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  1. @Estellia +1 to this tho. If you like a class, just play it no matter what anyone else says. After all, it's you playing that class, not anyone else. Maybe some people will flame you sometimes in PvP, but if you're having fun it doesn't really matter. You're playing a game and you're supposed to have fun so play whichever class you like.
  2. No it is not lower-tier at all. Just look at the EU 1v1 Summoner ladder, then tell me it's low-tier. There are 15 Summoners in 1900+, compared to 16 Wardens in 1900+ atm. It has insane aerial damage with an unescapeable launch if done right, can PvE down spin classes, target abuse with the cat, the cat can CC opponents even when the summoner is CCd. It's absolutely not lower-tier. Blade Dancer is in a worse spot than Summoner is atm in PvP. As a quick comparison, there are 2 BD characters in 1900+ 1v1 rating right now. People are complaining about the Summoner class having some broken aspects, not about the race. It's the same reason people are complaining about Warden.
  3. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    Upon looking into it further, it appears you are correct. My bad then, so that point is wrong. Sure, the old Lunge with separate stuns on the 2nd and 4th hit would have been more useful if the first one hit into an iframe. However, it is a pvp buff as the cat didn't stun you on the very first hit before, so you did have a slightly larger window of time to react. The Lunge change definitely plays a role in the unescapeable aerial launch though. The Lunge -> V aerial launch is much faster, due to Lunge stunning on the first hit and the increaed V cast speed.
  4. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    Also, I forgot to post the Eternal Night patch changes. The projectile travel speed normalization for Rumblebees is also a buff to Summoner's aerial damage. They will get more overall damage during an aerial as they don't have to be at the minimum possible distance all the time to deal maximum damage. As you can see, Summoner kept getting buffed every patch and it eventually led to its current state with the broken aerial that it has today. Like I said earlier, the devs need to better think about things like this when they buff/nerf a class.
  5. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    False Idols summoner changes: Warden's Fury summoner changes: As you can see from the False Idols patch, the Uppercut (V) speed got increased so it launches people in the air faster. Now combine this change with the Lunge (Tab) change from Warden's Fury and you get Warlock 2.0 aerial launch. You have no time to escape, no matter what ping you have. I'm not sure if you're able to escape C -> V with a good enough ping, but this whole problem started when the V cast speed got increased, in the False Idols patch. You cannot say that unescapeable aerial launches and stun locks are equivalent. Once you've been launched in the air, you WILL take damage until the aerial ends, no matter if you have your escapes available or not. However, you CAN use your escape(s) to escape the damage from stun locks.
  6. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    And the summoner aerial doesn't almost guarantee you the win? And stop saying summoner hasn't changed. Have you been following the patch notes? It's like you haven't been reading my post either. Just like you said about arena, I believe there should be conditions for allowing people to speak about arena PvP on the forums as you obviously do not have a clue and keep spreading misinformation.
  7. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    The problem is that when you get stunned/dazed, you don't have enough time to escape before you get aerialed and lose 90% of your HP. The cat skill that aerials you had its speed increased a few patches ago so if the summoner has a good enough ping you can't escape before you get launched in the air. Basically, my problem with this is that all the summoner needs to do is perform a successful tech chase (or catch you out with a stun/daze) and they can aerial their opponent for a LARGE part of their hp. Even if you have your escape available, you can't use it because the damage comes during an aerial. There is no counterplay to this other than "don't get caught", and you can use that logic to justify any broken skill. I don't think the devs realized how much this change would affect balance. You can see that they wanted to do something about broken aerials, as they nerfed the WL aerial in arena, but then they buffed the summoner aerial launch and turned it into WL 2.0 aerial. Another contradiction you can observe is that the SIN ground counter guard break (the one which stunned on breaking defense) got changed so it's unusable on ground counters anymore, but then they make WR and give it that exact same skill that works on ground counters. All in all, the devs who are in charge of balance need to get their act together.
  8. Are you stuck in silver, by any chance?
  9. If you don't play PvP and don't know class skills, then stop spreading lies. The WL sanctum only resists stun, daze and knockdown. It doesn't resist knockback, aerial and phantom grip. WRs V though, resists every single CC and gives it damage reduction as long as it has resilience and is attacking. For all the people defending WR, you have no idea how strong this class is in PvP. The amount of effort required to do well on it is far less than on any other class.
  10. Can we get Class Specializations sooner?

    So it wasn't broken for any of the other regions. It's just broken for us and RU :^)
  11. Can we get Class Specializations sooner?

    Spot on, friend! So nobody has to make an argument for it being delayed needlessly only for EU/NA and RU, since the producer's letter exists in which no actual bugs or issues were listed? Are you seriously appealing to authority right now?
  12. Can we get Class Specializations sooner?

    I'm actually quite disappointed too. I was really looking forward to getting the new awakening skills in a reasonable amount of time. But now we're just going to delay them by FOUR months? Honestly, this is absurd! What about that Battle Royale Mode with equalized gear, couldn't we at least get that? Really, do the KR devs have so little time on their hands that they can only implement the awakening system for EU/NA in SIX months of it being released on KR?
  13. I think melee classes should get footwork

    Where did you get this from? All classes have a 36s CD on their main escape (usually on tab, but for WL and SUM it's on 2), then if they have a second escape, that may have a higher cooldown (SIN lotus, DES persistence, etc). FM SS has a 36s CD if used as an escape, same as the tab escape.

    You: I want to change things that I do not understand. PvPer: *tries to explain why you're wrong* Yes, I am sure that a lot of people enjoy you bringing politics into conversations that have nothing to do with it >_> What do you mean "but that would actually mean you would have to accept equal ground in a PVP fight?"? Haven't I told you already that Arena has equalized stats? Oh wait I forgot, you didn't play it nor looked into it too much so you have no idea what you're talking about. Actually read my posts or start playing this game so you can stop being so clueless. Did I say there's something wrong with adding content? Didn't you read my post? I want more lore and PvE story-related events and quests to be added. It's just that you shouldn't be FORCED to go through them. Everyone agrees that SSP needs to be redesigned. But you think that THIS is PvP? Nobody does PvP in SSP. Some a-holes kill people there who are just minding their business, but this is exactly why that area needs a redesign and possibly remove or rework faction PvP altogether. It is obvious that you have absolutely no idea about the actual PvP in this game, nor are you interested in learning about it. This may be hard to grasp for you, but have you thought that maybe I wasn't online or I don't play on the same server? So people who are only interested in PvP don't spend money on the game unless it is for PvP purposes? Who would have thought? COSMIC_BRAIN.jpeg This game has been around on EU/NA for 2 years now and even longer in KR. It is NCSOFT's second most profitable game and it is being actively worked on. I really doubt that it's going to die anytime soon. How did you get to the conclusion that I hate PvE? You seem to be really biased against people who enjoy PvP more, though.

    It doesn't look like you've played this game too much. There are no safe zones. In open world, players can mark themselves as PK-able by using certain outfits. However, there is no benefit to open-world PvP (other than in SSP, but that's really outdated content and the devs seem to be moving away from it). The PvP in this game is instanced. Arena mode has equalized stats, so everyone plays on equal footing. Battleground doesn't have equalized stats so you have to get special PvP gear for it. On what you've said about Crowfall, the PvP modes in Blade & Soul and Crowfall are very different, from what you've been saying. BnS is focused on CCing and comboing people down when they don't have their escape ability(es) available, so it's a more small-scale instanced PvP that is focused on outplaying your opponent. This game has an awesome combat system which shines in this sort of PvP (especially in arena). Maybe this is not your cup of tea, but stop blaming a core part what makes this game good when you seem to have no idea what you're talking about.