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  1. Nightfall Sanctuary Raid with HM14

    How can new player farm newest hard modes? First you say that 7500/3 days, now you say that you can open 2-3 boxes. I think you have said 7.5k gold/ 3 days from the point of ultra hardcore super geared whale... which probably could be possible and maybe even more. But you tried to sell this idea of 7.5k gold/3 days to someone with 1147 ap... now tell me - you weren't just trolling?
  2. Nightfall Sanctuary Raid with HM14

    I believe in your math (no time to check it and confirm if it's right). But how you assume that normal player can win 50% of the games? If someone is bad in pvp he won't be able to win more than 5% of the games. If he is average he can probably win around 40%. In the past you required particular rank to get best chest, and bad or even average player won't get higher than silver (bad will stay in bronze). And still - this is idea for pvp players, what about pve players? Or you say that one have to do massive amount of content he don't enjoy to get gold?
  3. Nightfall Sanctuary Raid with HM14

    So let's say someone would do it 24/7... how much he would get in 3 days? If you are bad in PvP and play 1v1, you win maybe 5% of matches. If you are talking about battlegrounds, then yeah, there will be something like 50%, but how many hours you will actually be able to play daily?
  4. Bound Raids Suggestion.

    You are completely wrong. This would make ncsoft poor af but if they provided something like this for all raids except the newest one or two, many people would be happy to carry new players and the population of them could increase.
  5. Nightfall Sanctuary Raid with HM14

    I agree with everything you have written up except... how you getting 7.5k gold in 3 days? I really would like to know thew mystery behind this :D. We are talking obviously about new player here.
  6. Returning player with a question

    Both servers are still pretty populated but sadly ncsoft is doing everything they can to lose playerbase.

    No, it wouldn't.
  8. Stream VS Patch notes

    It can change but tell me, do you think this is reasonable price?
  9. Okay listen here sunshine...

    So they should lie, that they are working on it? I'm not sure how exactly it works in NC West but I suppose they get build from korea, and they just deploy it.
  10. f8

    I have no problems finding people, unless I'm going pretty late or pretty early.
  11. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    It's nice to give suggestion but please, try to be realistic. This game is and will stay p2w... we are just fighting to get things to at least what was before... or to actually get these so called "easy dungeons" and not just name changed normal dungeons with halved gold reward. But yeah, if all of these points were introduced it would be probably much better game... though it would die pretty fast cause there wouldn't be enough profit and NCSoft is known as a company that easly cut off not profitable games off.
  12. Do you even care at this point?

    Come on man, be straight with us. Are they paying you to lie to us and make most unbelievable excuses? In the past I sometimes defended your actions but this time there is nothing to defend. You straight up lied.
  13. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I'm usually a positive person but this... this is just a joke. Was going to buy trove keys... but now I'm just unsubscribing my premium. Good job NCSoft.
  14. Floor 20 Yunsang

    They are same, the only difference is we have much more dps so it means if e don't have enough dps we can hit moment hen there are 2 mechs going almost at the same time.
  15. Orb is like 15-20 gold (or maybe even more), so yeah, giving drop to someone who used the orb is just pure courtesy. If you don't do that don't be surprised if someone calls you "❤ ❤ ❤ ❤" or something similar.