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  1. Not really, since upgrading BT ring costs pts now too. Although I haven't been really comparing summed up costs since no TT ring in sight for me atm.
  2. Once you get the quest item, you have to find Master Cho nearby and get to him.
  3. And this is some reference material for some of the abbreviations:
  4. Dark skin tones have problems around the eyes, especially if you make them bigger, they get lighter skin by the edges.
  5. Yeah, the kabuki makeup effect is kinda strong with this combo. There is also a problem with green eyes color which doesn't really match green hair/eyebrows shades.
  6. Even though the supposed fix attenuated to some degree 3rd spec bm-induced fps issues on most of my classes, it seems to do nothing for my warden which suffers from 4-6 fps in combat whenever a 3rd spec bm is in the same party.
  7. Two chosen daily quests reward a BOX which contains 4 crisis coins.
  8. Anyone tested if they still work in Heaven's Mandate? Might be the same problem.
  9. The only purpose is this bait doesn't cost gold.
  10. Well, they clearly reserve purple chests for trove, so what can you do...
  11. You can get a stone chest daily by doing 5 dc tasks, though the purple stones drop rate seems to have been nerfed too with this change.
  12. You should make a ticket to the support if the purchase is still not there and don't make a new on until it's resolved, especially if the money got deduced from your account for the previous one.
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