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  1. so the new way to upgrade just got more ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ expensive, 10 oils or 10 scale fragments. Current oils price is about 550g, while a "sealed" scale fragment is 2k to 2.3k each, just WOW
  2. as the title says, is there an error on this? 1 scale = to 1 scale fragment. Anyone knows is it a bug?
  3. my characters arent banned, otherwise i wouldn't able to access them.
  4. Does anyone have any issue in getting the reward? I was able to collect the reward on a character this morning, logged in tonight, and my other 2 characters are ranked and dont see the reward window.
  5. I careless about how many a day, week, month, year, I was just pointing out their Fk mistakes.
  6. PST crystal 1 per week, instead of 1 per day https://ibb.co/2kgZpJz
  7. I bet @hime is packing her stuffs, lol, like wtf can she even say....
  8. They will care once all STOP buying Ncoins and cancel your subs, thats the only way, Money is power.
  9. I got the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤$$$$ing reply, u know what NC, just shut the #@$$@%@#$@#$ game down and everyone will be happy!
  10. its funny how NC patched a bug with the emojis thing within the next day, and for this, how long did it take???
  11. lol in a normal company, u just fk do an emergency maint for 30 min...problem solved.....but u know NCW prob one of the laziest company ever!
  12. Nop, its NC, so probably in the next patch and NC needs to UPS the game to KR and KR needs to UPS back to NA so, its gonna take probably over 2 months ^^
  13. Trove baby, this company is beyond help....they care ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  14. and prob wont get fixed anytime soon cause of corona virus...everyone is on vacation........
  15. yesterday bought 10 pet packs...... now it says 10/10....can this game get any FK worse??????
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