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  1. Battleground matchmaking

    ah i found the wey, just make dragonforge 3 weapon,,,you donw you will play with dragonforge only rly GJ NCsoft team
  2. will you do anythink for balance in lobby? or still will play all dragon forge items together vs other one? i just ask if can i register to battlegrount without TOP gear is so hard to you create any faking gear score or? if yes you can use BNS buddy i have gear score here so you can make it for balance :-/ but i can see your problem with fix gunner so battleground balance will never change... ty for any answer (but i dont get it, maximaly you will delete this topic)
  3. 6vs6 MATCHMAKING?!

    agree now my biggest HM lvl was 13 and enemy lowest was 16 :D full dragon forge vs ascendant maximaly :D and much of PPL say this matchmaking is insane :-/ and admins still do nothink :-/