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  1. THis game give me bluescreen

    I had this problem too, i play on an asus gaming laptop and i would get blue screen every loading screen while doing raids, my computer yes was overheating a bit on core number 2 witch is the core i think blade and soul runs, i dont know why it doesnt run on the other ones.. Anyway i contacted nvidea via email with this issue and they told me to change some things on nvidea settings for blade and soul, since then it never hapened to me again, i also turned down a bit the graphics and locked the max fps to 40 in order to not let it overheat, yes 40 fps, thats how i play blade and soul with a gaming laptop where i can play a ton of games on max settings exept this one...
  2. Hi! I am making this topic to ask if it is possible to bring back this crates for a last time because i bet many people wants outfits from it for there new Archer class (like myself) , i have got the Mythos Costume but the Mythos wepon crate wasnt tradable so i didnt buy it, i should have save up the moon shards in order to use them now that the archer is out but i didnt figure that out at that point, now without the Mythos wepon i feel that my archer is incomplete :c Can you please bring back those crates for a last time before the redeem time of moon shards ends? Something like for the duration of this upcoming weekend or something? Please >.<
  3. Best gems combination

    Yeah im not going for dyads yet, i am making the gilled triangular at the moment so i needed to know first in order to not upgrade bad gems, thanks a lot ;)
  4. Thoughts on Zen Archer

    I personaly like everything about it. About the block the movement when attacking just takes some time to get used to its mechanics, you need to move using the iframe skills i find that realy cool but needs practice.
  5. Since now there is a ton of different gems, witch combination is the best? I know it may be different from each class or pve/pvp but there are so many now, i dont know witch gems to focus upgrading on.
  6. Whats going on? :O

    It only lasted for 5 minutes... But the game felt so nice to play, i never had it working that good. I never played like that before
  7. Whats going on? :O

    I started to play with 60 ms :O i never felt the game this smothe in 3 years! I usualy play with around 100 - 140 ms. Whats going on? :O Keep the game like that please *.*
  8. What about the archer?

    Nice! Thats great news *.*
  9. So people is saying archer will come this 18 September because the past other classes came in September too, the thing is from what i can remember, by this time we should already have a realese date and when the warden came out there was this thing we could apply our account in order to get warden outfit and wepon skin before the update... I am loosing hopes for archer to come this September x.x
  10. I have to admit that my fps got a bit better after i remove the dps meter
  11. Hello, i have been lvling up an alt character and i just reach act x chapter 1, and there is this letter that jynsoyun writes saying that our food got spoiled after we been out for so long and she went to get more food, and then i should go find her in bamboo village, but jynsoyun character is right there, next to the letter xD I know that most people doesnt care about this but i decided to post it anyway.
  12. Old but still active BnS giveaways

    Thanks a lot! I have missed one of those :D
  13. Luncher switching server

    Hello, I am playing the game in English, never played it on another lenguage. The luncher changes preaty much randomly, sometimes right from the start after i turn on my computer, sometimes after i close the game and go back to it after some time but i have noticed that when i get disconected from the server (like if my internet fails, that sometimes happen) its guaranteed that the luncher changes from EU to NA. It would be nice to add an option in the luncher like "use this server as default" and we can click that and it would lock the server of choice in order to prevent it from changing by itself. But that is just an idea, if you can actually find why its happening and fix it, it would be great! :)
  14. Luncher switching server

    Thats a shame, i mean its not asking too much just for a simple checkbox or something to block the server of choice. The luncher keeps switching between servers for me randomly, sometimes i open the luncher and its EU other times it changes to NA, its really annoying
  15. Hello, i live in Portugal and many times i open the luncher it changes automaticly to the NA server and i have to switch it to EU or else it will log in NA, its kind of boring because many times i am not paying attention and i end up lunching the game on the NA server. I dont know if its my problem or if some other people have the same issue, but can you please make a way to lock the server we want to play by default? That way it wouldnt change by itself. Thank you