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  1. I kdian gave up on this game already. Game used to be about performance and ping issue which still is not fixed but now has cheaters all over the place, making it not about whaling or spending on the game te thing anymore but how much cheats you can do. And yet nothing is done except excuses and closing thread that discuss about it. And yes more gold for ranking but that mostly will go to cheaters too. Thus now since I did host raids and daily train and didn't feel like abandoning people, I still run them and that all i do actually, I logout afer that. I donno if I even care to do the ev
  2. As far I gave seen nothing has been done about cheaters... they cheat everything, cheat ranking, cheat dps, cheat outfit, cheat boss fights... techinally Bns loses money on cheaters too since they no longer really need to gear up hard or get outfits but seems BnS dont even care either I personally already lost hope
  3. Actaully it quite easy to check it from the server, you could mostly find stuff from just the log files. Game like DCUO that I used to play mainly just uses log files to find and ban cheaters, they don't need useless game guard. When I used to play the game cheaters get banned like within a day or so of tme cheateing, where it be in the forums. I used to also be a network admin and I just check log files and find all kidna trojens (that some downlaoded not knowingly) etc tryng to hack the network or external site trying ti break in and block/remove them. You could also write scripts to
  4. If BNS actaully the poper staff this query should be very easy. Other game do use these kidna methods and have no issues doing it. They also nornmamly post that that found so and so cheaters via their log files and thus ban them.
  5. BnS so useless, can't even get rid of cheaters....or fix anything actually Howeveer there is a workaround I read this on reddit somewhere, I been using this method and it works Before you switch go to f8 main lobby then switch from there, so far I never DC when i do it this way. Remeber: you do need to be at the f8 lobby and NOT in the F8 dungeon, if you do it fom the dungeon you may still DC
  6. on the login part what i mean was there should be a log file for everyone's login then gamegaurd should have a log too so compare the everyone login and game guard logs those who login and has no game guard log is the cheater so just ban this
  7. yeah get an actaul anti chest, not this Game Guard which I also donno what it does except cause issue for those who don't cheat. Or check game guard logs and see who login and don't have gameguard on, and bans those. Those cheaters just ruining the game anyway there is no use to keep them even tho how many they may be. They don't help the game no matter how many they are! and I thnk it may not just be multi tool but could be others too which can bascially all be avoided if the proper anti chest is done. Main focus is to actaully protect all the .xml configuration or remove the client sid
  8. That what happend in DCUO recently and here's the link: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/account-actions-taken-today.320085/ 800 acconts effected and action taken just like that, no whimping out (their player pupulartion isn't that great either but they do care about cheaters) Meanwhile BnS still wants to keep the cheaters ruining the game!
  9. the so called claim to be "thousand" are the ones runing the game by cheating. So they should be removed on the other hand there are so many complains that f5 was not working and other bugs gg caused...so many peopel there ...and thsoe would be thsoe who did not cheat ...so it could be even more who don't cheat unlike what cheaters wanna claim it is.
  10. I suggsted randonly baned a few cheaters, so they can see their fellow cheaters beeing baned and make the rest stop etc and maybe bann more later since I see nothing done yet. On the other hand I am all for even perm ban them all (every single one even tho who claism they are doing it just so they can see dsp meter) and get rid of this diseases of cheating as I said ealier I don't even care if I have to rebuild my raids due to cheaters being banned. I rather have a game that is cheat free. BnS alrady have other issues like ping, performenace and now it's cheaters. So lets get rid of al
  11. I still don't see any body repoting getting banned. These cheaters shouold be banned. If not all just randomly choose some so they can at least learn their lession and not be annoying arrogrant claiming chetaing is like their right to cheat. This would be a good example to the cheaters. I actaully run my own raids and if some of them get banned due to cheating I can rebuild etc and rather do so and have only peopel who don't cheat! I don't mind losing half my raids if it can cleans out this deased of cheating!
  12. the suposed reason for adding gg was to get rid of these cheaters and thus it was alrady decided to remove them no matter how arrogant and many they claim they are.... So lets finish the job and ban all those cheaters now while it easy to detact them
  13. That would be really brilliant if it was the plan, and traped all the cheaters easily. Maybe @Himeshoudl make it be true, if or not it was the plan and banned these people once and for all.
  14. yes @Himeyou should ban anyone who uses the marketplace today and while it still broken since they obviously use bypass
  15. Yeah this gameguard now is useless! Cheaters just by pass it just like that and thus is just aburden on those who don't cheat. add hearbeat and make a system that checks for edited xml and reject it! @Hime
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