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Northern Continent Battle Pass Wrong Duration of Completion


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The new Northern Continent Battle Pass (not the Costume Battle Pass) had a wrong duration of completion, it was mistakenly set for 1 week only instead of 1 month. 

It can only be completed by playing at least 3 weeks worth of content (trading in Northern Continent Honor Coins x330).


29/03/2022 : The Northern Continent Battle Pass Tab suddenly disappeared from the Battle Pass Interface before maintenance schedule.


Hopefully there is a fix after maintenance....

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Not only was the end time for this battle pass weirdly-selected, it also was wrong: it ended hours before the listed time. That seems like a weird business plan, since most people aren't going to buy a battlepass until they know they have all content unlocked, and requiring doing the Chaos Supply Chain daily quest 14 times in less than 17 days left very little leeway, anyone who missed just three days of that quest were still finishing the battle pass today.

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Because of the patch delay, again they messed up with the other things as both battle passes, and because of that me and probably some other players, didnt get the points for finish the story, my case I ve done all the story but I am mssing the rewards from chapter 5,6,7 and 8 im one of my characters, and all the support told me was that they are investigating...imagine if they going to do such thing, I can sit and wait for a long long time xD and btw I dont think this is a bug, it is a a total mess from their side.

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