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  1. Not nice, but yeah, db has nice burst, I agree :).
  2. Nope there won't, you either deal with it or leave the game :).
  3. Oh, now I see the practice, one person was afk in my run... but he wasn't just afk, he probably was doing it on 2 accs ;)... so he was semi afk :D. But still it was one person.
  4. Seemes like you are unlucky.
  5. Not everyone :). I just give you solution for your imaginary problem, as almost noone is afking in koldraks, at least not the ones that I'm doing.
  6. I don't have statistics, but I can assume most ppl that play and spend on this game are cheating in one or the other (macros, xmls, etc.), so it was probably conscious decision to give them the backdoor possibility.
  7. Are you serious? I don't think you are. Who benefits from these items not being account bound? Noone, not even ncsoft to be honest, because the items and content is super outdated. They could even give items from this raid for completing story and almost noone would care.
  8. How can new player farm newest hard modes? First you say that 7500/3 days, now you say that you can open 2-3 boxes. I think you have said 7.5k gold/ 3 days from the point of ultra hardcore super geared whale... which probably could be possible and maybe even more. But you tried to sell this idea of 7.5k gold/3 days to someone with 1147 ap... now tell me - you weren't just trolling?
  9. I believe in your math (no time to check it and confirm if it's right). But how you assume that normal player can win 50% of the games? If someone is bad in pvp he won't be able to win more than 5% of the games. If he is average he can probably win around 40%. In the past you required particular rank to get best chest, and bad or even average player won't get higher than silver (bad will stay in bronze). And still - this is idea for pvp players, what about pve players? Or you say that one have to do massive amount of content he don't enjoy to get gold?
  10. So let's say someone would do it 24/7... how much he would get in 3 days? If you are bad in PvP and play 1v1, you win maybe 5% of matches. If you are talking about battlegrounds, then yeah, there will be something like 50%, but how many hours you will actually be able to play daily?
  11. You are completely wrong. This would make ncsoft poor af but if they provided something like this for all raids except the newest one or two, many people would be happy to carry new players and the population of them could increase.
  12. I agree with everything you have written up except... how you getting 7.5k gold in 3 days? I really would like to know thew mystery behind this :D. We are talking obviously about new player here.
  13. Both servers are still pretty populated but sadly ncsoft is doing everything they can to lose playerbase.
  14. It can change but tell me, do you think this is reasonable price?
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