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  1. your class balance is really really bad

    How is that unbalanced? You can tell when BD can use it just by looking at its buff bar. This is only a problem if you waste your escape(s) early. Also, when fatal blade doesn't crit, I've seen it deal as low as 12k damage. With all the amplifiers (Z + within 4s after flash step) it deals like 25k damage non-crit. But if you're in the position where BD can use those amplifiers then you'd be dead against other classes as well. Also, this skill is only available in lightning spec which is weaker than wind in terms of defense. BD doesn't one-shot you in BG in aerial if you're not heavily outgeared. It's one of the weakest classes in BG. Maybe when BD gets an actual counter instead of the crappy 0.5s parry that most ranged classes don't care about, it's going to be better in BG. Or maybe when it gets better iframes than the 3-hit bubbles that are gone instantly.
  2. Delete Mao mechanics

    Is this bait? You can't be serious about it. When M'ao got released I spent 4 hours learning how it works and it was fun. You really want to take that away from other players just because you're too lazy to learn the mechanics?
  3. anyone know when they gonna nerf bms ?

    OP, NC KR doesn't care about PvP. The original team who made BnS what it was is probably long gone. You can pretty much predict what the next balance change is going to be by throwing a pair of dice and do some more random changes. That's probably how the Korean devs make balance change themselves. They have no idea what they are doing and it's obvious that they really don't play their own game on some of the classes that they change. I swear, at this point I hope some other company makes a game with similar combat but with actual balanced PvP.
  4. KFM Need FIX ASAP

    @ImoutoMaster Battleground is NOT 1v1. Even if you're waiting out the KFM iframes and make sure you don't hit into its counter, some other people or some random summoner cat or thrall might do it. KFM gets too much defense in return for this, considering it's also capable of that damage. I'm fine with letting it stay like this as long as the damage gets nerfed or vice-versa. Either let it remain super survivable like this or reduce the damage. Right now you have a class with really good survival and really good damage. A third option would be making it harder to deal that sort of damage with tremor, like requiring some stacks or some other conditions before casting it.
  5. KFM Need FIX ASAP

    Indeed, KFM has too much damage/defense in BG. Isn't the downtime of KFMs counter 0.3s if he keeps spamming it? That's insanely low for one of the best counters in the game + the fact that they don't need a target for Q/E, have flurry and avenging fist as additional iframes. Also don't forget about the 100% evasion buff that evades attacks that don't pierce defense. The iframes also reset with the BG weapon. If a KFM knows what he's doing in BG, he's literally FM-tier in terms of stalling but with better burst damage. When you consider that they have all of these defensive options combined with that insane damage, it's just too much. Either nerf their defense or offense.
  6. BD is literally the squishiest melee class in battleground right now. Bubbles are long cooldown and weak, spin only blocks damage 50% of the time and the movement speed increase doesn't make up for it at all. When you have classes like Destroyer, BM (iframe for full 2s duration, like the pre-nerf BD maelstrom), Warden, KFM who can iframe or block things for more than 0.5s (the median duration for BD bubbles in Battleground), you'd expect BD to have some sort of reliable iframe/counter as well. Except it doesn't. Fine, but what about BD damage? If it lacks defense so much, you'd expect it to have some very high damage, except classes like KFM, BM, DES, WR outperform it in that department as well. Therefore what's the point of playing BD in BG? Be an aerial bot for ranged classes? Nerfing BD iframes to this point where they're barely noticeable in BG anymore was a GIANT mistake by the Korean devs. Either give it more damage or give it some decent iframes instead of the garbage ones that it has now. Not that I expect the Korean devs to do anything, since they seem to really hate BD...
  7. Prevention is better than cure

    It might have worked better if it wasn't so restrictive. A big problem is having the tag match queue open at the same time as when you have raids. Maybe it would work better if it was more then 3 hours per day. That or alternate between 1v1 only days and 3v3 only days. Something like: 1v1 being available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3v3 being available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Both modes could be available on Sunday I guess, to give them equal time.
  8. Prevention is better than cure

    Completely agree, something needs to be done about arena dying. It's the thing that made me try out the game when it first came out and to be honest, the combat system of the game would be a giant waste if PvP were to die. Balance issues aside (KR devs need to learn how to balance stuff), the PvP is still good and it's a shame that it's dying out. He's mostly talking about arena, not battleground. Only battleground is a gear dependent PvP mode. Shackled Isles, 1v1 and 3v3 tags all have equalized stats, so gear doesn't matter there. 3v3 is pretty much dead after its matching time got changed to be really restrictive (3 hours for 3 days a week, so only 9 hours per week).
  9. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Yeah, screw it! Completely remove PvP from the game as well! This is a PvE game, after all :^)
  10. Since when is this allowed?

    Well, @Grimoir already addressed this part, but a more general observation: About the "robust moral code": morals != blindly following rules. Blindly following rules, even when they don't make sense in a given situation will get you nowhere. I don't think restricting yourself nonsensically is having better morals. I call it "being (too) cautious". It's anyone's choice on how they want to proceed and no way is necessarily wrong, regardless of my personal opinion. It would be nice if the devs decided to implement all the useful things that mods can do or listen to players suggesting QoL changes to the game. Then probably people wouldn't need to use mods. But realistically, NC SOFT probably doesn't have the resources or interest to do all that. So as long as that doesn't happen people will keep using mods and that's not wrong, even if it's technically against the rules.
  11. Since when is this allowed?

    I probably have more arena wins than you have games, so don't patronize me. You don't even need to clearly see the model to know what they're probably gonna use depending on what you're doing. If you had any sort of reading comprehension you would understand that what I'm saying is that IT MAKES NO FREAKING DIFFERENCE TO ANY EXPERIENCED PLAYER. If the sin is attacking you, then it's out of stealth and you're already CCed. There is no CC that they have in stealth that would put the sin at a disadvantage if you clearly see their model instead of the blurry silhouette in stealth. And if you're talking about hitting them in stealth, then you can already see them, just not the clear model. I am asking you, personally, why you think that it's wrong. What are your reasons for supporting such a rule? I never said anything about getting piloted in PvP or any sort of competitive environment. That should obviously be banned. But banning people for getting piloted in raids or non-competitive PvE is just stupid. It literally hurts no one. Also. if the benefit of modding your client is having a better game experience without gaining a competitive advantage over other people who don't mod, then there's nothing wrong with that either. Why would you ban ALL mods and deny people a better game experience if it doesn't affect players who don't mod? Obviously, if we're talking about automating certain game features then that's a problem. Otherwise, we're gonna have bots running around all over the place. You keep saying "it's against the rules" as if "the rules" are always right in every possible situation and cannot ever be wrong. Maybe try to look at it in a different way: if people stream mods that only enhance the gaming experience, not abuses obviously, then players will enjoy the game more if they use them. What insane company would ban people for basically enhancing their game? AGAIN, let me stress this: I am NOT talking about abusing stuff, cheating, bots, using skills in stances you're not supposed to, etc. I am talking about stuff like: enabling DPS meter everywhere, faster transmutes, changing simple mode combos (which should have been a game feature imo), etc.
  12. Since when is this allowed?

    Can they target those people who are visible in stealth? If not, then there's really not much of a difference. Who gets hurt for account sharing other than the account owner if they're irresponsible and lose their account to some scammer? Therefore, why is it wrong? Also, about the "clearly modified game client" part: if there's a clear abuse then sure get the ban hammer, but the way you've worded it, it makes it seem like you just want to ban every mod ever.
  13. Since when is this allowed?

    Well, if it turns out to be that much of an issue, then the devs will probably fix it by playing around with the global cooldown of RMB, coding the skill in such a way that it requires all three stages to grant effects, move some of the effects granted by the first RMB to the 2nd and 3rd or any combination of those solutions. There was a similar issue some time ago with people changing the actual global cooldowns with the XML edit. It allowed some classes to use a lot of skills in pretty much no time which was a real problem in pvp. The devs fixed it by making the client unable to set the global cooldowns of skills. So they'll probably fix this as well if it's that much of a problem.
  14. Since when is this allowed?

    So that dude removed the second and third part of RMB. Do you really get that much of an attack speed boost from that? Even so, RMB doesn't pierce defense or parry in PvP so it's not gonna give you much of an advantage there. I support reporting the wintrading, but reporting someone for having his account piloted in a raid is just an ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ thing to do. Account sharing should be done at one's own risk and it's not any of your business. It just feels like OP is one of those people who likes to report everyone for anything, no matter how insignificant and stupid the rule is. No it's not. Everyone complains about the class balance, 20000 alts per account and wintrading. Those are pretty much the reasons PvP is dead. Has nothing to do with cheats. That happens if you disable the Assassin class animations, but guess what: you're not gonna see any of their animations and you still can't target them when they're in stealth, even if you can see their model normally. Stop being disingenuous and suggest that this gives you any sort of advantage in PvP against sins. To the people who want to ban BnS Buddy: If BnS Buddy gets banned, when a lot of fixes that THE DEVS should have implemented can be done with BnS Buddy, then this game will just die. I mean how insulting is it that the community fixes certain parts of NC SOFT's game because they like it so much, only for the devs to ban those fixes? People spent their free time to literally make playing BnS a better experience. If you don't want to use these things, then it's your choice, but wanting them banned because you're such a freedom-hating person is simply low.
  15. So i think we all have noticed

    @ImoutoMaster Yeah those 3 shields on BD with high cooldown and 2 of them being unresetable. All three of them resisting only 3 times each while ranged classes can just use a bubble and spam stuff on you without getting stunned from parry or piercing parry altogether. Also, did you know that BD cannot do the long aerial if it's chilled or has some sort of approach block, neither can it use its stuns or 5 point strike. But how can you remove chill/approach blocks, you ask: you can use the 1 minute CD unresetable bubble, or the 30s CD resetable maelstrom. each of them resisting 3 hits. Good luck doing that vs FM btw. Oh also, as a BONUS you can get PVEd while you're locked in your own aerial animation when you aerial someone - JUST MELEE THINGS. That's why the bloody class needed one bubble (maelstrom) that would resist a set amount of time, so that it can ignore chill for 2/3s every 30s or so. With the new bubbles BD has however, the 3 iframe ticks are gone before the casting animation is over in BG. Absolute garbage balance from the devs in KR. But let me guess, 3rd spec BD is going to have that bubble just like they copy-pasted the old BD maelstrom on 3rd spec BM. Of course it was too strong on BD, but it's absolutely fine on BM. The devs in Korea have no bloody idea what they're doing and they probably don't even care. Looks like they're just going to make all the 3rd specs flashy and overpowered compared the old ones.