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  1. @yudhisterThanks for the info. It's not much higher then my triangle one [1.5k Defence] compared to the cost. Not worth crafting I feel. also to note before the update on crafts, I remember these gems pouches showed it clearly one is ap the ther was defence. This new one just says diamond and diamond which also confused me at first thinking it was now changed to be ap only? And I also do feel it not labeled well.
  2. Since you did craft it how much defence does it give? The triangular one gives 1.5k defence. I know this since I did craft the triangular one but for me it worked either way if it was AP I could use it or if it's defence it goes for my PVP Weapon. So I did craft it and got the 1.5k defence which is very useful in 6v6. I am wondering about the Square one and thinking to craft it too. So how much defence does it give? Also if you don't equip it you can still sell/trade that gem. Some people who do 6v6 may be interested.
  3. [SUGGESTION/INFO] EXP and the current non-whale player.

    yes I used to grind mobs in CB for exp too + soup + clan bonus + premium bonus now at Hm 23 about 150 mil more to hm 24 [out of 810 mil] I can't grind CB anymore now I do Moon Refuge main quest upgraded boxes and boss loot for hopes of exp charms drop do the Shackle Island for some exp and maybe may use it's token to buy exp too sadly all this is STILL way less then what I used to make grinding CB mobs alone Maybe some mobs in moon refuge could be upgraded to leevl 61? or something like that so those who want to grind exp can do so again and those who don't can still go kill the other mobs
  4. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    And now a server merger! Not fixing the demon spirit stone issue fast enough perhaps? Last merger happen when the during the so called marketplace "glitch" with xenon hands, causing problem to player again Right after that a merger rather lose people then fixing the issue ehh?
  5. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Just did maint with delays and still not fixed demon spirit stone! It's still bugged! Take so long to fix!
  6. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Yeah! And still missing demon spirit stone fix! already 1 maint and no fix?
  7. What about the demon spirit stone? still not fixed yet!
  8. Yes I am still screwed! I can't craft oils anymore.. need to fix the spirit stones and frozen orbs issue...or givet the old recipe back...not even sure why change tt.
  9. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    supposedly 3 star crit was supposed to be more common... didn't get any either
  10. I think it's about when queuing of have an indicator of how many people are in que right now with you... like it needs 12. So some indicator like for example 4/12, 8/12, 11/12 in que right now. So when it reach 12 you can start. That's what I understand of it. And I think this would be helpful then I know how near or far am I away from getting in a game.
  11. Clan battle broken?

    Ok it time for clan battle now but it won't even let me choice it Now that I check the clock, clan battle is not even on the event list. Do fix it or give this week bonus free then!
  12. About GCD (Global Cooldown)

    yeah! Should have done something by now... and actually even in that thread I posed above I did mention this too, that it should extended to all skill not just flicker