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  1. @ShekinaExactly, we had this event once so far and it's been said multiple times that they're trying this concept out for now and adjust it. Which they did with the upcoming one And the last turtle event was when? 3 monts ago? 4? so the big majority of the events is still doable with any gear on any char, no reason to freak out. Yes, I do understand this concern. But ppl tend to freak out about stuff which isn't even confirmed in any way yet. Ppl were already speculating and calculating about what Dps one would need (like an avarage of 2,6m or some bs), totally losing their ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about sth that happened in korea without ANY information whatsoever about what it will look like in our region. On top of that the topics were never structured in a reasonable way like you present it for example, saying calmly "I dislike this and this about the event for xy reason. My suggestion would be to do this and that" Like this for example. No, most ppl are like "I didnt get the wings. The event is completely ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Remove it/nerf it to the ground, mimimi cry cry cry" without even remotely considering that there are also ppl who enjoyed this kind of change and thus maybe make SUGGESTIONS about changes that might satisfy both sides and that is simply annoying and babyrage imo. I don't consider Trove an event either, it was just an example based on your statement "event = sth temporary" and about the fact that not everyone gets everything, a bit exaggerated, true, but you get my point^^
  2. I didn't say I WANT more. And I can somewhat understand where your and other ppl's frustration comes from, at least partially, don't get me wrong. I just think that there's nothing wrong in making an event that is partially more challanging than 99% of ALL the other events. Especially since this is happening for the 2nd time now in dozens of events we had so far and is not a constant way events are made. So in my opinion as someone who enjoyed it I don't see anything wrong with this concept. Then is the question about the rewards and as I said: There is no point in implementing a part of an event that requires you to invest more time and effort into it if it's not worth it bc you don't get anything out of it (that wasn't tied to me saying I have more gear so I want more, it would simply be an illogical thing to do). That's why I asked what ppl would consider a "fair" reward for it and as I said, I doubt ppl would be satisfied if one would get more oils for this extra effort, they would generally be unhappy if you got any valuable items out of it and they're obviously also unhappy with cosmetics. By your definition "an event is sth temporary everyone should be able to participate in", Trove can also be considered as an event which def. not everyone can take part in, weird enough I don't see any posts "Give everyone 20 free Trove keys a day bc not everyone can participate in Trove". The Trove before the last one for example (I think ?) had this amazing Butterfly outfit. I'm not a cosmetic maniac or collector but this is one of the very few items I desperately want. Unfortunately I was so broke during that Trove that I couldn't even afford premium. Do I open an entire topic now bc in this outfit was "Trove (event) exclusive" in which I couldn't participate? No. It's just a cosmetic in a game, nothing to make a fuss about like other ppl do who go even as far as saying "If they make a second event like this, I'll quit the game". I rly want that outfit and I hope NC makes it available somehow someday with other options (which they prolly will with rng chests but still), but if not, my life goes on and I won't dedicate an entire thread to it.
  3. @Shekina If you consider them as a whole or only partially doesn't change the fact that not only you but basically everyone who complains about the turtle event behaves like/ claims that the event (as a whole) was only and exclusively made for high geared ppl which simply isn't the case no matter how you look at it. That you didn't like that part of the event is another story and your right, ok. A reason? Bc it's fun to me to actually have a Dng where you have to take care of your gear, take care of your classes rotation and do everything to squeeze even the last bit of Dmg out of your char. You don't like brainless Dpsing cuz it's boring for you, ok, that's fine. For me on the other hand it's boring to have the same dungeons recycled over and over with literally no challenge at all (I mean even the Poh event which was hard on first introduction got nerfed to the ground bc ppl kept crying how hard and almost impossible it was to clear so you just went through it half afk bc there was no reason to put any effort into it - just like into any other event we had so far, as I said you can do every event with any trash geared alt). So for someone like you, who enjoys the kind of dungeons you listed, there's 99% of the events like that. No gear requirement, doable with any char and you get everything you want (which for most ppl is oils and stuff). Then there's ONE event which ppl like me - and I assume also a lot of other ppl - actually enjoy bc it's no simple "Log on xy char, smash any button bc it doesn't matter since the Dng is ez af, log on the next char" and everyone cries, it's unfair and what not. So yea let's erase that event or nerf that to the ground so it becomes like any other event dungeon bc those 1% (not even) of the events is considered too hard/unfair by ppl bc of a cosmetic. And no, it's not that I want special rewards for the gear I farmed just because of the fact that I farmed it. But it's simply that the majority of the events is plain boring bc of how ez they are. Then they make a more challanging Event-Part which I enjoyed more. And then yes, it only makes sense to get a bit higher rewarded for the time and effort you put into your gear and the time to Dps like a maniac, try to get your rotation executed as perfectly as you can, used bufffood etc. Be it an exclusive title, an exclusive outfit or whatever. And otherwise it wouldn't make sense to put such thing into the event in the first place if it required way more effort and time if you don't get anything out of it, noone would do it bc it's simply not worth. As I said if that's not your type of event bc you don't enjoy such things ok, but for ppl like you 99% of the events we get consist of ez mode stuff you can do with any char and any gear.
  4. @Shekina As I already said like 3 times before: And no, I disagree that challanges shouldn't be in events. Why should they not be? We had this kind of event ONCE so far. ONCE. That means ALL the events before and after that were completely accessable for EVERY little player, with every trash geared alt. Always. This event happened once so far. And now a second time. Meaning out of lets say 30 Events (just a random number to make my point) there was ONE event that was <<PARTIALLY>> gearlocked. Now follows a second one, making it 2/31. I would halfway understand this crying if every event constantly had super nice outfits and/or items that were exclusively obtainable for only 10% of the playerbase but this? Even in the longui event, ppl were still able to do 2/3rd of it, still getting oils, still getting the stuff you mostly get out of each other event as well, you didnt lose anything, it was simply a friggin cosmetic everyone is losing their sh*t about. In ONE event out of a trillion. And I BET on top of that those ugly wings will be obtainable sooner or later with another way, just like almost every cosmetic is obtainable through other ways later on. But yea lets all behave like you got a 5k AP gem that was exclusively for whales while the rest of the com got 2 copper. Maybe BnS' spoiled com should do some "events" in for example Aion, where your entries are restricted, the rewards are COMPLETELY rng and for some you need to pay to participate in, completely (yes, trove also requires you to cash, but u get 1 free key each day, if you have prem. some more keys occasionally and you can buy the keys with gold from other players/via currency exchange which doesnt exist in Aion, but keep crying).
  5. Everyone was able to participate in the event. Longui had 4 stages. The DPS restriction only applied to the 4th stage, the other 3 were totally doable for everyone and from those you got the tokens for petpacks, oils etc pp, so everything you also get from every other event. Aside of that the event also included 2 dungeons if I remember correctly and don't mess things up, it was the Tomb of Exiles one which had a NM and a HM, which was also accessable for everyone. So ONLY the 4th stage of longui was the part which only a specific playerbase could clear. Saying "only a minority of the playerbase was able to participate in the entire event due to gear" is more than exaggerated. For the materials I already agreed that it was pointless to make it more or less only accessable for those who have no use for it which I already mentioned in my 1st post if you read it carefully. That's why I'm asking: What would you suggest as an appropriate reward to make everyone happy?
  6. I don't rly get your point tbh. The turtle event had several parts of which ONE was said DPS parse/high DPS requirement. And this part was never meant to be for alts so idk why you bring that up. This specific part was meant for those who have the gear to be able to complete it (so obviously for Mains) as a challenge and I explained my PoV to this regard in the post before.
  7. We had so far ONE event, ONE where ppl actually needed high gear to kill the last stage (which you didn't even need to get Oils and stuff) and all hell breaks lose. Lemme get some things straight: So far EVERY event is for lower/mid geared players, take the current one for example. You can do that with any char straight out the story, fresh lvl 60 (or is it even 55?) and it has been like that for almost each event that you can basically make a bazillion alts and just participate (if you have the time for that is your problem tho). Then we get ONE event with ONE stage for ONE cosmetic that is more or less gated for high gear players and everyone is butthurt. I do understand that the steels and stuff for example should've been for the lower stages, bc the ppl who were able to clear stg. 4 obviously didn't need them, I totally agree with you on this one. And also gating a cosmetic behind sth that not everyone can obtain, ok, not the smartest move by NC, can agree on that too. But let's put it this way: I for example belong to the better geared ppl and yes, part of that comes from trove, but the majority from farming (I'm doing the current event for example on 8 Chars and yes, I do have a Job, I do have a family and I still manage to do it). And as mentioned above so far every event was accessable for every char/player regardless of gear and in my opinion it was a nice change that PART OF THE EVENT (not even the whole event as such) was a challange for the gear I had, not just plain go in with x char and be brain afk. So I don't see an issue in the concept of this. But what do you suggest as an approproate reward for someone like me who puts a shitload of effort into farming for hours etc pp to upgrade gear and be able to do that part of the event (and no, I'm not sorry that I can afford farming this much timewise while other ppl can't, that's the nature of an MMO: You can farm a lot - you get a lot)? Additional Oils? Then everyone cries that the "whales" get even bigger. Better gems? Same issue. If it's specific mats or items, ppl will complain that the better geared ppl get even more out of it. If it's cosmetics, ppl will cry as well as you can see from the last event.
  8. If I recall correctly they did say in the preview stream that the weapon for now won't be Acc bound, but will be later. The bracelet however is strange.
  9. "If ppl learned how to read". The list says items like Skyshatter Ring and Kingmaker neck etc will be Acc bound at lvl 10 or higher so obviously PvP stuff will be tradable as well. The only exclusion according to the list is the Subjugation Bracelet and the weapon which is rather weird bc why make some PvP Accs Acc bond and others not, that's prolly why the OT asks.
  10. More Race Diversity For Some Classes

    That is actually true, I probably didn't think about that because FM has no specific Race it's bound to and since there's already 3 of 4 races that can be FM I didn't think about it xD But to be fair, the sense of this topic is not "make every Class available for every Race (regardless if it's overall fitting or not)" but for more diversity on certain classes that are tied to one specific race only and since FM is already playable for 3 Races I didn't mention it as well.^^
  11. More Race Diversity For Some Classes

    But trying doesn't cost us anything ;D If it won't happen, then it doesn't but that doesn't prevent me (and maybe other ppl who are interested in it as well) from trying :)
  12. More Race Diversity For Some Classes

    Aaaand since Lyn are some kind of old Nature-folk it was reasonable to give them Guns?
  13. Hello, BnS Com! First of all for anyone who is not interested in such topics, you may feel free to leave now. Of course I know there's way more important stuff I personally hope as well NC will take care of asap, but regardless I wanted to open this topic so that hopefully at some point it will be read and maybe implemented some day. Although I'm quite sure there's already topics like this, I still want to open a new thread so that it's known that there's maybe still people interested in. As the title says I wanted to discuss certain Classes and the specific Races they're bound to. Some people may not bother, but I want to know from you guys what you think. I for example play an Assassin and I'm extremely annoyed that Jin is the one and only race Assassin can be. I personally would like to be able to make a Yun Assassin as well. In the story quest which guides you to Valindria, you also see the Yun Assassin (the person who tries to protect Jionah - the next Divine Maiden), so why not generally make it available for Yun? Furthermore I also know a Warlock who would like to be able to play Yun as well and I think during the Story Quests there is also a Yun who at least performs some Warlock animations. For Destroyer for example it would also be nice to have it for Jin available. As far as I know the upcoming Warrior, who wields a big heavy sword, will be available for Jin and Gon, so why not make Destro available for Jin? Of course I see why certain Races don't have certain classes (but yes ofc Lyn is almost available for any class cuz such kawaii - nothing against Lyn fans though), for example a Lyn Destroyer or a Gon Assassin wouldn't really match (or a Gon Summoner lul) and also why Yun doesn't have it's own "Yun Only" class, because Yun is not everyones type (neither is Lyn but if u want to be a Sum or BD, welp) and also no one likes being Gender-Locked, but I think for the Classes I mentioned and the Races there shouldn't be such a problem. What do you guys think/do you have suggestions or other things in mind regarding this topic I may have forgotten? Cheers o/
  14. Cant enter battleground

    Ye I mean at least ANY kind of update would've been nice. Apparently when the problem occured there was NO notification from official side at all that at first I thought I was bugged or something. Then the problem has been posted and 5 (?!!) h later there was a response from official side. After FIVE hours of already BG downtime. And after that response, nothing. No update in the forum how the situation is, no twitter post, nothing at all and BGs have been down the entire day which is already very poor in itself because I'm quite sure if F10 had been down it would've been fixed half an hour later. BGs might by far not be the most favored aspect of the game and I can absolutely understand why, but regardless there's still people like me for example that enjoy doing them or at some days AT LEAST want to finish their daily and that BGs have been down the entire day without any notification about the problem itself, how progression to a solution looks like and what not is very poor from official side to be honest. I really hope that by tomorrow there is AT LEAST some forum post from official side about it and how the situation looks like (but tbh an ENTIRE DAY BG downtime -not because I do BG 24/7 but because it's ridiculous in itself- i really hope the problem is fixed by then).
  15. Explanations

    NC, just make one extra day of premium for every EU player included in every maintenance, cuz there's no maint you don't mess up for EU and you also won't change the maint time regardless of how many ppl complain which you've already proven. But thanks for "keeping us updated" and no, I don't have any understanding for that and I also don't want to anymore.