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  1. It's gayageum, a traditional Korean plucked zither 🤓
  2. Any dungeon i do from soul boost doesn't add points.
  3. Settings - Game - interface - uncheck "Auto Skip Dungeon Cutscenes"
  4. Gems vouchers (not the pet ones) are the only thing i buy there and i buy it with hmcoins. I dont want to wait for months or spend my life on poharan to get an octa gem 🙂. Soul boost just gives penta character bound gems.
  5. Hello, I am 55 in class ranking, but no Conquest Tokens in rewards today. is it normal ? Thanks for an answer. @Green Storm
  6. I was answering to what Uldrum said, not what you said. I am ranked in ToI and demonsbane. I can enter toi, although I could not last or the week before (I don’t remember).
  7. I wasn't ranked in shrine or den. I can go to the shrine (tried only easy mode), but not to the den. Totally incomprehensible thing.😢
  8. I got butterfly effect outfit and hair clip way earlier, like 2016-2017. I don't remember where i got it. So if you say it also was in trove in 2020, maybe it will be back one day :d
  9. Exactly. At this point i prefer to forget that damn heart, but i won't give a cent to NCthing. Long time ago i stopped to buy trove expansions, keys, boxes and other ptw stuff and today i am sure i did the right choice.
  10. I entered once, never cleared it, but cant get in since the bug..
  11. @Green Storm Could we have any answer please?
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