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  1. C'est une grande partie des joueurs européen qui seront déçu, vous verrez surement les revenu du serveur européen baisser en même temps que l'arrêt des doublage des voix. Personnellement, j'avais déjà commencé à diminuer l'achat de ncoin et cette décision ne fera qu'empirer les choses. De plus, sans le doublage de la voix, j'arrêterai de me soucier de l'histoire du jeu et je ne ferai que spammer F jusqu'à la fin. Juste triste.
  2. After your message I looked and the reward has now arrived! thank you
  3. Still haven't received mine 😭
  4. Thank you for the effort Green Storm, even if there are mistakes I think you are on the right track. Don't be discouraged by all these hateful comments. Much appreciate the work you do, you have done more than your predecessor in just a few months. Keep it up improving!
  5. Hello, I would like to mention an old unresolved problem with the translation of the voices of the game. The problem seems to have already been addressed on the French version of the forum but nothing seems to happen. So I come here to write it, in English. Since the launch of UE4, September 8, 2021, you continue to translate the voices for the games in French and German but you do it for nothing because it does not work, or at least it works halfway. Even having selected French in the launcher, the game is 75% in English (the voices of the NPCs and the game map). I assume that for th
  6. I think they already start maintenance at 4 am, you can keep dreaming but no one would agree to start earlier, how about you? Would you like? not me.
  7. Don't worry Green Storm, we see the interest and the effort you bring to the game and it is very much appreciated. Thank you
  8. @RyuEx I still have this problem, you are not alone. I contacted support but after several analyzes they asked me to do, I gave up, a game shouldn't do that. However, I can tell you that the problem is random. Personally, by restarting the pc, the games finally open sometimes after 1 restart, sometimes 7. kek If by some miracle the support finds a solution, can you come and let us know? thank you !
  9. And finally, close nvidia panel dont help for black screens. But better FPS maybe..
  10. ok sorry 😞 Review of my day: 8 chars / weekly challenge 2 chars / daily challenge 22 pc restart 4 launcher crash and finally I can finally go to sleep in farm afk, I will surely dream of black screens Thanks NCwest.
  11. Try to close NVIDIA Control pannel before starting the game.. I think it helps
  12. Ils vont surement le réparer quand tout le monde aura quitté le jeux qui sait.
  13. After 8 reboot, it works! what an amazing game
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