreamsong Theatre, the dungeon with the pink blob boss etc? 😮
  3. This. They removed the gold and a few months later they add it back and you guys praise them for their hard work? Seriously? 3 steps back and 1 step forward isn't exactly that good. Please think about it.
  4. Well everyone knows you here Grimoir, so I will keep it short, because to argue with you is kinda pointless tbh. I don't think it motivates players to play more, if everything in game is frustrating. Even to get a little stupid purple breakthrough item for the actual legendary item is just pain. The last days I've done 20+ H0 runs and 0 purple gloves dropped and I need 2. Now I just want to give it up than wasting more time. If they want us to play the game it should feel rewarding and not time wasting. Just add the breakthrough items/weapons for cores or outlaw island coins, so we do'nt have to count on rng but still have to play the game for it. Yeah I do the same on my main, but this time I wanted to send over a suncatcher glove from my main to my alt since I don't need the cores anymore and you can't buy the glove for outlaw island coins, so I had to farm new breakthrough items.
  5. No sadly not. Back then you got a chest from the dynamic quest with a chance for the weapon but they removed the chest years ago and forgot about the weapon I guess. I also checked all merchants but nobody sells it
  6. Yes please increase the droprate. Whats wrong about a 100% droprate for a weapon chest + 1 of the breakthrough items (for example in H0 are 2) in dungeons? It's so annoying when you have no luck at all and have to farm days for the stupid breakthrough item/weapon. Or just add them to the tower merchant for 1 yunsang prayer beads/ 1 outlaw island coin. Please. Back then when the Hollows Heart Glove was new I had to do like 50 SSM runs for the breakthrough item after I farmed the 100 HH runs for the legendary glove and I had to pay 200g for the SSM breakthrough glove. Today you also have to pay sometimes 20-40g after you finally dropped the breakthrough item/weapon and someone else want it as well if you are unlucky. I don't believe anything will happen, but do something. Also to increase the cores for the accs is so annoying. To run a dungeon 100x is already boring enough but 300x? At least we can get most accs now in outlaw island which is really great. You should add the legendary glove of H0 btw. tldr: Higher or maybe even 100% droprate for breakthrough items + weapons or add them to the tower merchant please.
  7. Just stay at the edge of the map and make sure no monkey is behind you. Walk the whole time a few steps from left to right and right to left to dodge the attacks and if you get the mark no bomb can come from behind. It's pretty easy to block this way imo Also you can use movementspeed abilities to dodge easier for example your ss, hm block, soulfighter HP buff etc.
  8. Some classes can use skills, which are on the ground over time, that make other characters to wince or something. You don't get damage, if you stand in them, but your character does an animation. I heard this can stop your char from fishing and if you take off your weapon and pet it won't happen. I'm not sure, if this is true or just a rumour, but I always take my gear off for fishing just in case :D
  9. Really weird o.O I just did DST - WC - BC and suddenly part 2 was finished :'D so yeah I guess the dungeons in the quest list are actually other dungeons and we have to guess and try which one xD Someone else mentioned a similar bug for the weekly quests with the dungeon runs. But for part 1 idk what to do :'D
  10. Hello, I wanted to do the Know Thine Enemy quests on my Astromancer but there are several bugs. Part 1: You have to kill 200 Moon Refuge mobs -> I already did the daily quest (collecting 30 bane stones) 3x and the Know Thine Enemy quest mob counter is still at 0/200. I killed mobs in all 5 areas and collected stones there, but yeah still 0/200. Part 2: Often boss kills don't count for the quest and you have to do the dungeons several times until the quest gets updated -> I did one run SSM and killed Volberus but the quest still said I had to kill this boss. I did another run and then it counted. Afterwards Hollows Heart worked and the boss counted after the first time. Next I did Drowning Deeps 2x and still no boss count -> I logged off and today without running the dungeon again the boss counted and was updated to RT. Then I killed Amara 2x and the quest didn't updated. Anyone else got these problems? Pretty annoying
  11. It would be great if Wilting Flower and the Secretkeeper set would come back as well
  12. @NorbertTheOpinionated You want that people read your text, but you didn't read mine aha. To sum up: - 90% of the actual (one shot) mechs already got removed and nerfed to the ground - Just don't stay in dark, dangerous looking areas helps in like 9/10 cases - DST is indeed crappy in a low gear f8 group - Learn from your mistakes, use your rezz charms, watch guides Oh and I did all these dungeons/bosses with low gear back then and we were able to clear it and besides low dps we had to do the actual, now removed, mechs :o Not gonna waste more time with this, have a good day sir o/
  13. I don't want to be rude, but you think "grinding" for bt gear nowadays is hard? The raid takes 10-20 minutes and the accs are mostly free for all since no one needs them. Also you got awakened 1 accs and a gc weapon for free from the event. And heavens mandate and cold storage are dungeons for a group of 6 players, so just go with a group until you can easy solo it.
  14. For soulbadges I agree, it's stupid that there are no infos about the effects on the boxes. But just ask someone which of the old ones is the best for your class. The other parts well...just learn to read tbh. In the patchnotes you can read where the entrance for ebon realm is or just ask in faction chat. And if an item says "remnant" of course you will need it for the "remnant event". So don't blame others, if you don't read things.
  15. Oh this is what you call mechanics? :D Most of your examples are "don't stay in that dark or glowing, dangerous looking area mechs" lol. - Tbh if someone isn't able to jump 1x in BC or jump 1-2x and get the right symbol in hall of the templar the death is justified xD - If you try to be op and fight the VT stone adds alone with low DPS and don't wait for your group, it's your own fault. But no big deal at all anyways, just press 4 and get back to the group - Acrimors do only damage nowadays. Back then they were hard and had one shot mechs, but they were nerfed to the ground - If you do Hivequeen, most raid leaders even tell the group to stun - If people in Throne of Oblivion can't stop their DPS for 10 seconds they deserve to wipe - The Outlaw Island flares should be skippable even with storygear+raven 3 - Mao is basically running all the time around her and the only real mech is to destroy her shield, so you have to remember 2 colours for the cc You know that almost everything you mentioned had at their release REAL mechanics? BC boss 1 for example? It was often really hard in F8 groups and nowadays it's just pewpew and DON'T block the orbs, so the boss go "enrage" and do like 10k dmg. They already nerfed everything to the ground and many oneshot mechs from back then now only do dmg. Basically the only mech left is "dont stay in/go away from areas" xD And they already removed many of them, for example BC boss 2 after the driving phase. And now the remaining 5% of mechs should also be removed? If they would only do dmg, you can pretty much ignore them. Maybe you die one or two times in these areas, if you are new, but I think the next time you will be able to remember this and won't stay there again. Also you can always ask or watch a guide on youtube. (Sure most of them are outdated, because they contain the actual mechs, which are gone from Easymode.) The only real problem is DST with a low DPS group, because people nowadays are just too bad to do the mechs, that we had to do a year ago always in every group. So nc should really nerf this, so they can just dps it without a carry. But everything else no. If you stay in these areas it's your own fault. Wait until the area is gone, use your reviving charm and learn from your mistake, whats the big deal? Btw apparently you are really good in remembering all of NCsoft's mechs, if you can give that many examples, so you should be able to avoid them, or not? :D
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