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  1. f8

    I have no problems finding people, unless I'm going pretty late or pretty early.
  2. Treasure Trove Guide

    I understand what you are talking about but you know - you could talk in more pelasent manner. People can do which their money whatever they want and it doesn't give you right to judge them.
  3. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    It's nice to give suggestion but please, try to be realistic. This game is and will stay p2w... we are just fighting to get things to at least what was before... or to actually get these so called "easy dungeons" and not just name changed normal dungeons with halved gold reward. But yeah, if all of these points were introduced it would be probably much better game... though it would die pretty fast cause there wouldn't be enough profit and NCSoft is known as a company that easly cut off not profitable games off.
  4. Treasure Trove Guide

    And who are you to tell people how to spend their money? Though after what they did I wouldn't spend single $ on this game... unless they will stop lying.
  5. Do you even care at this point?

    Come on man, be straight with us. Are they paying you to lie to us and make most unbelievable excuses? In the past I sometimes defended your actions but this time there is nothing to defend. You straight up lied.
  6. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I'm usually a positive person but this... this is just a joke. Was going to buy trove keys... but now I'm just unsubscribing my premium. Good job NCSoft.
  7. Floor 20 Yunsang

    They are same, the only difference is we have much more dps so it means if e don't have enough dps we can hit moment hen there are 2 mechs going almost at the same time.
  8. Orb is like 15-20 gold (or maybe even more), so yeah, giving drop to someone who used the orb is just pure courtesy. If you don't do that don't be surprised if someone calls you "❤ ❤ ❤ ❤" or something similar.
  9. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    The game is p2w but in the same time it has much to offer to f2p players. The thing is you have to invest time and actually try a little to learn mechanics and do dungeons and raids by yourself not just count on high geared people to carry you. I have around 1m dps and can't clear the 4th stage, well ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ happens. It's my bad that I didn't put more time and commitment to actually go for TT. With even half TT gear this event is easily doable and half TT gear is not as hard to get as some people claim. The problem is laziness. And yes as I stated, the game is p2w. You can actually p2w to get almost full endgame gear in one day. But the game was p2w from the start so I really have no idea why you complain. If you don't have fun playing it then just quit. Games are supposed to be played to have fun and if it makes you rage and flame then it's probably time to think if it's actually game for you.
  10. What's your way of dealing with people that bid when it's moml? Or you just avoid moml and do it alone just to be safe?
  11. Biggest SCAM/ FAKE NEWS 2019

    Well it's a problem, but it's pretty small. Seriously. Comparing it to losing money in bank is just hilarious.
  12. Biggest SCAM/ FAKE NEWS 2019

    It looks more like he is just angry kid from my perspective.\ Devs made error, but they apologized.
  13. Biggest SCAM/ FAKE NEWS 2019

    Wow, why you are so angry :O?
  14. How does the Masked Hero even work?

    It worked for me everytime unless someone messed up.
  15. No problem, I understand that there are sometimes technical issues so no problem and don't worry about all this flamers on the forum ;).