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  1. @Sunshine@Hime Hate to be one of those guys, tagging who I can to get some kind of answers, but I have sat here for an hour and a half+ desperately trying to not crash and do the fishing part of the CtA event. Which.. at the only place that's slightly optimized enough to handle 3-5 people in one place, in Moonwater-- you're only going to get 15 per fish. With the long animation still in tact. Not even the bait we were TOLD we were going to get (Taigongs) would make that any more reasonable or doable. I and others legitimately cannot get close to the fishing spot in Dasa
  2. So what does this mean for character slots? I know Korea already had 12, one ahead of us. There's this whole empty page and it takes an arrow to move over to it to only see one character. (Yeah, yeah, whatever altaholic problems etc. I know LMAO) It just weirds me up I guess? Is there any word if we're going to be getting another slot in this update? Or more in general to buy? Would make my alt-loving heart happy ngl.
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