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  1. @HimeI could have sworn if we were signed up for the newsletter you were giving people one free copy of dark omen outfit. This has yet to be seen and I'm wondering where it is. Can we get more details on this please.
  2. Hello @Hime the weapon in call to arms after thornbreaker stage 4 asks for premium stones instead of premium stone crystals. Please rush this to the team asap I fear new players may quit right away over this. So anything you can do asap would be appreciated by both me and all the rest doing event. Thank you for your work Hime.
  3. Hello @Hime, I am wondering how we will be able to get this outfit set after Wonder Merchant is removed from the game. Could it be added to Kiyeon the achievement merchant for fabric cost or something so that players still have the chance to complete it. I for one really like the Oath Token hair in this set and am really disappointed that I will not be able to get it on future characters I am currently making for UE4. I'm sure I am not the only one who will miss this set and will be sad there is no other method to get it. Can you talk to the team and see if they can make it available by s
  4. @HimeI have an important question. I want to know if the silversteel ring/earring from call to arms will be in account bound boxes like the ones that drop in the raid or if it's going to be character bound. I think this info would help a lot of players decide who to do the event on if they are choosing an alt to do it on. Can you get back to us and let us know, I think not only me but the community would benefit from this info to make a wise choice regarding event.
  5. yeah i'm frankly getting sick of this too i still have yet to get the 1ncoin outfit and i thought i had another week of boxes and chances to get it.... guess rng boxes weren't selling like hot cakes so they had to put gem boxes in to really hook the whale credit cards swiping. gotta go where the money is....
  6. yeah that pretty much sums it up the people don't wanna carry people who don't wanna better themselves.... yeah grimoir is right people just go to server and recruit party with ap requirement and then go f8 to run everything with a premade group. it's just faster. i too didn't struggle to get parties and i didn't make or join any premade groups i fished from f8 with no real troubles. this event wasn't that hard and i got myself a nice swimsuit to set aside for when dual blade comes out.
  7. first of all you just came back so i can understand a little the lost feeling.... but second what i cant understand is you have no idea how something works and you listen to the first rando in faction..... never listen to the first rando in faction when they tell you to do something cause you are most likely being trolled. third who swipes 500$ on a game they just came back to without checking first if the game is even worth it to spend on. Play a few weeks and see if you even still like it etc before dumping money on it. You are at fault cause you trusted someone right away from faction and t
  8. Is there anyone who is good at recreating a preset from a photo alone? I'm mostly looking for face, I can do the body myself. If you are can you reply to this and let me know. Serious replies only please and thanks.
  9. what you should do next time is have someone in your group loot the box and take the item for the base dungeon fee then send ticket to support with pics showing your friend dced and ask if they can give it to your friend.... they sometimes do it with raids if proof via photo is given you should always loot the box and take the item then send a ticket to support to ask it be given to the person who dced who needs it....
  10. @Cyan I was wondering about potential updates to the admiral outfit/adornment boxes. We've had the same costumes in there for months and I wondered if more outfits could maybe be added. Examples would be steel heart since that has only been seen twice and maybe all nighter because I have heard people talking in faction about missing out on it and really wanting it to come back. I am unsure if you could maybe put in a word about this. I know there are some other nice event outfits from past that people would love to see make a return in the outfit/adornment boxes. I think a little revamp might
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