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  1. and 1 more hour over that
  2. And getting lazy too, rehash MSP aagain and cooming soon rehash bsh rehash ns I remeber when theer was so much new stuff inclduing open world , 24 player dungs and many dungs per upate. Now even just 1 dunsg per uppate if not those rehash.
  3. Compensation

    I missed having that, other games i play always conpersate when theri maint took too long
  4. Maybe We are all wrong ,NC may mean to do this

    yeah I also in a way think that, beause it's like "here the glitch, emm don't do it ok?" And futher more sometiems I even thnk this game is like purposely trying to kill itself, like doing the recent gold nerfts expceially when mmo loke PSo2 is out in NA. plus many others which is like BnS is tryig t kill itself? sometiems I also wonder are they really trying to kill themselves or could they posible that dumb? I at time find the later a bit hard to believe but could be posiible
  5. Blade & Soul: Divine Break Arrives June 24

    Also besides the issue with gold nerf thus prob no one cares to do dungeons, the new dungon is not in easy mode either, both bosses can still wipe the whole party. I dont minds doing mechs but since it said to be "easy" mode with gold nerf 2x I rather ahve it really be in easy mode
  6. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Instead of giving better incentive to play try and ecaurage to play this game intead of runing off to pso2 etc You do this? Sometimes i wonder, are you secretly trying to shutdown this game? or has that been the plan all along?
  7. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    prob see more people leave the game expecfially since pso2 is out I have a daily group to do daily dung, hopefully they wont leave too. This is way too much gold lost! And it's the top dungeon. On the bright side maybe when more people leave the server can perfrome better?
  8. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    lol that was so funny and true. Yeah that one guy in NA forums! (I know who you refereing to) That really made me laught!
  9. My thoughts about the Hunter Ref

    Just thought I share my opion too I feel the CB even was the best at first it needed you to be fast since boss hp was low and ofcouse lower gear people can't get anything and that was actually changed, boss hp was added so everyone could get in on it I belive almost everyone got some of those 1k Ginseng Then the zewai ruin even was also good I felt, besides the token there was Legendary gem hammers and exp and enought channel for everyone. But now this Hunter Refuge I need to get in like 1-3 seconds, just 5 second is too late. From my testing - the pvp part is like an annoying add on. I mean it's really a pve event since you be killing adds but added pvp making you have to use pvp gear to kill pve adds. - If it was a proper pvp event with pvp goals like games in 6v6 maybe it be less annoying and might be accectable. - If It did not have pvp and everyone could easlily enter like the Zewai Ruins event even if the drop rates be sligly less is would be better. I even had a raid member quit BnS due to getting annoyed with Hunter Refuge thus now had to find a replcemnet for the raids he left. So I perosnally don't think this Hunter Refuge is done well and why not like CB event fix it a bit? maybe add more channels and remove the pvp element?
  10. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    I waited a day to see if the rewards here and still missing The first week we did nothing much and even ran dungs slowly with people afking etc [while we wait] since didnt bother much just did our daily train BUT got 50% rewards Last Week we did more efford and went really did speed runs the , where our time was way faster then the average posted on the web page and got only paricipaion rewards? not even 50% reward now! I was actaully expecteting 10% or 1% Something is definely wrong here!
  11. New Daily Dash

    Sure you are , but you already remove a perk! It's gone already! Removed tt without replcement but with just another "promise" for "later". it there is such a new perk then it should have been added "now" since the venture token are gone "now"
  12. I'll just wait and see if these fixed really does get in aftre wed. It may become like last Wed wheer the dungs stays the same anyway. I dont belive in promises anymore. And it still imcomplete, not all issues as peopel have pointed up above are cared for either.
  13. Just remove Shackled Isles tbh.

    It was quite ok when it was solo, I actaully did enjoy it. I playe all the sessions till it become a trio. Hate the trio concept thus I stop playing it too. Just did a few for that free RNG boxes but that's it/ when it was solo I can get a about 2-4 mathes within that hour when it is up. make it solo again then pehaphs it would work again,
  14. Select Region on Log in

    It's actually a weird new option on the launcher
  15. Shackled Island Taking Too Long to Fill

    When it first started on the first week, if you que late and there was not enough 20 as the time ran out it started anyway after 10 mins. This was then removed the week after that and thus it won't start at all unless there is 20. I think this feature should be put back in.