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  1. QOL suggestion about events.

    @Grimoirit is exactly what i said, put token in every dungeon and then increase/rescale prices. and i think merlin is totaly right about leftovers and it would mean we can play without a spreadsheet or calculate anything and then send stuff to main. Tbh, i would even say further, a huge QOL change, maybe a premium one? would be to add a panel in bank shared with whole account, or a panel in inventory that store every bound to account items. Also since we can send ET weapons and every accesories there is no reason to have latest scale, flower, metal as character bound. Thats not stat point and it would be a very good reason to have premium :) basicaly make everybody want to spent 10€/month for the game. but i guess thats another topic and i am derailing lol ...
  2. QOL suggestion about events.

    First, i dont know anybody that enjoy playing their trash reroll or playing with trash reroll in events or spend half of their time switching char / zoning in F8... please name me one...and it is unfair to player that only have one main character ! About the "unlimited" gems farm, you guys realise that you can have as many account as you want to farm powder (and its not so bad LAZY money maker, between 50-100g/hour worth of powder) @YunoGasaiYandere im pretty sure a chinese gold seller would enjoy his 100-200€ monthly salary from such method (ever wondered where the powder supply come from or why F9 price is "broken" ? ) About "let's get all in event" @Grimoir i already covered it by " as long it isn't faster to farm then other dungeons (just a secondary way for lower geared people or at night time when F8 is scarce)" maybe i should write "efficient" instead of "faster" ? But i would add that they could put some token as reward for dynamic in ALL dungeon during event while event dungeon would be the way to go for low gear chars to get entry level mats?? maybe with an increase/rescale in the price of event shop. That would be so awesome actually ! @Merlin DE exactly 11x1 or 1x11 is the same ... and anyway they are now ABLE to put limit on everything account wide so there is no reason to force us to do event on rerolls now (and we can buy account slot with hmcoin so they don't really profit from it) One of the reason that F8 lobby is so empty is because people are on alt doing event. Being able to do it on main only would mean we could actually see what in F8 between 2 event and might jump on something and bring more activity to the game.
  3. QOL suggestion about events.

    Hello, Most of us know and recommand to have multiple alt characters to profit from events. And i think that in many way it isn't enjoyable Since they introduced limit to item from event shop (and i doubt anybody buy anything beside the bound to account items...) there are two thing they could add to make events enjoyable : make the reward in the dynamics and make them repeatable make token bound to account. This would make event more enjoyable since we would see more geared players doing it. I once suggested about BTA token and linxy said they dont want to force us to do event on many alt, but regardless we already doing it to buy BTA items. the only non-bta item are flowers, exp charm and scales and i don't know anybody insane enough to buy them at that price...! Anyway i think it would be nice to farm them that way (exp, flowers, scales) as long it isn't faster to farm then other dungeons (just a secondary way for lower geared people or at night time when F8 is scarce). If this is implemented, it would be nice to add unity stone boxes into the event shop. ps: also please add a mechanics that disable dynamic reward for afk-leechers it becoming more and more painfull. At least give us a report-abuse button ....
  4. They should understand that all of us that support the game already putting as much as we can afford : If we have 100€ to put in the game we put it, no more no less... no amount of frustration will work on most of us... Actually the only reason i am no longer putting money into the game is that i'm not garanteed to evolved my gear. For example, last trove and boxes i did put some money on each and i got ZERO progress on my unity stones !!!! Well this reasoning only work if they still have enough players, otherwise all they have left to do is squeeze as much they can for some arabians princes and millionaires sons and then close the game.
  5. Soul/etc you can farm beforehand since it use existing material, or bought in f5 and every veteran have enough to max day 1 ... Premium bonus effect like russia is out because deemed p2w. Raid Weapon material are never on release but like 2 month after because its considered p2w to offer max weapon on day1. We don't have psyche (yet?) in trove/box because it is considered p2w. We don't have new released accessories in trove because its p2w (well, we get a few orbs but still need to do 100 runz...). We don't have new badges in trove because its p2w ... They removed unlimited experience from F10 (except from trove) because there have been a huge riot about it and its pay2win. Tbh i don't even complain about trove or boxes because we can buy 20 per days with hmcoin and it available to everyone. But this thing we can not even buy with Hmcoin... wtf!? i would gladly spend some of my 200K gold for it... kek... Unity stone bonus take 1 YEAR at the very least and if lucky and require NEW material that can not be purchased in F5 and is time gated and is RNG upgrade. Why on hell is that thing purchasable in F10 with ncoin !? something wrong here and whiteknight make zero sense.
  6. Its probably not just your weapon because every endgame player i play with know that SF are very good with that weapon. Could you post your full gear?
  7. Game dying

    excatly, and then pretend everything is fine and that people that complain about the game are just trolls ....
  8. Hey we have new community management, maybe this one will remember the promise and why we actually joined the game and also why we are all leaving or on the verge on leaving. on another topic they quote the CEO saying how the community management (back when linxy was here) wasn't giving proper feedback. will our "new" community management hear us ?? I can not recommand the game to any friend because i dont know anybody that would want to play a game with zero hope of achievement/competition unless they put thousand of euro every trove...
  9. I amaze me that there are still blind people spouting non-sense like "pay2progress".
  10. Cyan, Not to be rude with you since you are so awesome ... but the devs team are really bad and incompetent for not being able to correct a simple time/timezone problem. At most it should take 1 hour to locate and correct such a simple thing and it been around for 5 weeks and they manage to break it further. If ncsoft ever want to recruit competent dev/dba/project manager you can contact me, id love to live in korea. :p
  11. Performance Problems

    Pretty sure FTH enabled itself on your computer. That kind of huge fps drop is 99% of the time due to FTH. Please disable it. or use bnsbuddy
  12. Unity

    You are out of topic. I would have no problem with unity stones, if unity boxes were NOT in trove / boxes (like pysche are not in trove/boxes!) Also i have no problem with putting money into the game and supporting it... as mentionned i put 500-1000 key every trove plus i am premium account since the start. My problem is that they advertised game would not have pay2win elements but there is. It is false advertising.
  13. So DEV's how about to finaly keep your promise...

    Im with you op on this one. Maybe they think clan pvp is an additional source lol. But now u also need moonstones for buying msp keys if you want evolved stones. Sure you could sell the extra materials to buy moonstones but thats bad :(
  14. Unity

    On big number, 2 per 2 seems winner from the data collected but without having data from the game i can not be sure. There is no clear loss/win from doing other methods...but at least i am talking with a huge collaborative sample. But you can try the other method then are harmless. In europe, we have nationnal lottery 2€ for tens of millions and european lottery for hundred millions. Not sure what you are talking about =). I think you dont get my point. I play a game because it was ADVERTISED as not pay2win : That i would never have to face a paywall for anything. But i can not compete in many aspect of the game because i can not PAY for max unity which is clearly permanent stat & power increases that one can not get before the end of the current season hence loosing to pay2win players which get the hmcoin we can not get. I could enjoy a long term upgrade, for example : - i enjoy farming my unity level which nobody can shortcut (yet). I would have liked a weekly limit or daily average instead of a daily limit but thats being picky. - i enjoy farming CM which is on how good you drive (altough there is a bonus if you kill it early) and psyche which is also about farming hard mode dungeon (which dont require max gear). And on this one we dont have psyche in trove (yet?) while KR have it in trove. - i enjoy farming raids altough you can shortcut the soulshield farm with money but you could also buy all the soulshields that drop and by the end of season everybody have it so its ok. - soul, heart, pet, talisman are made with materials you can buy in F5 so if you are long time player you can usually afford and trove/boxes with help newcomers to catch up. At most, troving would put you 1 to 3 month ahead of others so you can catch up before season end. But on unity stones it is years ahead which put you outside of competition for F11 and you loose many k of hmcoins ! Its fine you can enjoy the game knowing you'll never achieve top ranks. But i am not fine with it and many are not fine with it, just look at the reddit i posted there are only negative comments on the fact a pay2win got it day one while we will need years to achieve it.