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  1. I know they won't change anything :D there were so many posts about this topic and all of them just vanished in the forum xD I've made an own post some time ago, which is just one of them:
  2. And whats with the rest of the week? xD Also why shouldn't we get more options? You don't have to use them. Personally I would rather farming at one of those places, than borring, lagging MSP.
  3. did you see?

    Still the same bad hair animation/physics :D
  4. next event vial price?? :D

    So no answer and in the stream it was the same amount. Sad, but as I wrote, I don't expect anything anymore :D Probably I invested more time in writing this post, than the team, who designed this event but at least I don't have to feel like I will miss out many oils when I take a break
  5. The event isn't "for whales only", but it's just not worth. So jippi skippi :D
  6. What do you think about the humor in this game?

    Tbh most of what I read in the faction chat is not my type of humor xD for example you can read often things like "looking for rich sugar daddy/ hot rich girl/grilfriend" "grils send nudes" "wtb nudes" etc. or last night some "funny" troll was spamming the chat with "take me in your bt group, you don't like me because I am a lyn" or something and he was lvl 27 and obviously an alt. Don't get why it's funny to spam this for like 10 minutes xD Maybe some people think this is funny, but when I read things like this I just close the faction chat and block persons, who are really annoying :D
  7. About Soul and Cost Reduction

    Why should they give you something back? And nowadays we can be really happy, if it's actually a reduction and not a rebalance :')
  8. next event vial price?? :D

    Hi, just checked the patch notes and I hope the event "is NOT working as intended" xD 1 vial will cost 83 event token ok and currently 1 vial costs 79 token, so ok no big difference, but hmmmm lets compare: At the current event we get 36 tokens from the weekly + 3 from daily dungeon+ 4 from moon refuge + 3 from login reward (with premium), so 85 a week without login reward (106 with). So 1 vial a week for your main, nice. And 1 vial every two weeks on alts, if you do 2x weekly + 2x moon refuge/take some login ones, also nice. Next event we will get 12(!) tokens from the weekly + 3 from daily challenge + 7 from daily fishing + 3? (no confirmed amount yet, but probably 3) from login reward (with premium), so 82 a week without login reward (probably 103 with). So not even 1 vial a week for your main without login ones and NO on your alts at all in the whole event, even if you do 1 month of weekly challenges. You will get 48 for 4 weeklies, thats a bit more than half an oil :D There is like no point in doing weeklies on your alts for event currency, if you can't even get 1 oil at all xD ALSO the 7 token from fishing hmmmm...you will need 12600 pearls each day for 7 event tokens. You can get around ~30k pearls a day with normal auto baits and thats are 150g and 12 hours of fishing, so you need ~ 60g and 5 hours (roughly calculated, not the actual math) for 7 event tokens and this each day? We need to spend around 420g + 35 hours fishing each week to get all fishing token + weekly + daily every day + 1 from login for 1(!) oil? You can't be serious with that :D If you don't do the fishing at all and take most of the login ones you will get 1 vial ~every 2 weeks on your main and thats it, so ~ 2 vials in the whole event (with premium :D), maybe 3 if you do a little bit fishing. I don't expect anything from nc anymore and I know patchnotes can change (but mostly negative ninja nerfes lol :D), but wtf? Is this really working as intended? @Cyan Or did I overlooked something? (I don't think we will get like 30 tokens from login reward xD)
  9. Please buff all bosses in the game

    Oh I'm sorry, my bad. Your names are nearly the same lol xD I'm et geared and also join those trains and I have to do the full botany phase at least one time each week
  10. Please buff all bosses in the game

    Ok? :D Well then maybe you shouldn't join those 1.8k-1.9k AP elitist weekly trains? Join someone with 1k-1.1k AP and I can tell you there will be mostly low geared twinks and new players and you will see many phases :D
  11. Can there be a return of Dreadtide Weapons?

    Still waiting for a return of the dreadtide weapons :') Still checking the market several times a day and still no sword at all. Please let us buy them for an amount of dreadtide tags or something. I know there is like 0 hope, but yeah *push* :D @Cyan
  12. That's why you should always type your bid manually, can't happen then
  13. Grandmaster's cache chest

    I don't get why people buy RNG boxes/trove keys and throw money at this company, just to complain afterwards. Its always like this in the forum and on reddit xD bad RNG in this game is nothing new, it's sad yes, but you don't see that they don't care/ won't change anything? And of course they make cosmetics this rare, because it's the main reason for many players to buy boxes/ trove keys. :D I bought 20 hm coin boxes and got the skin yay, but because of the bad performance of this game it kills my 10-20 fps even more, so it will be forever in f3. I agree that it's super bad that you can no longer exchange the tokens for oils. I mean that was the main reason I saved my hm coins for. But well what are you expecting from RNG and nc? You mean 5 or 50? Because when you only buy 5 boxes you expect to get something really rare? And 4 oils out of 5 boxes would be extremely good :D
  14. RNG Box

    It's ridiculous to give this company such an amount of money And you act like bad rng boxes/trove/trove 2.0 etc. is something new and now you are suprised? In the end it's rng. I bought 20 hm coins boxes and got the weapon skin :) but can't even use it, because the effects kill my 10 fps even more