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  1. Because it's better to laugh than cry, share yours
  2. I am patient but since UE4 I have been randomly disconnected when changing characters, it starts to be really annoying @Hime Considering the comments here, it seems like an overall issue
  3. Je ne crois pas avoir besoin d'expliquer ou est le problème 😅
  4. @Hime @Hyunkel @Amraith Can I at least have confirmation that there will be no change to this useless event transmutation? I have almost 200 million exp pending... Thank you
  5. 5x 1m XP (2sec cd) + 1 gold = 1x 5m XP (2 sec cd) What's the point of making it except paying 1 gold to save 4 clicks? 🤔 @Hime
  6. Hello, after Wednesday's update, I would like to know if the Sacred Vial, Pet pack and Excellent Reputation Charm will be removed from the available rewards? Do I have to use all of my event tokens now or could I use them for this after the update? Thank you
  7. I have over 400 halloween tokens and they no longer serve me any purpose. As the tokens can be used until December 15th, I waited until after the event to collect the outfits. To my surprise on Wednesday, there is no more transmutation. It is very frustrating. What can you do for us @Hime ?
  8. Faudrait peut-être corriger cela pour que ce soit lisible? :) https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/421374040402296837/754188568578097192/unknown.png
  9. Effectivement la tenue est introuvable. Elle sortira surement bientôt. Par contre je sais pas pourquoi elle est utilisé dans les annonces de l'event en cours. . . . Mais je suis pas surpris tout de même.
  10. I don't see the point of putting any money into this game if I'm not sure I'm keeping the outfits. It's urgent, give me back my outfits, moontide (complete) was expensive, because you persist in making rng boxes.
  11. It lacks materials yes but the biggest problem is not that. The big problem is to have between 5 and 15 fps during the bosses. It's horrible and unplayable. Before this "up" I had 50 fps Give me back my FPS (and my costumes :)
  12. Please make a decision before the 120 ncoin chests event ends. Your final decision will enlighten me as to whether I continue to put money into your games.
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