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  1. Does Team Bloodlust wants to quit BnS?

    The title suggests or reads team Bloodlust is quitting? If so, yes they should.
  2. Fire KFM PVP Changes Diminish the Quality of Gameplay

    Atleast you still have one shot. To make you feel better look at ice fm. They no longer have one shot and it is in a limbo as to what is it good for - it is inferior to fire in pve and about equal in 6v6. You didn't get the shortest end of the stick.
  3. Fire FM new bracelet is suck

    Your English sucks
  4. FIX Wl bug

    Pls pls nerf wl.
  5. Wynn, wynn, wynn

    It's for pvp since when you fight certain classes you need a target to switch element or use q and e or ss but if they are on cd and enemy is on stealth you're stuck with the element you have. I find it useful against sin, wl and scummoners. If you don't like it you can disable it.
  6. Nova core needs some changes

    Everything is absurb in this game i.e. classes, optimisation, 6v6, p2w business model... need I say more?
  7. Summoner pvp

    Yes nerf it pls
  8. Pls nerf BDs

    They are still too powerful in 6v6. Pls remove maelstorm conpletely and speed buff and increase cd to approach skills.
  9. Should We Developing a New Class?

    No they need to delete classes one being gunner and nerf wl, bd, des, scummoner,kfm.
  10. do i look ugly??

    Yes ugly. Why do you even ask 😕
  11. Tell Me I'm Beautiful

  12. NO more Elder Dragon Strong box!!!!!

    Yeah you can't get gold from dailies anymore which sucks. Ncshit crapping on players again like usual.
  13. Thanks for this exciting patch... I mean ugh ..

    I'm not a new player but yeah I hate the nerf to gold and daily challenge. They simply are forcing new players to swipe that's all.
  14. EU don't buy rng boxes!!

    With how they have been treating us as if we are second class citizens when it comes to maintenance and big patches I think it's time we give them a taste of their own medicine. Please do not buy!!
  15. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    I doubt the changes to Maelstorm will make them any less broken in 6v6. It is a minor change and they can still resist damage and remove status effects. You can't even root them anymore.