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  1. I bet @hime is packing her stuffs, lol, like wtf can she even say....
  2. They will care once all STOP buying Ncoins and cancel your subs, thats the only way, Money is power.
  3. I got the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤$$$$ing reply, u know what NC, just shut the #@$$@%@#$@#$ game down and everyone will be happy!
  4. its funny how NC patched a bug with the emojis thing within the next day, and for this, how long did it take???
  5. Way of handling the exploit

    lol in a normal company, u just fk do an emergency maint for 30 min...problem solved.....but u know NCW prob one of the laziest company ever!
  6. Nop, its NC, so probably in the next patch and NC needs to UPS the game to KR and KR needs to UPS back to NA so, its gonna take probably over 2 months ^^
  7. Trove baby, this company is beyond help....they care ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  8. Ebon Realm Ramnant

    and prob wont get fixed anytime soon cause of corona virus...everyone is on vacation........
  9. Ebon Realm Ramnant

    yesterday bought 10 pet packs...... now it says 10/10....can this game get any FK worse??????
  10. Weapon "reductions"

    Sorry budy, fix will come till next patch arrives lol, NC only do EMERGENCY fix if its related to currency/NC card/NCoin, anything that is related to NC-Wallet, other than that, GOOD LUCK
  11. I get this error message when launching the launcher(new one) "Failed to read content data from the update server. Check your network environment (ISP authentication, NAC, firewall, antivirus and other settings) and try again." anyone knows what the problem is?, checked my antivirus, firewall, they seems fine.
  12. BTW, Mistakes aren't bugs. No one is talking about bugs, but good for you after they trash you with anything and still ok with it, then GOD BLESS YOU.
  13. So in other words, what you wanted to say is "LET THEM DO WHATEVER THEY WANT", and for you to not ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ at them, you must be JESUS, or a fat whale that don't care much since I can just swipe the cards or maybe you have so much free time that you can farm the mats again. BTW, did you know everytime they make changes to the game, they also FK it up all time. Like I said u gotta be a SAINT to not complain about the time and money spent into something, when they decide to shoot you on the back the next day by giving you some cheap excuses.
  14. I've seen you defending NCW regards to this update quite a bit, but my fault for waiting???? with all the respect, does NCW pays to defend them??? when they clearly said those items are going to be exchangeable for the new ones(we just didnt know the exchange rate) instead of selling them for a FK copper. Why would i be mad at myself? Will you be mad at yourself if your parents promised you something nice for tomorrow, but they decided to throw a rock at your face instead, will you be mad at yourself??? Hellllo, you gotta be mad at yourself for believing your parents right?.
  15. Saved all the mats, waiting to see if there are any changes regards to mats reduction in transmuting oils after the patch........and you are telling me all the demon spirit stones is GARBAGE NOW, after your FK promises on the stream....... THANK YOU FOR FOR THE FK COMPENSATION FOR A WEEK, ONE ORB AND AND RESET, WHY THE FK YOU GIVING PPL A RESET IF THEY HAVE ONLY ONE ORB TO ENTER THE DUNGEON OOPS SORRY FORGOT THE TROVE IS ACTIVE HAHAHHAA NICE BAIT, USE THE DAM FK BRAIN...... WELL, GOTTA SAY, MY SSD IS RUNNY OUT OF SPACE SO THANKS TO YOUR SCAMS I CAN LET THIS ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ GO.