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  1. Starcaller RNG Box

    I so agree with that, it's a form of scam but as long as it's presented as a legitimate kind of business and as long as it's done with our own consent, the "scam aspect" of it all will remain obscured. When you love a game and want to enjoy it to the fullest, it's not always easy not to give in to the temptation of buying a few boxes.
  2. returning player

    Hello Zodi, I suggest you join these discord groups : https://discord.gg/Vf4UCk https://discord.gg/eHcATJ I got a lot of help from people there, and i'm sure they'd be happy to provide you with all the information you need to help you get back on track :) Have fun
  3. Server Consolidation — May 1

    I personally like populated servers, with a diversity of players from various backgrounds and from all corners of the world, i do love that kind of environment but i'm afraid of the lag it might cause.
  4. Thanks

    The current event is different from what we are used to as B&S players, as most of them are usually accessible and do-able by all players, new comers and veterans, alts & mains, no matter our gear level and experience of the game. It gave no privilege / advantage to geared players over ungeared or unskilled ones, and, in my opinion, it's part of the charms and appeals of most B&S events in general. Now we don't really know or agree on what should be the purpose of our in-game events: it could be just having fun, or making it easier for players who are behind to catch up with older players so all can enjoy the new content, or other various purposes. It can happen that our purposes don't match with the company's or diverge among players: in that case, i guess we should discuss it and communicate about it in a mature / adult way with honesty and regard towards each other's perspective / point of view, we can express our preferences or why we don't enjoy an event in particular without discrediting or belittling the opinion or way of playing / enjoying the game of other players. And to those who seem to enjoy feeling superior to other players or privileged / part of the elite of the game, just cause they're more skilled or geared or supposedly "smarter" than the average, consider this observation "you never look good trying to make someone else look bad" and the universal rule "we rise by lifting others". You can be competitive without being toxic.
  5. I checked twitter, and they're aware of the issue and are looking into it:
  6. This one looks really cute. There's also the hello kitty outfit that i would love to be able to get, from a jackpot or by buying it from the hongmoon store. Pictures of the outfit were posted in an old thread, here:
  7. Thank you for asking I'd love to have - Howl at the Moon - on my Lyn, 1st choice :) 2nd choices: - Cotton Candy - Secret Keeper - Colorful skills - Midnight Action Hero (all those were available in the Hongmoon store, they were not event costumes, if i remember right)
  8. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Hello everyone, I understand the frustration and the anger, but man, the way some of us act entitled and allow themselves to be insulting towards the staff is mind-boggling. One can ask for compensation and justice in a respectful way. That being said, good news for all: Thanks to the players who raised the issue and respectfully requested a compensation without giving themselves the "right" to demean or insult other people / the staff.
  9. That's awesome, thank you!
  10. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    You & Johnathan will be missed, your cuteness and cheerfulness were a breath of fresh air. You brought nothing but great / positive things to the community. Thank you for your presence & work. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. <3
  11. Hello everyone, Thank you for the livestream, it felt very different without @Liinxy and @Babbletr0n, they will be missed for sure. I have 2 questions please: 1 - Are the stats gonna be equalized in the new pvp / battle-royale area ? 2 - Are we gonna have the pleasure to enjoy having a house / estate in Blade & Soul anytime soon, or no plan yet ? Thank you for your time & work. :)
  12. New classes ideas thread

    I'd love to be able to play a similar kind of class as the new one introduced in Aion 7.0
  13. Hello everyone, It might be too much to ask since we already have some good events coming up this wednesday, but it would be really nice to get a little extra daily gift (like unique cosmetics, mats, pets etc.) from a B&S advent calendar, free for all! (It's not a request as I'm not feeling entitled to that, just a suggestion. )
  14. I'm looking forward to that, thanks for the good news Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  15. Hello everyone, I haven't searched the forum to check whether the topic was addressed before, but I think it would be really fun to be able to take part to a 6vs6 battleground without having to care whether we're geared enough or not. Same as the 1vs1 arena, where stats are equalized, but in a group of 6 (random) people. If i remember right, we used to have that kind of battleground in Tera, and it was a lot of fun, in spite of the occasional trolling / toxicity of some players.