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  1. I'm stuck at orange quest, chp 6:Rage & Ruin. Do you think I can do the NS raid with HM14, 1147ap? What's the minumum requirements to enter the raid? Do I have to level up further?
  2. Add an AFK report function

    Wished they could tell the difference btwn AFK and Stuck at Loading Screen. Got reported for afk in ToM😧 Was loading into the game room and it was just nice they finished the quest that I finally got into the room
  3. Character beauty contest for fun

    My WL Jin Here, have a booty shot and my BD Lyn
  4. Photogenic Characters

    My Jin Main, WL (I swear i love the background) My Lyn, BD (juz another Troubled Child) My Lyn, SM Gotta delete this cutie soon to make space for another class that will prolly come out next year Q^Q
  5. In Memory of the Eight Masters

    You made my day.
  6. In Memory of the Eight Masters

    Well some spoiler stated that the name of the Eighth master is Julia/Yulia. Well They're still called the Eight Masters :c
  7. NCSoft .... Please MORE OF THIS

    I feel like that song would go well with the sacrifice of the Eight Masters. Tell me what u guys think. Sorry if its blur ><
  8. Hey guys, check out the video I made at 3am while crying. I'm gonna miss Madun and Leerok. Tell me what u guys think^^
  9. Yu Chun is bae ♥

    He took my heart the moment he made his flawless entrance <3
  10. random rude players or trolls?

    I have to admit. They're a bunch of jerks. I encountered the same situation. Had my first run in Naryu Lab and i was being carried by ppl who's already HM3-5. Okay. So here's the prob, I was bidding for the soul shields, thinking that "Oh maybe i could get it at a lower price since all of them had already gotten theirs". I swear to god I literally checked everyone's soul shield. But Noooo~~ they decided to make my 1st exp in naryu a piece of shit. They outbid me. Not once but Twice on the same soul shield by the same person. In the end, i left Naryu empty handed and feeling like a piece of rag that was juz used to wipe the butt and since then, i never tried Naryu again lol
  11. NCSoft .... Please MORE OF THIS

    Added to my lullaby
  12. Dark Pirate King??

    The MM boxes does it have the brilliant version? Im still not getting it despite my 15+ runs and 300+ spins. Do i nid to get struck by lightning to get lucky? GDI rng
  13. log in issue

    Same problem. Tho i got pass the "repairing file" Juz that i always get disconnected at the loading screen. So far it's my 6th time restarting the launcher
  14. Outfit drop is soo bad <feelsbadman>

    Im currently farming MM for the dark pirate outfit. Still no luck sigh
  15. Would love if you guys checked this out <3

    Love the way you slide. Truly mesmerizing. Keep up the good work. Hopefully you'll gain more viewers