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  1. @ShekinaExactly, we had this event once so far and it's been said multiple times that they're trying this concept out for now and adjust it. Which they did with the upcoming one And the last turtle event was when? 3 monts ago? 4? so the big majority of the events is still doable with any gear on any char, no reason to freak out. Yes, I do understand this concern. But ppl tend to freak out about stuff which isn't even confirmed in any way yet. Ppl were already speculating and calculating about what Dps one would need (like an avarage of 2,6m or some bs), totally losing their ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about sth
  2. I didn't say I WANT more. And I can somewhat understand where your and other ppl's frustration comes from, at least partially, don't get me wrong. I just think that there's nothing wrong in making an event that is partially more challanging than 99% of ALL the other events. Especially since this is happening for the 2nd time now in dozens of events we had so far and is not a constant way events are made. So in my opinion as someone who enjoyed it I don't see anything wrong with this concept. Then is the question about the rewards and as I said: There is no point in implementing a part of
  3. @Shekina If you consider them as a whole or only partially doesn't change the fact that not only you but basically everyone who complains about the turtle event behaves like/ claims that the event (as a whole) was only and exclusively made for high geared ppl which simply isn't the case no matter how you look at it. That you didn't like that part of the event is another story and your right, ok. A reason? Bc it's fun to me to actually have a Dng where you have to take care of your gear, take care of your classes rotation and do everything to squeeze even the last bit of Dmg out of your char.
  4. @Shekina As I already said like 3 times before: And no, I disagree that challanges shouldn't be in events. Why should they not be? We had this kind of event ONCE so far. ONCE. That means ALL the events before and after that were completely accessable for EVERY little player, with every trash geared alt. Always. This event happened once so far. And now a second time. Meaning out of lets say 30 Events (just a random number to make my point) there was ONE event that was <<PARTIALLY>> gearlocked. Now follows a second one, making it 2/31. I would ha
  5. Everyone was able to participate in the event. Longui had 4 stages. The DPS restriction only applied to the 4th stage, the other 3 were totally doable for everyone and from those you got the tokens for petpacks, oils etc pp, so everything you also get from every other event. Aside of that the event also included 2 dungeons if I remember correctly and don't mess things up, it was the Tomb of Exiles one which had a NM and a HM, which was also accessable for everyone. So ONLY the 4th stage of longui was the part which only a specific playerbase could clear. Saying "only a minority of the
  6. I don't rly get your point tbh. The turtle event had several parts of which ONE was said DPS parse/high DPS requirement. And this part was never meant to be for alts so idk why you bring that up. This specific part was meant for those who have the gear to be able to complete it (so obviously for Mains) as a challenge and I explained my PoV to this regard in the post before.
  7. We had so far ONE event, ONE where ppl actually needed high gear to kill the last stage (which you didn't even need to get Oils and stuff) and all hell breaks lose. Lemme get some things straight: So far EVERY event is for lower/mid geared players, take the current one for example. You can do that with any char straight out the story, fresh lvl 60 (or is it even 55?) and it has been like that for almost each event that you can basically make a bazillion alts and just participate (if you have the time for that is your problem tho). Then we get ONE event with ONE stage for ONE cosmetic th
  8. If I recall correctly they did say in the preview stream that the weapon for now won't be Acc bound, but will be later. The bracelet however is strange.
  9. "If ppl learned how to read". The list says items like Skyshatter Ring and Kingmaker neck etc will be Acc bound at lvl 10 or higher so obviously PvP stuff will be tradable as well. The only exclusion according to the list is the Subjugation Bracelet and the weapon which is rather weird bc why make some PvP Accs Acc bond and others not, that's prolly why the OT asks.
  10. That is actually true, I probably didn't think about that because FM has no specific Race it's bound to and since there's already 3 of 4 races that can be FM I didn't think about it xD But to be fair, the sense of this topic is not "make every Class available for every Race (regardless if it's overall fitting or not)" but for more diversity on certain classes that are tied to one specific race only and since FM is already playable for 3 Races I didn't mention it as well.^^
  11. But trying doesn't cost us anything ;D If it won't happen, then it doesn't but that doesn't prevent me (and maybe other ppl who are interested in it as well) from trying :)
  12. Aaaand since Lyn are some kind of old Nature-folk it was reasonable to give them Guns?
  13. Hello, BnS Com! First of all for anyone who is not interested in such topics, you may feel free to leave now. Of course I know there's way more important stuff I personally hope as well NC will take care of asap, but regardless I wanted to open this topic so that hopefully at some point it will be read and maybe implemented some day. Although I'm quite sure there's already topics like this, I still want to open a new thread so that it's known that there's maybe still people interested in. As the title says I wanted to discuss certain Classes and the specific Races they're bound to. Som
  14. Ye I mean at least ANY kind of update would've been nice. Apparently when the problem occured there was NO notification from official side at all that at first I thought I was bugged or something. Then the problem has been posted and 5 (?!!) h later there was a response from official side. After FIVE hours of already BG downtime. And after that response, nothing. No update in the forum how the situation is, no twitter post, nothing at all and BGs have been down the entire day which is already very poor in itself because I'm quite sure if F10 had been down it would've been fixed half an h
  15. NC, just make one extra day of premium for every EU player included in every maintenance, cuz there's no maint you don't mess up for EU and you also won't change the maint time regardless of how many ppl complain which you've already proven. But thanks for "keeping us updated" and no, I don't have any understanding for that and I also don't want to anymore.
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