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Can't Login anywhere after game crashed in new Event Wind Chaser


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I made 5 characters, for each character I was disconnected and forced to restart the game.
I have to return after the event on each character to collect my reward too (50 coins with the quest).

Added to this:
- New random disconnection when changing character
- AND the bug of the random black screen when starting the game which forces me to restart my pc is back.  (I had not seen this bug for several months).


I know this is a known issue but there are other bugs that came with this update

I hope this will be fixed quickly because it is absolutely not pleasant. It's sad because the event is cool.


Thanks for reading me

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15 hours ago, Pimboli said:

Same as Lillvargen, i've been crashing after every run today, while i had no issue on Saturday. 🏃‍♂️💣

Monday Edit: I tried joining the race from a different location, a quieter one.  On Sunday, when the crashes occurred, i joined from Ajanara Monastery which is usually pretty crowded. This morning, on the 1.00 am round, i joined the race from Hogshead Hamlet, a quiet location, and i crashed only once out of 6-7 runs.

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After the latest patch the crashes has become quite random: sometimes I crash after every run, other times I can do a whole session without a single crash. When the game crashes after the race it is also different: previously it crashed directly after pressing the "Exit" button to leave the race with an error message, but lately it starts to load the game and the crash occures right when I would gain control of my character (sometimes I don't even get a loading screen, it just shows how the terrain is slowly loaded where my character is at the moment).


But now it got even worse. During the previous race at 19:00 CET I again crashed after every single race but now I also got stuck on the loading screen with the "Connecting" message for about a minute (I guess a lot of players tried to enter the same time) so in the end I managed to do only 5 runs during the 30 minute period.


I really hope these issues will get fixed. The event is fun but these problems are destroying it completely.

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