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  1. The game had always its ups and downs but its going bad to worse and worse each update.. Before i could play just my main character and after a week i could have and feel my effort worth it, then they changed it and i decided to create more characters to surpass the situation, then they changed things again and from the last updates i dont even play with alts anymore because it takes so much time and and income is ridiculous so i just did dailys and afk fishing and msp farm at weekend, after this update if i want gold, then i cant afk fishing anymore because the auto bait price will be higher
  2. Oh i thought it was some sort of item or skill upgrade that could unlock this... So there is people like this guy in the videos doing the new end game raid using cheats and even shows it on youtube.. How come he doesnt get a ban? I was getting hype with wind archer because of this now im sad...
  3. So i was looking for some archer builds and skill rotations and i notice some of them can cast storm bolt (4) stage 2 (the charge skill) instantly without using the circles skill, like in this videos: [moderated content] I fought in arena pvp with some wind archers that did the same and i was wondering how they do it?
  4. I can understand that the additional bonus for Premium Members vary, we know that, but i have never seen before something like the removal of the free Hongsil's Treasure Draw keys, if they would not be part of the daily Login Rewards they could still be put in the Hongmoon Store by 0 Hongmoon Coins 1 each day or something like that, after all right now there is actualy no additional bonus for Premium Members and the login rewards are nothing special either. Seeing this makes me think that in the future the same can happen with Trove or some other events like that, i just find this a bit disapp
  5. Hi, i would like to have an answer on why remove the free key given to premium members? Do you plan on removing free keys given to future treasure trove and other stuff too? I have bought the 365 days premium membership and its getting close to the renew time and its geting to a point i dont find worth my money to buy it again if you keep giving less and less for premium members... I know sometimes you give good different daily rewards etc but those just last a week and then they get removed again... We need to feel premium is worth it, and right now i am not feeling that at all and i am afrai
  6. I think something that could be done is: 1 - Lower the price to open Ascension and Radiance chests; 2 - Lower the price to transmute Reputation charms; 3 - Increase the daily the daily HM coins reward; 4 - Increase the stamina by some % or just by a flat number; 5 - Diferent specs should have different windwalk animation (for exemple i am a wind archer and the animation is about light, so it doesnt mach my spec); I did took some ideas previously told because i agree with them. About giving stats buff just by having premium would be something hor
  7. Even if they increase the amount of people able to go in the whales will just one shot the others and keep farming all the gold they want anyway
  8. I was kicked without any warning an hour ago in a multi MSP party just because i was pointing out that there was ppl afk in the mid, guess one of the afk was the raid leader. Didnt plan on stay in that party any longer anyway
  9. Hi! I wanted to know what can someone do in order to get gold this days? The only thing i do is farm MSP on weekends and do dailys, i feel like i could get more money income before then now..
  10. I had this problem too, i play on an asus gaming laptop and i would get blue screen every loading screen while doing raids, my computer yes was overheating a bit on core number 2 witch is the core i think blade and soul runs, i dont know why it doesnt run on the other ones.. Anyway i contacted nvidea via email with this issue and they told me to change some things on nvidea settings for blade and soul, since then it never hapened to me again, i also turned down a bit the graphics and locked the max fps to 40 in order to not let it overheat, yes 40 fps, thats how i play blade and soul with a ga
  11. Hi! I am making this topic to ask if it is possible to bring back this crates for a last time because i bet many people wants outfits from it for there new Archer class (like myself) , i have got the Mythos Costume but the Mythos wepon crate wasnt tradable so i didnt buy it, i should have save up the moon shards in order to use them now that the archer is out but i didnt figure that out at that point, now without the Mythos wepon i feel that my archer is incomplete :c Can you please bring back those crates for a last time before the redeem time of moon shards ends? Something like f
  12. Yeah im not going for dyads yet, i am making the gilled triangular at the moment so i needed to know first in order to not upgrade bad gems, thanks a lot ;)
  13. I personaly like everything about it. About the block the movement when attacking just takes some time to get used to its mechanics, you need to move using the iframe skills i find that realy cool but needs practice.
  14. Since now there is a ton of different gems, witch combination is the best? I know it may be different from each class or pve/pvp but there are so many now, i dont know witch gems to focus upgrading on.
  15. It only lasted for 5 minutes... But the game felt so nice to play, i never had it working that good. I never played like that before
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