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  1. Well, the KR devs are on acid when they design pvp skills so check this out. Read the last line in the description ;)
  2. New PvP skills

    Don't forget how they nerfed the BD V iframe from 3 casts to 1 cast. You can say 3 casts is a long time, but the iframe had gaps in it because of the GCD of the casts. So if you timed CCs correctly you could actually CC BDs between the V casts. About maelstrom, it was one of the dumbest changes they ever did in the game. BD had short-lived infinite-tick iframes because it cannot defend its iframe ticks with block like BM can. Copy-pasting HM Block on BD was really dumb of the KR devs. But hey! Have you looked what ability 3rd spec BM has in flock stance? It's literally the old BD maelstrom with infinite ticks, but with a new icon slapped on it. Even better, their RMB reduces the "Maelstrom" cooldown by 1s on hit. I guess it was too strong on BD, but not on 3rd spec BM, right? There is no logic with the BnS balancing, the devs in KR don't care about PvP which is a real shame. Take a look at this:
  3. Tower of infinity: new scores won't save.

    @Baskerville Well, looks like you guys didn't fix it in time for season rewards. Look at the good side, at least now since the ratings reset you don't have to bother anymore. Guess the people who were negatively impacted by this bug and had their F11 rating 71 points lower than it should have been are just meh. Nope, not mad at all.... Can you explain how you overlooked this? How it legitimately didn't cross your mind that if the updating was broken for a week, the current values may be corrupted? Who initially fixed this? A 9 year old script kiddie? Oh yeah, let's not even start talking about the people who abused this bug and got very high ratings, thus unjustly earned season rewards. This game breaking bug was there for A MONTH and you somehow didn't have enough time to fix it. Alright then.
  4. Arena rating bug

    I also have this problem. F11 rating is 71 points behind the actual rating: I'd like to know why it takes so long to run a script to update the F11 rating. The rating has been broken for a month now, giving incorrect weekly rewards, thus it's safe to assume the season rewards would also be incorrect if it's not fixed. I don't really care that much about the weekly rewards, but how can this stay broken for a month? It's a pretty serious bug. Really, whoever fixed the F11 rating not updating, you didn't think that maybe people played during that time, so their rating changed? So maybe it's a good idea to refresh the stored F11 ratings (during a server maintenance) as they would be messed up from not updating properly?
  5. time to up bd escapes

    Don't think they should give it a second escape as it would be impossible to actually catch BD for melee classes. One escape + stun/daze/kb resistance and parry during spin seems fair against melees. Against ranged however, it's a totally different story. What they do need to buff on BD is iframes. Your shields get instantly broken vs ranged classes and that's in arena (I'm not even going to start how stupid it is that they last 0.5s in BG and they are not resetable, so pvp weapon is less useful). Who thought it's a good idea to give BD shields that only have 3 ticks of iframe, then go on to give FM a tornado that hits 1000 times? Then make it so that you don't get stunned from parry if you have an iframe on you. So every class can just keep hitting into the BD shields as long as they have an iframe on them and they don't have to worry about anything other than giving BD 1 focus on parry (spin costs 2 focus, parry recovers 3). There are some solutions to this, but the way BD should be buffed is: ->remove the 2 CD reduction from maelstrom ->reduce the 2 CD by 9s and remove approach blocks on ONE parry per spin, but remove the aerial launch reset on parry to compensate ^this is to actually punish ranged classes hiding behind iframes and trying to pve you down. BD gets shut down insanely hard by approach blocks as you basically have skills similar to BM, but no approach block removal on SS. It's also to punish stuff like BM 5 point strike, KFM flurry iframes trying to burn through your shields. They're still gonna destroy your shields, but now instead of only getting 1 focus and an useless aerial launch reset, you actually get CD reduction on your stun. ->make maelstrom have infinite iframes for 3s (before you think this is broken, maelstrom locks certain skills for 1s after you cast it) ^well at least now you have ONE shield that's not getting instantly destroyed by ranged spam. Maybe raise the base CD to 36s if it's too low for infinite ticks. ->make guardian tempest be a 5 hit iframe and resetable again, 1 minute cooldown is ok ^5 hit iframe part is mostly to compensate for the longer cooldowns that whirling/flaming scourge and the new tempest have compared to the old guardian tempest. There's no reason not to make it resetable considering other classes in BG get resets on both their iframes and escapes too. Keeping whirling/flaming scourge unresetable is ok, considering it's designed as a strong offensive buff rather than a defensive shield. ->revert the V iframe nerf back to 3 casts (this was a horrendously stupid nerf in the current patch, basically right now in BG you just give up on life when you meet a whale ranged class) ^Either this, or if it turns out to be too strong, considering maelstrom would also have infinite ticks for 3s, then remove the V iframe altogether and rework the Air Resistance spec into something else. A spec that changes phantom grip in some way would be fun, even if it wouldn't be PvP oriented. tl;dr buff iframes, change spin to reduce the 2 CD and remove approach blocks on parry. Did you play in the first month of awakening patch on KR? Because that might be the only time during which this statement was true. There's so much wrong information in this post... Worst grab escape in the game, literally just a knockback with no CC resistance that locks you in the animation. What happens if the enemy resists the knockback? Oh well, guess you're the one locked in the animation with no resists whatsoever, even though you are the person who used AN ESCAPE. You mean like BM that also has a block in addition to 0.5s of parry? It's literally the only way for BD to "block" damage and it's a 0.5s parry time with a 1s cooldown. Costs 2 focus so it's not really free either. You have to charge it and you can literally see the buff on BD when it's able to do it. Also, you know wind (spinning storm) is the stronger spec for PvP, right? Ok now I know you're trolling. Looks like I took the bait.
  6. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Ok so you say he's either a whale or a "no lifer who plays 20 hours a day and feeds his main through 10 alts". Perhaps you think I wanted to insult him, but that was not my intention. I do not use "whale" as a derogatory term. I am just using it to refer to someone who spends a lot of money on the game. If someone hasn't learned to play their character properly yet they have the gear to kill the boss, then yes getting better would lead to them killing it. However, you are ignoring a VERY IMPORTANT piece of information: the amount of DPS needed to kill it. It is something the vast majority of non-whale players are not able to do. Combine this with the fact that this event didn't fall out of the sky, it was DESIGNED like this. Now tell me which conclusion comes to mind? Do you still see all the greys? Mate, you are telling me this is not a "whale appreciation event" when the absolute minimum DPS you need to kill the boss is twice what's needed to complete the CURRENT ENDGAME RAID? Your whole argument is "but if you spend 20 hours a day on 10 alts, you can get the gear to do the event as well". Which kind of players do you think the devs had in mind when they designed the event: the "no lifers" or the whales? In that case, I agree, there are indeed people who could clear it but are doing something wrong. As for a solution to this, what you said can be a good alternative. The devs should have done a better job at balancing the rewards and requirements for the event. It SHOULD be hard to get octagonal gems, but this gear-gating is just way too strict. I think the solution Keroppi suggested in one of his videos was also pretty good: just give people rewards based on how much DPS they did in those 3 minutes. Adjust the costs of the gems as well to compensate for the tokens being easier to get and there you go, a way better balanced event than what we got.
  7. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    There is little to nothing to get good at. The boss itself cannot kill you or cause any significant drop in your DPS as its rotation is REALLY simple. The boss does not kill you, the enrage timer does. The main grievance that I have with this event is that there is nothing you can do to beat that turtle (or the burning mausoleum boss, for that matter) other than whale on your soul or use a bunch of imperial sojus if you're REALLY close to beating it. And how do you get the imperial sojus you ask....oh that's right: RNG box. No, this event cannot be done by the "git gud group" as no matter how well you play, you cannot outplay the enrage timer. I posted a video of me clearing it earlier in the thread. Look at it and tell me that it's a hard boss mechanically. It's pretty much a glorified general moyun for you to DPS parse on. Please stop saying that you can just "get good" for this event. It's not skill-dependent, it's gear-dependent.
  8. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Maxed soul and heart. Thanks for proving the point that this event is for whales only.
  9. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Upload a picture/video with your character's gear, the DPS meter and the turtle stage 4 cleared or this never happened.
  10. Since u guys keep nerfing ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Guess how I know you have no idea what BD actually does... If a BD keeps spinning it literally only has deflect up 50% of the time. For every one second of spin, the first 0.5s is a parry. Melee class aerial is really strong :^) It's not like ranged classes can just PvE you down in your own aerial :^) Oh wait... And what skills are those exactly? It definitely got buffed with awakening concerning arena, but in BG the shields on Z are not resetable anymore and now the V iframe got nerfed hard. They nerfed it in BG for no reason. It seems like you should follow your own advice.
  11. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Did you even watch my video, man? I HAVE THE EVENT WEAPON EQUIPPED. Besides, the event weapon only adds like 100k DPS compared to my aransu9 weapon. It's not an ET3 weapon! You obviously have no idea what you're talking about and it feels like I'm arguing with a child. Have a good day.
  12. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    You need at least 1.28 million dps to kill stage 4. This is double what you need for TT boss 4. Just watch as I hit the enrage timer... Do you think this is normal for an EVENT boss? I cannot clear it with my aransu9 even tho I have TT accessories and soul shields and I barely clear with the 1h event weapon with buffs. It would have been OK if you only needed 500-600k dps to kill it as that's what you need for TT4, but 1.28 million is just ridiculous. Making a hard boss means having HARD MECHANICS (burning mausoleum got it right with the one shot kills), not putting an absolutely ridiculous enrage timer on the bosses.
  13. Both guardian tempest and whirling scourge are unresetable, now the V iframe gets nerfed as well. Who thought it was such a good idea to nerf the only infinite-hit iframe that BD still has left? Now you just have to enjoy getting PVEd by ranged classes I guess since your 3-hit shields don't even last 1s when some ranged dude spams stuff at you from 14m. That three cast V iframe was such a good counter to gunners with max soul just using their 5 hit iframe and trying to pve you down while ignoring parry. Now you just have to try to run away from the class with the highest mobility in the game, I suppose. BD definitely is the class that needed to get nerfed, it's not like there's another class with a sword that's completely busted right now. Please hire some new people to take care of the balance.
  14. Thanks

    They did say the boss is hard, and I'm completely OK with this. Hard mechanics and boss rotations can be overcome with practice and they are fun. But the gear requirements are plain stupid.
  15. Thanks

    To be fair, I didn't use any buffs. But since it only seems to drop 1 token then it's probably not worth anyway. Still the event weapon is insanely underwhelming.