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  1. Let's also not forget how some groups in NA and EU, went to BT of any other raid 1st, to smuggle in Excellent Elixir of Madness, AND go into Hangar 0 to smuggle in a Chocolate Delight, which shouldn't technically be accessible in the Steel breaker.
  2. Killing these adds are impossible, change my mind.
  3. Dear NCWest, As a person who plays Blade and Soul on the daily, please mitigate heartache that not just I have but everyone. Please make it so the Elder scale fragments in Easy mode Cathedra Cliffs less painful. All we ask for is the 1 random Elder scale fragment that drops randomly, be a Full Elder Scale(Elder scale fragment x20). Same thing with Hangar 0. Sincerely, A Video Gamer P.S. This is not a meme.
  4. Outfits in f10

    Please put Red Glasses as a today's special for just one day i want to finally be fashionable lyn.
  5. Stream VS Patch notes

    ima just drop this instead of repeating myself
  6. There are reports of people getting banned after/during doing ET boss 3, Can we get a petition to separate NA and EU servers because this is ridiculous , getting punished for doing PvE content as intended.
  7. Suggestion For Challenge mode

    :hahayes: Another week of no Challenger Orb Fragments from doing 12 Weekly Challenges.
  8. Suggestion For Challenge mode

    The same way easy mode is to practice hard mode mechanics, there should be a way to practice challenge mode. Take PVP for example that has season rewards behind it, and there is a spar practice option , and in 6v6 a practice match that helps you get better. I don't see why competitive PvE shouldn't have a way to practice to learn to rank higher.
  9. Suggestion For Challenge mode

    This does not help learn how to get extra bonus points from challenge mode aside from theory crafting, then wasting orb fragments.
  10. Currently in Cathedra Cliffs Challenge mode it is really hard to learn how to get bonus points from the boss, let alone actually running it because the fragments are only from the weekly challenge. On top of that in Cathedra Cliffs Challenge mode, it introduces ice puddles and a shock wave from the bow Ayanka throws, and the only way to practice the movement and dodging the ice puddles and shock waves, is spending Challenger orb fragments. There should be a way to practice challenge mode outside of just running it in hard mode because it doesn't reflect the actual mechanics of the fight. Maybe implement a Practice Challenger Orb purchasable in the dragon express, for a really reduced price to be able to spend the time to learn the fight with the newly implemented obstacles. If a Practice Challenger Orb was used have it reduce the total score by 100k, so that way it is physically impossible to get ranking on the challenge mode so that way u can gauge how well you are doing, unless you use one of the real orbs that you get from the Weekly Challenge. People that are looking for this challenge are running into the hurdle of having to spend more than 1,000 gold per attempt to fail in 30 seconds of pulling the boss.