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  1. AFK fix

    Effective action should be taken against afk-ers, it's getting really annoying to have them in a party without being able to kick them. Probably one of the main reasons they allow themselves to go afk is that they know nothing can be done against them (except for fair-players to report them). May be Auto-kick should be considered as a possible fix in the future, without affecting those who are stuck in loading screen (there's a system like that in Tera for those who played it, after a certain amount of time of inactivity, players get automatically kicked out of the instance).
  2. Outfit wishlist

    I have a special crush on that one (above), i'd love to have it too. ٩◔‿◔۶ And this one too: :
  3. Wow! Amazing style! Are you taking commissions ? :p
  4. Photogenic Characters

    I find my gunner pretty photogenic, especially in that gorgeous Artisan outfit (´⌣`ʃƪ)
  5. This sounds so true to me. The way we're reacting to the event as a community is simply mind-boggling. Just for a little +1 ap glowing heart we insult, we disrespect and we literally shit on each other, with no shame. The fact that it's just a game doesn't make bullying, abuse and disrespect legitimate, we're not role -playing here. I wouldn't blame NCsoft for the toxicity of our community, but that kind of event doesn't make things better. It seems so obvious to me that all it favors is abuse and toxicity, bragging and showing off. It's like our vices are exploited for profit purposes. That being said, this would be unfair not to mention that NCsoft gave us the possibility to acquire one of the prettiest outfits for just 12 valentine chocolates (the Artisan outfit, one of my favorite outfits, so i'm grateful) as well as the possibility to acquire sacred oils for 25 valentine chocolates, and for that, thank you.
  6. Raven reduction? Question

    I'm hoping for a reduction from Baleful to Raven :)
  7. trove+viper cap event

    Hey, I was wondering the same so I went to check the news section of the site. Enemy Silence is right: - Frozen Vipercap Cavern ends January 17th - Treasure Trove ends today, January 10th.
  8. 2000 key trove results and thoughts

    Some players, even if they wanted to do it, they couldn't afford it, so seeing other players exposing/sharing their "wealth" in the forums or in social media can be frustrating, even if their initial purpose is to help other people figure out the rng. One of the things I find negative about that kind of event is that it creates/favors jealousy and envy in an already pretty toxic community. That wasn't needed.
  9. Helpful Blade & Soul Community Sites

    I really liked your guides and I think it would be a good idea to share them here too, or maybe just share the link to the thread where you originally posted the guides. 12/6/2017 New Content Guides - Hollow's Heart, Starstone Mines, Outlaw's Island - by Dreamslayer
  10. Thank you for your effort Dreamslayer, I just quickly went through your guides and I found them clear and well illustrated, thank you. :)
  11. Hello everyone, As I couldn't find any thread where we could gather our requests for our favorite costumes to be made available for purchase in the Hongmoon store, I decided to open one. :D I would love to be able to buy Sweet Treat from the store, as I missed it when it was available a few months ago.
  12. Achievement event

    Like Na Ahri mentioned, the achievement will remain after the event. Cyan gave an official answer to the question on a previous thread, you can check it here:
  13. Status of Servers

    I would really appreciate an update on that too. I've been getting a lot of dc's over the last couple of days and loading screen takes ages to load.
  14. They posted a tweet a few minutes ago saying they're aware of the issue and they're working on it: Blade & Soul Ops last tweet
  15. Game is not loading.

    I'm having the exact same problem (EU server).