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Cant enter battleground


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We are currently investigating issues with the 6vs6 Battlegrounds and will let you know as soon as we have more information regarding a resolution. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

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Ye I mean at least ANY kind of update would've been nice.
Apparently when the problem occured there was NO notification from official side at all that at first I thought I was bugged or something.
Then the problem has been posted and 5 (?!!) h later there was a response from official side. After FIVE hours of already BG downtime.
And after that response, nothing. No update in the forum how the situation is, no twitter post, nothing at all and BGs have been down the entire day which is already very poor in itself because I'm quite sure if F10 had been down it would've been fixed half an hour later.

BGs might by far not be the most favored aspect of the game and I can absolutely understand why, but regardless there's still people like me for example that enjoy doing them or at some days AT LEAST want to finish their daily and that BGs have been down the entire day without any notification about the problem itself, how progression to a solution looks like and what not is very poor from official side to be honest.

I really hope that by tomorrow there is AT LEAST some forum post from official side about it and how the situation looks like (but tbh an ENTIRE DAY BG downtime -not because I do BG 24/7 but because it's ridiculous in itself- i really hope the problem is fixed by then).

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