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  1. Agree! Especially since they're no longer a 1 time use cosmetic, no reason not to be bound to account.
  2. This isn’t really anything important, I was just curious if this hat had shown up in the store or an event in recent history. Been eyeballing it for awhile in the wardrobe but hadn’t seen it pop up anywhere d:
  3. Friendly reminder that next to pinchy are bombs that can interrupt players without having to be in a faction uniform c: something that can’t be fought back/protected against
  4. Got mah lil cowboy all made and ready to go~!
  5. Thanks for the notice! Could finally store all those pesky costumes hogging up inventory space
  6. If you check out part 2 of their recent update stream I believe they preview the skin for all the classes :D
  7. i know what ya mean owo started picking up playing again recently and was a little sad at some of them that I missed
  8. fingers crossed for Friday! there's a severe lack of cat costumes as well.....
  9. those new ears ;o; they're all so precious! wans em naow
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