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  1. Hello, i have been lvling up an alt character and i just reach act x chapter 1, and there is this letter that jynsoyun writes saying that our food got spoiled after we been out for so long and she went to get more food, and then i should go find her in bamboo village, but jynsoyun character is right there, next to the letter xD I know that most people doesnt care about this but i decided to post it anyway.
  2. Old but still active BnS giveaways

    Thanks a lot! I have missed one of those :D
  3. Luncher switching server

    Hello, I am playing the game in English, never played it on another lenguage. The luncher changes preaty much randomly, sometimes right from the start after i turn on my computer, sometimes after i close the game and go back to it after some time but i have noticed that when i get disconected from the server (like if my internet fails, that sometimes happen) its guaranteed that the luncher changes from EU to NA. It would be nice to add an option in the luncher like "use this server as default" and we can click that and it would lock the server of choice in order to prevent it from changing by itself. But that is just an idea, if you can actually find why its happening and fix it, it would be great! :)
  4. Luncher switching server

    Thats a shame, i mean its not asking too much just for a simple checkbox or something to block the server of choice. The luncher keeps switching between servers for me randomly, sometimes i open the luncher and its EU other times it changes to NA, its really annoying
  5. Hello, i live in Portugal and many times i open the luncher it changes automaticly to the NA server and i have to switch it to EU or else it will log in NA, its kind of boring because many times i am not paying attention and i end up lunching the game on the NA server. I dont know if its my problem or if some other people have the same issue, but can you please make a way to lock the server we want to play by default? That way it wouldnt change by itself. Thank you
  6. Totaly agree with this, best idea ever, plz do
  7. I am sorry...

    Have no idea who you are but good job writing that here, everyone makes mistakes and i can see you regret and recognize you were wrong. I wish more people could be like that aswell. Well done, hope everything works fine with you and your friends
  8. 365 Premium Membership

    After opening up a ticket i was told my request was denied by my bank or something and when we got no email confirmation its because it wasnt accepted or something loke that so i tried again with another credit card and right after i finished the purchase i got the email confirmation this time meaning its done sucssesfully. This topic can now be closed. Thanks fpr the help
  9. 365 Premium Membership

    Oh i didnt know it could last that long, well its not actualy my first time making a purchase because i bought the founders pack when the game was on closed beta, but i guess that was long time ago. I dont want to cancel anything i want to buy it, but arent we suposse to get an email when we try to buy something? At least to confirm that my order is being processed or something? If the wait time is that long we should be notified to let us sure that we made everything right
  10. Hi, so yesterday i did try to buy the 365 Premium Membership, after completing it i got this message saying that now i had to wait for it to be aproved and i should wait for an email menssage, i asked in game how much time it takes and ppl said 12 hours, well its been more then 12 hours already and i still havnt got nothing, not even an email saying that my order is being taking care of, so now i dont know if i did everything correctly or not... Should i just keep waiting or should i try to make a new purchase? Thank you
  11. Hey, i stoped to play some time ago because i got bored to the fact i wasnt enjoying any class, i only like long range classes, i was enjoying the gunner but then they changed it and i didnt like it anymore, i heard archer is comming probably at the end of this year and i did like the gameplay i saw so far so i want to give it a try What is best to do at the moment to get money and materials for when the archer comes?
  12. I have done this already twice, it keeps with the same issue, also this problem only hapens with bns, never had it before with any other game
  13. Hello, i came back to bns and lately the game its crashing my computer with blue screen error: video tdr failure, something like that. It hapens mostly on the first loading screen when lunching the game and sometimes during other loading screens while playing aswell... Someone knows why this is hapening and how to fix it? My pc specs: Asus rog i7 7700HD 16gb ram Nvidea gtx 1050 Sdd 500 gb (where the game is instaled) and a 1 tera Hdd Thank you
  14. Witch items should i go for now?

    Thanks for your reply, i was already lossing hope on this topic, i somehow found dificult to find answers to my queations on what should i do and you did help a lot! I will get the holy fire soul badge to try it out and see for myself witch build i like the most and keep the tiger bracelet then. Thanks again!
  15. Hi, so i had to stop to play 1 month, preaty much the same time they nerfed gunner class, but im back to game now, and i want to know what items / build should i go for and what is best for fire gunner now? I found the change a bit annoying, but nothing that i cant deal with, so i would like to know: -I have Primal soul badge, should i keep it or should i change for the one that boosts Unload and follow Unload build? -I have tiger bracelet, should i keep it or is it better to change to dragon? -Witch build is best for end game gear? (tombstone vs unload) -How much exactly they boost unload damage?