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  1. Please can you update the bound to account items, it feels like this has not been done for a very long time. 1) Scarlet Conservatory - released in May 2019, we now have 2 newer raids after this. All items from Scarlet Conservatory except for outfits should be bound to account by now, this raid is nearly 2 and a half years old. Scarlet bloom, blood roses, soul shields, badge, necklace and weapon material need to be bound to account Doing this will also discourage selling items from this raid to newer players so they can gear up faster and not feel like they hit a wall with gear and d
  2. Same problem and my clan members are having the same issue, everyday to go through my characters to check the daily trove key. I end up disconnecting 50% of the time when switching. It's quite frustrating having to constantly relaunch the game when changing characters. @Hime Please can this issue be investigated and patched, changing character is causing disconnects since UE4 Thanks
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