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  1. Buff FM for 6v6.

    Yea FM so useless only shadow grasp with air and u have no escape other than press 4 after u die. Thanks also for making it impossible to play against in 1v1 with your broken grab that persists after a cc and the infamous wallbang that leaves no way out.
  2. Not like there's another class that's completely busted right now, BM and WR are not, at all.
  3. Blade Master dead in PvP?

    Another escape - added Obnoxiously big damage with flash step - added U have perma block, hmb, untargetable, hmz and an overwhelming amount of iframes. How is BM dead?
  4. Can we just ban Sins from Battle royal

    All classes if geared enough can oneshot someone. Sins are not all that strong in BG, although pretty good in 1v1. Again, in BG a lot (i mean a lot) depends on your gear and enemy's gear; obviously if the sin is max gear and toss a mine when you're aired, that combo has good skill multipliers, that's kinda their main big hit.
  5. You banned Force Master from PVP

    good they should ban all of them
  6. witch class burst / dps most?

    Check F11 on outlaw island. Summoner highest dps burst. Top tier dps as far as I know -> Sin, BD, Gunner (no particular order, all depends on gear, ping and fps) Most stable DPS is most likely bd or sin.