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  1. To recreate or not?

    If i remember right: it's 19 Hongmoon Coins per stamp (it will cost you 54 HM coins in total). You can trade your in-game currency (gold) for Hongmoon coins through the currency exchange service (available in-game, if you press F9 or one of the F's - I can't remember the exact F key we need to press to open it). In order to purchase your stamps, press I to open your inventory and one of the icons in the bottom leads you to the Hongmoon store. The stamps are available in the "services" tab. Once you get the stamps, mail your costume to the toon of your choice and the stamps will be used automatically.
  2. To recreate or not?

    Yes you can mail the temptation outfit to any other of your toons (from same account) with the outfit delivery stamps (you need 6 of them). I did it on my toons, so it should work for you too hopefully. :)
  3. To recreate or not?

    Hey and welcome back, You could create a new summoner that suits your taste and just buy 6 stamps to send your outfit to your new toon, it would be less expensive than buying a character alteration voucher and leveling up is pretty easy these days.
  4. I got a key from alienware arena that worked and got activated and another key from steelseries that's not working. I tried to activate it several times until code activation got disabled "for security reasons". It's probably due to the fact that one same account can not get more than one Eternal night Premium bundle key.
  5. I'm saving my HM coins hoping to buy one of the hello kitty costumes, they're the cutest
  6. This is Huge! Future Plans for B&S.

    It would be fun to have housing introduced into BnS
  7. [News] Eternal Night Release Delay

    Thanks so much SayhaSeer. :)
  8. [News] Eternal Night Release Delay

    I haven't reached the final stage of my jackpot, am I still gonna be able to open it every 10 hours till May 9 ? Thanks for answer. :)
  9. Photogenic Characters

    Here's my cute Lyn gunslinger (sorry about the huge filmora watermark, it comes with the free trial version of the video editor)
  10. Forum Emoticons Now Available

    is crafting
  11. AFK fix

    Effective action should be taken against afk-ers, it's getting really annoying to have them in a party without being able to kick them. Probably one of the main reasons they allow themselves to go afk is that they know nothing can be done against them (except for fair-players to report them). May be Auto-kick should be considered as a possible fix in the future, without affecting those who are stuck in loading screen (there's a system like that in Tera for those who played it, after a certain amount of time of inactivity, players get automatically kicked out of the instance).
  12. Outfit wishlist

    I have a special crush on that one (above), i'd love to have it too. ٩◔‿◔۶ And this one too: :
  13. Wow! Amazing style! Are you taking commissions ? :p
  14. Photogenic Characters

    I find my gunner pretty photogenic, especially in that gorgeous Artisan outfit (´⌣`ʃƪ)
  15. This sounds so true to me. The way we're reacting to the event as a community is simply mind-boggling. Just for a little +1 ap glowing heart we insult, we disrespect and we literally shit on each other, with no shame. The fact that it's just a game doesn't make bullying, abuse and disrespect legitimate, we're not role -playing here. I wouldn't blame NCsoft for the toxicity of our community, but that kind of event doesn't make things better. It seems so obvious to me that all it favors is abuse and toxicity, bragging and showing off. It's like our vices are exploited for profit purposes. That being said, this would be unfair not to mention that NCsoft gave us the possibility to acquire one of the prettiest outfits for just 12 valentine chocolates (the Artisan outfit, one of my favorite outfits, so i'm grateful) as well as the possibility to acquire sacred oils for 25 valentine chocolates, and for that, thank you.