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  1. He can be found on Mushintower atrium near pvp merchants or Dasary palace around Dragontrader.
  2. Hi o/ You can get it from Dragon Trader Junsorei 2nd layer. The same prize like pvp weapon. Have a good day o/
  3. Hi! If I were you I would check the fire wall to pass through Bns to using it. Because it may not be able to pass all programs. It maybe like: -control panel > system and security > fire wall topic >allowing a program through the firewall >Have a button -Change Settings >Bottom of the window -enable/allow another program >pick NC Launcher 2 This may be different because I used google translator or because our pc is different. Hope it will help. Have a good day o/
  4. Hi! I have a question about the new event. Well, I try to do it, but stuck on 2nd boss. I think it is because has only 2min to hit 18KK hp from boss. Could it be a bug? Sincerely ShaznarilaDera
  5. Heyo/ Well if I were you, I check it Here Map> Moonwater > Mystywoods> A purple arrow point on it. If you couldn't see u can open it with fraction merchant on your fraction/ he will sell you a horn with 50 silver cost, buy it. The merchant it's in mistywood to. I hope i can help.
  6. Hey o/ Well, I think I was wrong. I just want to know that they unite NA and the EU? And how much does it affect the character number? It is not funny:C
  7. Hey o/ Maybe it looks strange, but I'd be curious if the servers are united between NA and EU, what if there are characters on both servers?
  8. Make a sure you deleted all programs from old nclauncher. Then try again.
  9. Hey o/ I had this problem to yesterday. And I fix it with scan button. The new launcher needed to scan old files to repair them, it take a while, but it is worth the wait. I hope i can help. Have a good day o/
  10. Today when i try to defeat The Irontech Forge last Boss, i got fatal freeze to my character death and not me alone, some of my teammates to, when i try it again my game got error and log out by itself.
  11. During these period my problem solved
  12. Hi Today I tried to enter the game: 1. A single short message indicated that I did need to check my net connection and try again It released it twice 2. I can't connect to the server at all I'd like to know this is something maintenance? If it's not please help.
  13. Thank you for answer, It helped a lot. I can contact with Support team and some of my verification codes has arrived yesterday.
  14. When i try to enter to my site or game, the verification code still does not arrive in my e-mail. I try it from 01. 13. 2019 morning to 01. 14. 2019 morning. I would like to know i got banned or else.
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