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  1. Unfortunately no, I have not. Both are big problems, both ruins the game and makes us waste our time.
  2. Of course it matters. Before the afk mess started, I could do koldrak with 13+ characters. Now because of afk @@@ + disconnects I manage to do on average 7-8 characters per day.
  3. Yeah, but it's like random, sometimes i can reconnect immediately, sometimes it takes more than 5 minutes, now i gave up and even don't try anymore but just wait kolrak time ends. This ### just drives me crazy.
  4. A very familiar situation. Often, when i'm kicked out on character switching during Koldrak time, i even can't connect back at all, until Koldrak time ends, if ever i try it keeps kicking me out on pin code 🤬
  5. When i play bns i don't download anything and nothing else running on my PC. Already tried restarting and tons of imaginable solutions. Personally i play since the first day of closed beta EU and never had this problem until the second week after ue4 was launched. A lot of people are in the same case, i would even say everybody. Everyone who plays like every day, and has like 14 characters and switching often, experiencing disconnects, in best case once/day. Some days when i try to do Koldrak with 3 characters, i have 3/3 disconnects in a row, especially during the weekend. So I'm sure in my
  6. Yeah, not even a word. To tag them, you type @ then you type moderator's nickname, then you select in the list. I personally did it pretty everywhere where this problem is mentioned, but zero answer 😡
  7. So, you think 32gb RAM + 2 NVMe 1tb each is not enough? 😄 Well, seriously, it's not RAM problem, but 100% game problem.
  8. We are waiting for an answer to this question for months. Moderators are just ignoring this problem and any question about, despite the fact that they have been tagged many times
  9. maybe network connection or firewall or something like this?
  10. I guess they have to hire people to track this, but we all know the generosity of this company, so this is unlikely to happen.
  11. I would be happy if no one had any problems in the game, but it seems NC will not fix the problem reported by 3 people only. This problem does not even appear in the list of known issues. So instead of just standing afk, you also have an option to report the problem and insist till they fix it. More we are, more chances to get something. If you find it difficult to write threads, then at least support others by putting "likes".
  12. I doubt that anyone will buy something here when they find out that when changing characters the game closes, and when they try to enter again, a black screen occurs. People leave every day, and until these bugs are fixed, nothing will help.
  13. You call it helping, but you're taking the place of someone who maybe could do some dps, so this is not help, but your role. I agree, the situation is very bad. But what happens when those who can fight and carry others start to leave seeing a slow decrease in hp? This is already happening. Will you stand there for 25 minutes or forever? Personally, I can do without a koldrak for dc, I have no serious problems during a koldrak fight, except for crashes when changing a character, I already have a gilded hexa garnet... When I see several afk people, I quit. I just don’t want to do their job for
  14. To help whom and with what?
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