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    Bug Reports

    Why is it that actual bugs that NA players find in the game, never get sent to Korea and fixed, bugs only get fixed once KR players use it in KR servers then they fix it and we eventually get it. For example Slingblade spec for 3rd Des when it came out, people on NA/EU found it out, people used it then on KR and they got it patched, then we got it patched. Frost Burst on Ice FM going through Beluga lagoon iframes(ex. Horn sealing, and 2 Bubble) patched on Korea then months after NA. 3rd Spec assassin C iframe spec, having too long of iframe getting horns for free and causing chaos,
  2. Hey its that time of the year again, Reminders that this outfit has never been on rotation or trove or rng box in the whole 4+ years this game has been out. What better time to put it in rotation than now when there is a lyn only class that just released? :) also put in the other lyn only outfit, the Pinky Bear(F) and Baby Blue Gear(M) that was only in rotation 1st month of launch
  3. Can we not have ANOTHER week of no clan bonus , please and we definitely did clan battleground. im sure Homra isnt the only one :worryback:
  4. By the time the new class comes out, will we be able to use Sealing Fragments on the Silver Steel Accessories Stage 10 or higher? I'm asking for a friend.
  5. Cool so basically you lied to me, and i screwed the pooch for playing the game, good to know how players are treated.
  6. Can i atleast have then take the mats from me back and put me up thru PVE path again...? cause my weapon is still mythical meaning i cant go thru PVE path which is the path i intended to do u could of just taken silversteel ore from people that had enough to go thru the intended path instead of forcing them to go up Raid path which is also more expensive... either give me my fusion stones back or give me back my silversteel 6... because you made it so i cant go up PVE path
  7. its not the matter of learning hard modes to get psyches. the the matter of challenge mode being the only source of getting grand psyches of their dungeon, and never being able to max it unless your rank 1 for all 3 season IF YOUR LUCKY. We did not have this in the past, we had this from weekly raids like skybreak spire, and vortex temple. im refering to Korea having the option of master chests from dynamic rewards of DUNGEONS. you run the mode before it would be faster to run it in easy mode for the daily than normal mode for solo players. if you s
  8. There are a couple of nice changes that would be a nice addition to the game that is already in other regions. 1) addition of Grand psyches of corresponding bosses instead of only acquiring them from their challenge mode token. 1a) and adding current hard mode psyches into the loot table of normal mode so lower geared people have some kind of psyches to be applied to their gear instead of never able to fill those slots unless it’s outdated content 1b) instead adding for example fusion stones or jaechung energies obtainable with challenge mode tokens for thos
  9. Let's also not forget how some groups in NA and EU, went to BT of any other raid 1st, to smuggle in Excellent Elixir of Madness, AND go into Hangar 0 to smuggle in a Chocolate Delight, which shouldn't technically be accessible in the Steel breaker.
  10. Killing these adds are impossible, change my mind.
  11. Dear NCWest, As a person who plays Blade and Soul on the daily, please mitigate heartache that not just I have but everyone. Please make it so the Elder scale fragments in Easy mode Cathedra Cliffs less painful. All we ask for is the 1 random Elder scale fragment that drops randomly, be a Full Elder Scale(Elder scale fragment x20). Same thing with Hangar 0. Sincerely, A Video Gamer P.S. This is not a meme.
  12. Please put Red Glasses as a today's special for just one day i want to finally be fashionable lyn.
  13. ima just drop this instead of repeating myself https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/es0g7p/blade_souls_4th_anniversary_festival_patch_notes/ff7gt13?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/538784277?t=0h19m14s There are reports of people getting banned after/during doing ET boss 3, Can we get a petition to separate NA and EU servers because this is ridiculous , getting punished for doing PvE content as intended.
  15. :hahayes: Another week of no Challenger Orb Fragments from doing 12 Weekly Challenges.
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