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  1. I lost 1/3 of my damage overnight. Please fix this with haste. I'm quitting full stop if this continues as it is. Thanks!
  2. NCSOFT... y'all gotta do something about this stupid bracelet. The drop rate of this thing is ABYSMAL. I've done easily 50 runs over the last few months and seen AT MOST one of them. There is no reason I should have to spend so much time farming garbage tier, outdated dungeons to upgrade my ENDGAME BRACELET. It is asinine that this is still the case. I need easily 4 of them across my account, so at this rate I'll have all of my bracelets upgraded in... 2022 maybe? Please for the love of god look into this, because there's no good reason why it should be this way.
  3. NC gets their fair share of negativity thrown at them for some of their practices and events, so I figured I would send some praise their way and give credit where credit is due. This event is a GREAT event, especially for new players. The armory box does a good job of introducing various upgrade systems to new players and gives great rewards for new players, people creating alts, or for returning players. Making the content accessible to EVERYONE is an AMAZING change. This is exactly the type of thing NCWEST needs to be doing going forward. I think this easy mode needs to stay as
  4. As of the latest patch, occasionally if I am playing for a long stretch of time, the game will suddenly just completely, for lack of a better term, ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ a brick. It lags so badly that even the ping meter can't even tell me my ping. Events in game come in spurts, with a few mobs running and some attacks going off followed by 10s of seconds of nothing moving. I can't see anyone else moving and nobody can see me moving. This exact same thing has happened to another friend of mine as well. My roomate playing at the exact same time has 0 connection issues while this is happening, and restarti
  5. Previously, if you used any sort of resist over frost sheath (fire FM V), the other resist would take precedence over sheath. Now, sheath seems to take precedence over everything else, including hongmoon block, ranged bubbles, whatever. This was not in any of the patch notes from what I recall and I would think that this was not an intentional change.
  6. Hello, Posting this here so that it's got some traceability and in hopes that the issue can be brought to light. Ever since the last major patch (before 1/22), I've been having an issue where sometimes on a fresh client start, my ping will be AWFUL. My ping is normally 100-150; when this happens it will jump around 200-600+. Game is completely unplayable. It will be like this no matter how long I play. As soon as I restart my client, my ping will be normal again, reasonably low and stable. I do not think this is an issue with my internet connection. I have gigabit fiber
  7. Just admit you flubbed it and accidentally banned people because you were too incompetent to check the location of the people using it. It's so disingenuous to say "some people" when I personally know of DOZENS of people that have been wrongly banned, and I don't even really play the game so... really curious to hear the actual false positive rate.
  8. That is a good theory, but I’d almost extend it to all client mods period. I know my DFM uses several BnSBuddy client mods to help with FPS and QoL changes, as does most of the community. NCSOFT has said themselves they don’t plan to ban people for bnsbuddy so that connection never occurred to me.
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